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Wing Commander IV: Hellespont System

Hellespont 1

UniTerm Workstation v1.60b
Flight Control, TCS Lexington.
Eisen: <chuckles> Colonel! You remember our bet?
Maverick: I was hoping you’d forget, Captain.
Eisen: I told you you weren’t through with flying, you kept telling me you were done.
Maverick: <laughs> Well, never say never, I suppose. I gotta tell you, this ship really puts the Victory to shame. Looks like Confed’s been taking good care of you.
Eisen: Yes, they’ve been taking care of me. It’s a different task now, but that means I still need good pilots.
Naismith: Captain Eisen, please report to the bridge.
Eisen: We’re getting ready to jump to the Hellespont system, take care of a little trouble. You take a good look around, you’ll find it a lot different from your last tour of duty.
The Lexington Jumps…
Jumping to the Hellespont system.
Officers’ Lounge, TCS Lexington.
Vagabond: Look what the solar winds blew in. Welcome aboard, Colonel. One card draw for the next drink.
Maverick: <snorts>
Vagabond: <laughs> Better luck next time.
Maverick: So, you still living up to that callsign of yours?
Vagabond: A man can do okay, ’long as he doesn’t stay in one place too long. ’course, I had to get greedy: stayed in the active reserve. All those monthly credits seemed like free money.
Maverick: Yeah.
Vagabond: Who would’ve thought they’d actually reinstate me? I got played for a sucker. I oughtta know better, right?
Maverick: Well, I’ve never seen you lose a hand when it counted, Vagabond. Speaking of which, I think I owe you a drink.
Briefing Room, TCS Lexington.
Eisen: (…matter where I am or what I’m doing, I want you to interrupt me and let me know about that supply ship…) Ah! Colonel, shall we cut to the chase?
Briefing Room
Maverick: Wouldn’t have it any other way, sir.
Eisen: Good. Now, some of these newbies rattle on about “what if this happens”, “what if that happens”. This is the brain case, I tell them: make good use of it. Now, we’re here in the Hellespont because pirates have been disrupting the trade routes in and out of the system. As yet, we don’t know what their motivations are. Some of their attacks appear to be the usual attempts to confiscate supplies and weapons, yet others are simply senseless violent acts of terror. Now, I want you and a wingman to escort this supply transport to the jump point, ensuring its safe passage out of the system, then fly to this nav point where a communications array is under construction. Now, upon your arrival, you’ll relieve the patrols currently providing security in the area. Understood?
Maverick: Yes, sir. Oh, and Captain, it’s great to be flying for you again.
Eisen: The feeling’s mutual.
Rendezvous with the supply transport at NAV 1 and escort it to the jump point. Next, patrol the radar array at NAV 3.
Fly Hellespont 1
Naismith: 2nd Lieutenant Naismith here, Colonel, I’ll be bringing you in at the end of your work day. You are clear for take-off.
Transport: We need assistance, Colonel!
Requesting autopilot link, sir.
Link established. Entering escort pattern.
Transport: Appreciate your efforts, Colonel. (Success)
Eisen: Terrible loss, Colonel – but the rest of the mission remains a go. (Failure)
Eisen: Colonel, do not fire on the remaining craft – I repeat, do not fire. Give them about 12 <static> breathing space, then tail them. Get a lock on their operations base. When you find their ‘home’ position, return to the Lexington.
Computer: Objective accomplished, proceed to next waypoint.
Naismith: Congratulations, Colonel. You have clearance to land. (Success)
Suppose you’re lucky to be returning, Colonel. You have clearance to land… if you can manage it. (Failure)

Hellespont 2

Flight Control, TCS Lexington.
Maverick: Can I direct you somewhere, Lieutenant?
Catscratch: Just shipped in, sir. 2nd Lieutenant Troy Carter. Callsign: Catscratch.
Maverick: Now, you didn’t just graduate from the Academy, did you?
Catscratch: First in my class, sir.
Maverick: Ah.
Catscratch: I just wish there were still some Kilrathi around.
Maverick: <chuckles> I think you’re a little late on that score.
Maniac: <trumpets> Hey, Colonel Blair, I gotta ask you a question.
Catscratch: Oh my…! You’re him.
Maverick: ’fraid so.
Catscratch: I can’t believe my luck! Getting assigned to the same ship you’re on. Oh man, wait till they hear about this back home!
Maniac: Jeez, this kid lays it on thick, huh? <sucks up> Talk to you later, Colonel.
Maverick: Is that true, Catscratch? Are you doing a number on me?
Catscratch: Oh no, sir! I’ve been dreaming of a chance like this. The stuff I could learn from you, sir, the stories you must have…
[I like this kid.]
Maverick: Oh, I’ve got stories, all right. But the only place you’ll learn anything is out there, in the cockpit.
Catscratch: Colonel, sir, it would be the honour of my life to fly on your wing.
Maverick: We’ll see, Catscratch. We’ll see.
Catscratch: Yes, sir.
[What’s this kid want from me?]
Maverick: I’m not too much for nostalgia, soldier. Too many good people died. I’d rather move on.
Catscratch: But you’re… “The Heart of the Tiger”, sir.
Maverick: It’s just a name, Catscratch. Just because you’re the last man standing doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a hero.
Catscratch: Yes, sir.
Briefing Room, TCS Lexington.
Eisen: Naismith, where is Colonel Blair? Ah, Colonel. Time to earn your pay.
Briefing Room
Maverick: Yes, sir.
Eisen: It’s still not known whether these pirates are independent operators or somehow connected to the Border Worlds militia. Nevertheless, we’re here to put them out of business.
Hellespont 1 Success:
Eisen: Now, thanks to your excellent recon work, we do know the pirates base out of this frigate on the edge of the Hellespont asteroid belt. The job is simple: You and your wingman get in a pair of bombers, fly in there, and take them out! Now, I’ll assign two other fighters to provide you cover. Go to it.
Maverick: Right away, sir.
With a wingman, fly a Longbow bomber to the pirate frigate at NAV 1 and eliminate it. Two Hellcat fighters will provide you with cover. Remember: Most capital ships can only be destroyed with torpedoes.
Fly Hellespont 2a
Hellespont 1 Failure:
Eisen: Now, we remain uncertain as to where the pirates are hiding out, due to your less-than-satisfactory recon work. Therefore, I want you to lead a squadron on a search-and-destroy through these likely target areas. You and your wingman will have fighter cover. When you find the base, take it out. Good luck.
Maverick: Thank you, sir.
Search each NAV point and try to locate the pirates’ base of operations. It is probably a small capital ship. When you find it, eliminate it. Two Hellcat fighters will provide you with cover. Remember: Most capital ships can only be destroyed with torpedoes.
Fly Hellespont 2b
Eisen: You’ve done well, Colonel, but I’ve got more work for you: Confed Intel has reports of a seemingly aggressive Border Worlds probe invading Hellespont airspace. (Success)
Understand it was rough out there, Colonel, but I can’t give you clearance yet. Confed Intel has a report of a seemingly aggressive Border Worlds probe invading Hellespont airspace. (Failure)
Now, we don’t know where this wing of fighters is, but the Lexington has just picked up an SOS from a civilian transport carrying terra-forming colonists and their families. Now, I’m sending a contingent from here, but I want you to check it out too. Naismith’s updated your nav map.
Alpha: Colonel, this is Alpha Shuttle from the Lexington. We’re clear here: uh, no sign of the Border Worlds probe, so we don’t know if they were involved. This transport was full of civilian colonists.
Wingman: “Was” being the operative word.
Alpha: We’ve been scanning the wreckage and it appears that a new kind of weapon was used here. Uh, something super-heated the artificial atmosphere within the transport to the point where it flash-ignited, turning the interior into an inferno. It was over in a matter of seconds.
Wingman: Why would anyone do this to a bunch of civvies?
Alpha: We’ve done all there is to do here, sir. See you back at the Lexington.
Naismith: You have clearance, Colonel.
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