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Wing Commander IV: Axius System

Axius 1

Combat Information Centre, BWS Intrepid.
Maniac: Oh, bad, ah…
Wilford: (Not long ago, we received a series of transmissions…)
Maniac: Well, I didn’t…
Wilford: (…secret data… to our enemy…)
Maniac: Ahh…
Wilford: (…now, our intelligence…)
Maniac: Where’s Sosa?
Maverick: What are you doing?
Maniac: Well, I’m a pilot – I don’t see a flight stick on this thing. Now, this message came in a few minutes ago and I…
Vice Admiral Wilford
Wilford: (We have a breakthrough…) Recently we’ve been able to link certain elements together. Perhaps we should have tumbled on this during our troubles in the Peleus system. But, looking at that again, along with your position when you recently ‘acquired’ those unmarked fighters, made us go back and examine other recent hot spots. Some complex triangulations have brought us to the calm at the centre of the storm, and its name is… Axius.
Maniac: Been there, done that. Nothing in Axius.
Wilford: Still an educated guess, when all is said and done. But accompanying this transmission is everything we have on the Axius system: it’s barren, unpopulated, desert planets… perfect place to stage a massive force. Now, we’ve picked up one report of a rather large capital ship moving into the system. Good luck in your investigations.
Maniac: <snorts> I’m telling you, it’s a wild goose chase. If you want to kill some time before things get hot – Axius, here we come.
Maverick: Not quite. Set our co-ordinates to the system closest to Axius.
Helmsman: Yes, sir.
Maverick: We’re not all going in until I see what’s there.
The Intrepid Jumps…
Jumping to the Callimachus system.
Chart Room, BWS Intrepid.
Maverick: Yeah, I see ya. Maniac! All right, we’re heaving to just outside the Axius system because I don’t want to risk this entire ship. Makes me nervous when it looks like no one’s home. Lieutenant, what’s Wilford’s data tell us?
Sosa: Planets are uninhabitable: so forces would be space-based. But there’s a lot of comets, space debris floating through the system, so they would still have to be pretty mobile.
Dekker: With these new fighters, can’t you just go in guns blazing and take ’em by surprise?
Hawk: And with no idea of what’s on the other side, that’s typical marine tactics.
Panther: For once I agree with Hawk. We have to recon first – see what they’ve got.
Maverick: Right, right. Now, that’s why I want a pair of wingmen to escort me to the jump point leading into the system. They’ll peel off and I’ll go in solo. If I’m alone in one of their unmarked ships, I shouldn’t attract too much attention while I snoop around.
Panther: Do you know what wartime protocol is for captured spies, Colonel?
Maverick: Well, you only live once, right? All right, let’s go.
Dekker: Typical marine behaviour saved your fly-boy butt many times.
Hawk: Outside!
Flying a captured Dragon fighter, enter the Axius system and gather all available information.
Fly Axius 1
Wingman: They’re making a run for the jump point, Colonel! No telling who they’ll alert on the other side!
Wingman: Time for you to make the jump, Colonel. You’re on your own from here. Good luck.
Sosa: Hold on – hold it, hold it, hold it. Sir, before you jump, I’m downloading co-ordinates to you for a starbase we’ve located orbiting the second planet in Axius. Now, we’ve just detected it through the jump point and one thing is for sure: this thing is way too big for you to try to take on by yourself. So we’re assuming you’ll be attempting to slip in quietly without opening fire and land there. Good luck, Colonel.
Jump transit
Axius: Need identification algorithm for clearance.
Clearance to land.
Landed on star base: Axius 2
Sosa: Mayday, Colonel! The Intrepid’s come under heavy attack. Confed ships are swarming all over us. Look, we’ve been hit hard – we’re going down!
Sosa: Mayday! Mayday! Situation critical! We require assistance! <static>
Prison Cell
Miles: The famous hero of the Kilrathi War, also known as “The Heart of the Tiger”, was convicted of treason against the Confederation. No appeal will be allowed.
Soldier: Blindfold?
Maverick: No.
Soldier: Ready. Aim. Fire!

Axius 2

Black Lance star base, Axius system.
Seether: …we came from a life of hiding, many of us sought after some… murdered at the hands of savages. But one forward-thinking man – a genius, our benefactor, an equal – found us, nurtured us, and has given us the tools to fulfil our birthright as the natural rulers of the universe! Our operations in the Telamon system were a rousing success. I congratulate all who were involved. And, before we close, I give you our esteemed leader…
Black Lance: <shouts>
Tolwyn: Thank you. I am here, my fellow soldiers, to commend you on your valiant efforts. You – the Black Lance – will be Humanity’s first line of defence. Now, various enemies of the Confederation have already met with you: they know very well what you are capable of. Soon now, I can reveal your existence to all the Confederation, and you will get the praise which you so richly deserve.
Black Lance: <shouts>
Tolwyn: I also wish to extol the efforts of your great commander – a fine example of what the Genetic Enhancement program promises for the future.
Black Lance: <shouts>
Leader of the Black Lance
Tolwyn: “The strong shall survive”: the primary universal law. The species that is weak, faces extinction. You know, not so very long ago our species faced extinction. Now the truth is – our victory over the Kilrathi was not a clear verdict of our superiority. It was a fluke, a temporary purchase of time. We will, someday, face an enemy far worse than the Kilrathi, and it is our duty to prepare: to remain strong and to remain vigilant.
Black Lance: <shouts>
Tolwyn: Even if that means, er… discarding certain elements. Or separating the wheat from the chaff. <chuckles> Now, in the Gen-Select device, we have a tool to do the job. We have tested it, and we shall use it!
Black Lance: <shouts>
Tolwyn: As you all know, the Border Worlds are an enemy birthing in our midst. They threaten our unity, our strength, our… Humanity. We all have a duty. My own is now with the Great Assembly, where I shall ratify the foundation that we have lain. When the moment comes, my fellow soldiers, you must fight, and fight hard. Thank you.
Black Lance: <shouts>
Escape from Axius
Maverick: Didn’t I rescue you, on Tyr VII?
Brody: Rescued only to become a prisoner. And now, they’re forcing me to create… I know who you are. If they find you, they’ll kill you.
Maverick: I’ve got a fighter waiting – if we can get to it.
Brody: No, no. Come with me. I know the way…
Maverick: Go!
Brody: No. Here, someone should see this. Go…
Return to the Intrepid with the information you have uncovered.
Fly Axius 2
Jump transit
Sosa: Welcome back, Colonel. I’m glad I don’t have to light a candle for you. Our tracking systems show a massive capship leaving the Axius quadrant you were just in. You have clearance.
Next: Ella System
Sosa: Mayday, Colonel! The Intrepid’s come under heavy attack. Confed ships are swarming all over us. Look, we’ve been hit hard – we’re going down!
Sosa: Mayday! Mayday! Situation critical! We require assistance! <static>
BWS Intrepid destroyed: Losing Endgame 2

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