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Wing Commander IV: Nephele System


Deep space, Nephele system.
Russo: Home stretch, boys. Status report.
Sparky: Green 2 to Green Leader: All clear.
Vinman: Green 3: Sleepy time.
Russo: Roger that. Just the way we like it. Green Leader to Control.
Amadeus: Control here: Whaddya got for me, Russo?
Russo: Clear sailing. It’s an awfully lonely little corner of the galaxy. Wish you were here beside me.
Amadeus: In your dreams, Green Leader. Been some trouble in these backwaters lately, so don’t let the space dust lull you.
Computer: Target acquired. Range to target: 20120, and closing…
Dragon One: Let’s do it.
Amadeus: Green Leader: We’re reading… something out there: sector niner.
Russo: Ghosts in the machine, Control, but I’m checking here. No. Nada. Nothing. You’re letting your imagination run wild.
Sparky: What the heck? Control, Russo’s off my scope! Moving in.
Amadeus: Green 2: Something is definitely out there!
Sparky: I got nothing! Russo? It can’t be!
Amadeus: Green 2? Respond! Green 3? Are you under attack?
Vinman: Sparks? Russo? I got bandits swarming me!
Mysterious fighters approach a Confederation convoy…
Dragon Two: You’re all mine.
Vinman: Can’t shake him! He’s got lock! He’s got lock! Ahh! I’m hit! Full systems failure! Need help!
Amadeus: Eject, Vinman!
Dragon Two: He’s all yours, Dragon Leader.
Dragon One: Goodbye.
Amadeus: To unknown contacts: This is an unarmed Confederation Medical Transport evacuating civilian refugees! We will heave to and prepare to be boarded. You must break off your attack!
Dragon One: The Border Worlds take no prisoners.
Amadeus: Mayday! This is the transport Amadeus. Destination: Megaron.
Dragon One: <cackles>
Amadeus: Border Worlds forces have destroyed our escort! Mayday! Mayday! This is an extreme emergency!
Dragon One: Lighting the Flash-Pak.
Amadeus: Mayday! Confederation transport Amadeus MOD-SB71, issuing Class A distress call! Mayday!
Dragon One: Pulling out. Rendezvous at Sigma 3 as planned.
Amadeus: Wait! They seem to be pulling back. To Border Worlds forces: We appreciate your withdrawal. <scream>
Dragon One: <cackles> Well, I’d call that a successful test. Let’s go.
Great Confederation Assembly, Earth.
Senator James Taggart
Paladin: Order! Order! Order! The house will come to order! You’ll shortly have an opportunity to voice your opinions of the recent horrific occurrences that have taken place near the Border Worlds. But before we do that, I thought it fit to invite the commander of the Strategic Readiness Agency to address the house. Admiral Tolwyn.
Assembly: <applause>
Tolwyn: Thank you. Thank you, Senator. Ladies and gentlemen of the Great Confederation Assembly. As commander of the SRA, I’m charged with many duties. Foremost of these is the protection of the frontiers of our galaxy. Unfortunately, I stand before you today with very few answers.
Senator 1: What do you mean “few answers”?
Tolwyn: The random acts of violence taking place in the Border Worlds still remain a mystery.
Senator 2: It’s renegade pirates, I tell you!
Senator 3: No, it’s worse! The Border Worlds militia is behind it!
Tolwyn: Let me remind you that, during the long war with the Kilrathi, the Border Worlds were a loyal ally.
Senator 4: And now they attack us!
Paladin: Order! Order! Order!
Tolwyn: Let us not allow lust for revenge to cloud our thinking. We mustn’t forget who our friends are. However, we must also keep in mind that, during the War, certain social and political changes were taking place along the frontier. Now, whether or not these changes relate to the senseless acts of terrorism remains to be seen. But see to it, I will. I can promise you that!
Assembly: <applause>
Paladin: Admiral, you are aware that the increase of these incidents has raised the tension between us and the Border Worlds to a dangerous level. But before this august body commits itself to a grave and irrevocable action, I have asked the Admiral to investigate and report back to us in two weeks. Admiral…
Star port canteen, Nephele II.
Paladin: …you go with the blessing of this Assembly and every peace-loving person in the galaxy.
Tolwyn: Thank you, Senator.
Paladin: In two weeks, we shall vote on war or peace.
Bob: This concludes our live coverage of Admiral Tolwyn’s address to the Great Assembly. Barbara?
Miles: Thanks, Bob. These next two weeks will tell if we have any hope of resolving the tensions that are growing at the very fringes of our society. Good evening. This has been the TCN Nightly News. I’m Barbara Miles.
Bartender: What can I getcha?
Maverick: Oh, give me a Hell’s Kitchen.
Bartender: Haven’t served one of those since the War ended.
Veteran: Hey, pal. Spare the price of a drink for an old vet?
Maverick: You were a flyer?
Veteran: Yeah. I flew off the TCS Liberty.
[Help him out…]
Maverick: Oh. Do me a favour. Why don’t you get out of here and get yourself a meal instead?
Veteran: Hey, thanks pal. I’ll do that. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.
Bartender: Things just ain’t the same since the War ended. Ya got a lot of guys coming home, and just not enough jobs to go around.
Maverick: Yeah, well, we all make our own way.
[Straighten him out…]
Maverick: Well, then you have the skills and the brains to be doing something better than hustling me for money.
Veteran: Why you ungrateful piece of… I fought the Kilrathi for hicks like you! The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.
Bartender: Things just ain’t the same since the War ended. Ya got a lot of guys coming home, and just not enough jobs to go around.
Maverick: We all make our own way.
Bartender: You a vet?
Maverick: Yeah.
Bartender: Wait a minute… hey, I’ve seen your picture before. Um, hold on, you’re…
Woman: Thanks for the drink!
Maniac: Hey, wait! Honey…
Woman: No, I’m not waiting, and don’t call me honey! You space pigs are all the same!
Maniac: <laughs> I suppose women out here on the edge of nowhere can’t appreciate a civilised man.
Maverick: Sure they do – when they meet one.
Maniac: Good to see you, too, Colonel. Or– or should I say ‘farmer’ Blair? Glad you could fit me into your busy schedule.
Maverick: It’s a peaceful life.
Maniac: Hmm. I’ve always said, “you’re either an earthworm or an eagle”.
Maverick: So, what, you must have been flying since the last time I…
Maniac: Since you got lucky on that bombing run on Kilrah? Of course I’m still flying. What else is there? Beats trompin’ around in fertiliser.
Maverick: Well you know, Maniac, maybe trompin’ around in fertiliser is what I want to do. Maybe, after putting my life on the line day after day for all of those years, hearing the crunch my feet make on real dirt is what I want.
Maniac: Well, it sounds like you memorised that speech. Good for you.
Seether: You’ll do as I ask. Nothing more… nothing less.
Maverick: Anybody gonna stop this?
Maniac: Not my problem. Maybe you should go over and tell him who’s boss, ‘Colonel War Hero’.
[This ticks me off…]
Man: <choke> This the way you treat all your friends?
Seether: You just remember you’re not my friend.
Man: Oh, that’s obvious.
Seether: You’re lucky I don’t kill you right now.
Maverick: Let him go.
Seether: I don’t see where this is your concern, mister.
Maverick: I’m prepared to make it my concern.
First Meeting
Seether: You’re gonna wish you never met me.
Maverick: I already do.
Seether: <cackles> Personally, I can’t wait until we meet again.
Maniac: Of course, I woulda backed you up if he tried anything. Oh? Is he– Is he gone? Come on! Come on, pal!
Maverick: So what was the important matter you wanted to discuss?
Maniac: <trumpets> Colonel Christopher Blair, Confederation Space Force Reserves, it’s my duty to inform you: you are being recalled to active military service.
Maverick: <snorts> Haven’t you heard, Maniac? The War is over.
Maniac: They sent me here to get you.
Maverick: Who sent you?
Maniac: Who sent– how should I know? Somebody high up. They don’t tell majors everything, you know. And you’d think with all the years I put in of service – what? I’ll never understand Confed Command decisions anyway, I mean, why they put an ageing earthworm back in the cockpit. Why I’m not a colonel. You know, just because a guy gets lucky on one mission, happens to vanquish an enemy we’ve been fighting for eons…
Maverick: When do we leave?
Maniac: Leave? Oh, I– I arranged for a couple of fighters. They’re– they’re waiting in the port.
Maverick: Let’s go.
Maniac: Let’s go!
[Ain’t my business…]
Maverick: I don’t need to prove myself in some bar room brawl.
Maniac: Yeah. Maybe they’ll kill each other.
Maverick: We’d all be better off. So, uh, what’s this important matter you had to discuss?
Maniac: Colonel Christopher Blair of the Confederation Space Force Reserve, it’s my duty to inform you: you’re being recalled to active military service.
Maverick: What? <laughs> Haven’t you heard, Maniac? The War is over.
Maniac: They sent me out here to get you.
Maverick: Who did?
Maniac: How should I know? Somebody high up. They don’t tell majors everything, you know. You know, after all the years I’ve spent in Confed. You know, I’ll never understand Confed Command decisions anyway… why they would put an ageing earthworm back in the cockpit. Why I’m not a colonel. A guy gets lucky one mission, happens to vanquish an enemy we’ve been fighting for eons…
Maverick: When do we leave?
Maniac: Uh. Oh, I’ve– I’ve arranged for a couple of fighters. They’re waiting in the port.
Maverick: Let’s go.
Nephele II Star Port
Nephele II star port.
Maniac: Think you can remember how to get this baby off the ground? Oooh, nice lift-off… uh, for a dinosaur. <laughs> Been a few eons since you held a flight stick, huh, Colonel? Or did you find some sand princess to hold it for you back there? <laughs> You don’t have to answer that.
Maverick: Maniac?
Maniac: Yeah, I know… but you can’t say you haven’t missed my sparkling repartee just a little.


Fly to the Orlando Depot with Maniac. A shuttle will transport you to Confed Headquarters, where you will be briefed.
Fly Nephele
Maniac: We’re scheduled to hop a shuttle at the Orlando Depot to make the jump to Sol. Just to make it interesting, I got a surprise for you, Colonel. <laughs> I know you’ve always wanted to take a shot at me, so here’s your chance. Our guns’ power generators have been temporarily altered to fire non-lethal blasts. Your HUD will show ‘virtual’ damage on both ships. First one with 100% damage is the loser. So we can finally see who’s better with a flight-stick. Whaddya say?
Maverick: You’re on, pal.
Maniac: Let’s see if you still got it, ‘farmer’ Blair.
Maniac: So you got lucky again. Just like that run on Kilrah. (Success)
Oh ho! Suppose you been down on the farm too long, Colonel. (Failure)
See you at the Orlando Depot. Holy… switching to ‘battle-mode’! I just hope the auto-reconfig is fast enough–
Maverick: No time for that, Maniac, let’s head to Orlando.
Maniac: <laughs> I knew you’d never want to face the truth, ‘farmer’ Blair. Holy… switching to ‘battle-mode’! I just hope the auto-reconfig is fast enough–
Maniac: Ooh, nice work, old-timer. Let’s head to Orlando. We got a shuttle to catch.
Orlando Depot, Nephele system.
Destruction of Orlando Depot
Avenger: What you see before you, Colonel Blair, is just one of what will be many victories for the Border Worlds.
Maniac: Son-of-a… 3000 people aboard that crate and he just… just… oh, and if that wasn’t enough, we’re in the middle of nowhere flying on fumes. Wait, nav computer’s picked up Blue Point station. Oh, I’m not sure we can make it – oh, we got no choice. Listen, downloading nav data to you. Nothing personal, Colonel, but so far I haven’t much enjoyed this reunion.
Blue Point: Welcome to Blue Point, gentlemen. You have clearance.
Blue Point Station
Confederation shuttle, Nephele system.
Maniac: Who was that guy? How did he know your name?
Maverick: Ah, I wish I knew. I’d love to get my hands on him, whoever he is.
Maniac: You see the move he pulled back there? You call me a hot-dog, right?
Maverick: That wasn’t hot-dogging, Maniac. That was the move of a true master.
Confederation shuttle, en-route to Confederation Headquarters.
Maverick: Is that the Victory?
Maniac: Can you believe it? It’s an orbital museum now. A relic of the War – like some farmers I know. Probably got a plaque right over your bunk.
Admiral Tolwyn’s Office, Confederation Headquarters.
Maverick: <cough>
Tolwyn: Magnificent, aren’t they? I bet you wish you’d had one of those during the war. Would’ve put the fear of God into the Kilrathi.
Maverick: <chuckles> Well, carriers don’t fly themselves, Admiral.
Colonel Blair and Admiral Tolwyn
Tolwyn: Quite. Quite right, Colonel. It is the men, isn’t it? Well, it looks like the, uh, pastoral life agrees with you. I’m envious. If I was a little more confident in the Confederation’s security, I’d walk away in an instant. Well, reports are that you ran into some trouble on your way here.
Maverick: Yes, sir.
Tolwyn: Ah, law and order – concepts that seem to be crumbling throughout the Confederation.
Maverick: These are transitional times, Admiral.
Tolwyn: Yes, but in the Kilrathi, we had a common enemy. It was Humanity’s finest hour. Now we cast about, uncertain. Well, you’ve seen it for yourself, the wanton destruction. That’s why Confed needs your services – your experience – again.
Maverick: You know where my loyalties have always been, sir.
Tolwyn: Something we count on, Colonel. For the past months now, there’s been an undeclared war waged against us – acts of terrorism, piracy, sabotage. Is it symptomatic of these transitional times or is there something else at work here?
Maverick: Do you see a strategy or design behind it?
Tolwyn: Every time I connect the dots, I’m always guided back to our long-time allies in the Border Worlds.
Maverick: And you think they’ve undertaken some kind of guerilla war?
Tolwyn: Well, their relationship with Confed has always been uneasy. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.
Maverick: Which is where I come in?
Tolwyn: Hm. Well, we have a long history together – one that, uh, I daresay has been a bit rocky in the past.
Maverick: We have had our differences, sir.
Tolwyn: But there’s no denying our achievements. Which is why I have personally reinstated you to active duty. Not only will you be my eyes and ears, but your very presence in the Border Worlds will send a potent message to all the galaxy.
Maverick: I am no politician, sir.
Tolwyn: Actions speak louder than words, Colonel. I’m not sending you there merely as a symbol. I’m putting you back in the cockpit, where you’ll be reunited with an old friend… the thrill of battle.
The TCS Lexington departs Confederation Headquarters
Flight Deck, TCS Lexington.
Maniac: Maniac: My callsign. It’s how I live. It’s how I fly, because that’s the name… c’mon round here, because that’s the name of the tune right there…
Maverick: Hey, Maniac!
Maniac: Blair!
Pilots: (overlapping) Oh, my…! Colonel Blair, nice meeting you, sir. Nice to meet you, sir. Let me take your bag. Colonel Blair, sir, it’s an honour, sir.
Maverick: Thank you.
Maniac: All hail the mighty “Heart of the Tiger”. Y’know, you’re not the only war hero in Confed. I’ve taken out more cats than most ships’ entire attachments. Do I get the red carpet treatment? No. No. I carry my own duffel bag. I don’t go schmoozing with the Admiral.
Maniac: Admiral Tolwyn, Tolwyn, Tol… Has he said anything about me?
Maverick: You haven’t heard? He couldn’t stop talking about you, Maniac.
Maniac: What?
Maverick: Well, it’s classified. I mean, I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.
Pilot: <laughs>
Maniac: I got clearance here. I got clearance. I’ll tell you about it later. Wait a minute!
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