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Wing Commander IV Dialogue Script

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Here is the script from Wing Commander IV, based on the screenplay by Frank De Palma and Terry Borst. This includes dialogue from cutscenes, briefings and in-flight communications. Losing track missions are included, however, all dialogue assume successful missions, unless otherwise indicated. Audio from in-flight communications can be extracted using Mario “HCl” Brito’s TRE Manager and opened using most audio editing tools. Movies can be viewed using HCl’s Movie Player.

A comprehensive listing of the videos from Wing Commander IV in streaming formats is available from the CIC’s Holovids section, to complement the dialogue presented here.

Mission Series

Nephele System
Hellespont System
Tyr System
Masa System
Silenos System
Orestes System
Silenos System
Pasqual System
Peleus System
Circe System
Speradon System
Telamon System
Axius System
Ella/Talos Systems
Sol System


Terran Confederation Space Force
Name Rank Callsign
Christopher Blair Colonel Maverick
Todd Marshall Major Maniac
Winston Chang 1st Lieutenant Vagabond
Troy Carter 2nd Lieutenant Catscratch
Terran Confederation Navy
Name Rank
Geoffrey Tolwyn Admiral
William Eisen Captain
Hugh Paulsen Captain
Drew Naismith 2nd Lieutenant
Union of Border Worlds
Name Rank Callsign
Daniel Wilford Vice-Admiral  
Velina Sosa 1st Lieutenant  
Tamara Farnsworth Colonel Panther
Jacob Manley Colonel Hawk
John Dekker Lieutenant Colonel Gash
Patrick Bradshaw   Moose
Robert Sykes Chief Technician Pliers

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