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Wing Commander Secret Ops: Talos System

Episode Three: ‘Hide and Seek’
Talos System
Alien forces leave no witnesses.

Hide and Seek

Talos 086.99 – Friends in Need

Fly Talos 086.99
Talos System
2119 Hours
Launching fighters!
Shy Meadows: Any ships in the area! This is the Shy Meadows! We are under attack from hostile forces! Any ships near our position, please respond!
Cerberus: Launching fighters!
Spyder: My wing: Break and attack.
Amazon: Whatever you say.
Shy Meadows: You guys saved our lives! Thanks! We owe you big time! We’re hauling TCN supplies and equipment bound for Talos Station. If you’re headed that way, we could use an escort.
Cerberus: We are in dire need of fresh supplies. We can cover you if you don’t mind shipping some of your cargo our way. We’ll send over a shuttle.
Shy Meadows: Understood, but we’d get in all kinds of trouble if we dumped our cargo. I’m afraid we can’t.
Cerberus: Perhaps you failed to notice the aliens trying to kill you?
Shy Meadows: What’s your point?
Cerberus: I think it’s pretty safe to say that we’re at war. We could really use these supplies to keep other people like you from getting killed by aliens… seeing as how we’re at war!
Shy Meadows: Oh…
Cerberus: Roger that! Stand by… Maestro, we need you to take the shuttle over to that transport as soon as you land, understood? Everybody else is cleared.
Shy Meadows: You can’t do this! You can’t pirate our goods for no reason!
Cerberus: Alpha Leader, you are ordered to land immediately! Bravo Leader, you do the same! We’ll need to have a private conversation with this transport commander. Land! Form up, make a line at the door and land!
Shy Meadows: Um… hello? Hello? Can we re-open negotiations, please? Hello? Please respond! We are not prepared to answer any hostilities, you understand?
Shy Meadows active: Talos 087.01
Shy Meadows destroyed: Talos 088.AA

Talos 087.01 – Circumvention
Talos 088.AA – The Clean Blitz

ICIS: Intel believes that the aliens are massing for a strike on the Sol system. Cerberus must reach Cygnus system to divide alien forces and improve Confed’s chances of repelling this large-scale attack. To achieve this, Cerberus must first reach Talos station. Escort Cerberus along this NAV route. Once we have arrived at the station you will be cleared to land.
Fly Talos 087.01 | Talos 088.AA
Talos 088.AA:
Cerberus: This is the source of our problem, folks. Take her down. I doubt we’ll get another chance!
Launching bombers!
Babylonia: This is the commercial transport Babylonia! We are under attack by extremely hostile craft! We ask any ships in the area to respond!
Cerberus: Nice work, Alpha One. You’re clear to land.

Talos 090.0C – Hidden Foes

ICIS: The TCS Foehammer has arrived to aid the situation here in Talos system. You will fly a combined patrol with a flight of Excaliburs from the Foehammer. Patrol all NAV points and eliminate all enemy forces encountered.
Fly Talos 090.0C
Cerberus: Nice work, Alpha One. You’re clear to land.
Shy Meadows active (Talos 086.99): Talos 104.B2
Shy Meadows destroyed (Talos 086.99): Talos 104.C0

Talos 104.B2 – The Great Forbidden
Talos 104.C0 – Careful Steps

ICIS: The civilian transport craft under our protection must be escorted to the Sol system jump point. Follow this NAV route and defend the civilian transports. When the craft have made their jump to Sol system, return to Cerberus for further briefing. (Talos 104.B2)
Talos system remains heavily populated with alien craft. Patrol this NAV route and eliminate all enemy vessels you encounter. When your patrol is complete, return to Cerberus. (Talos 104.C0)
Fly Talos 104.B2 | Talos 104.C0
Cerberus: Nice work, Alpha One. You’re clear to land.
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Talos 105.00 – Deep Strike Two
Talos 105.0A – Second Path To Cygnus

ICIS: Data from Talos Station confirms the presence of a destroyer-class vessel in this vicinity. You will stage a strike against this craft and any support ships in the area. Once cleared of alien activity, Talos forces can then help us jump safely into Cygnus to continue searching out the alien position. (Talos 105.00)
Forces from Talos will aid our insertion into Cygnus system. Lead Cerberus along this NAV route. Once all fighters are eliminated, you will be cleared to land. (Talos 105.0A)
Fly Talos 105.00 | Talos 105.0A
Cerberus: Nice work, Alpha One. You’re clear to land.
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