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Wing Commander Secret Ops: Courage System

Admiral Lita Rayak’s Address
The Terran Confederation Assembly
Sol Sector

(Crowd): <applause>
Rayak: Governor Cavazos, esteemed guests, I am very pleased to announce: Confederate forces aboard TCS Midway have removed the alien threat from Kilrathi space!
(Crowd): <cheer>
Rayak: And today, CIS reported taking possession of Cerberus: Bartok design’s first quick-strike assault cruiser.
Cavazos: Congratulations to Midway and her crew from all of us, Admiral! Ladies and gentlemen, because of her value to peace-keeping efforts in foreign systems, we have assigned the best flight crew in Space Force as escort on Cerberus’ maiden voyage.
Zero: You know, I think I’d prefer flying formation with Midway around Jupiter instead of this ‘Black Ops’ job.
(Cavazos: A toast!)
Maestro: I’d prefer to be planet-side.
(Cavazos: A return to peace!)
Zero: Oh yeah!
(Cavazos: With Midway and Cerberus churning the waters…)
Maestro: Some daylight would be nice.
(Cavazos: …we may soon run short of beasts and villains!)
Zero: I’d pay real money for some daylight, Maestro. If we have any kind of luck, this Intel gig won’t last more than a few weeks. Wow! There she is, Maestro!
Maestro: She looks fast.
Cerberus: Charlie wing, this is Cerberus. Turn to 0-6-0 for auto-pilot landing.
Zero: Evening, Cerberus! We are starting our approach.
Cerberus: Welcome aboard.

Episode One: ‘Deep Black’
TCS Cerberus begins operations in the Courage system.

Courage System

Courage 29.1 – The Capricious Carrier

ICIS: The following information is classified: Your wing will provide close escort and tactical security during Cerberus’ maiden voyage. Patrol this route. Cerberus will use your NAV system data to calibrate her jump detection software.
Fly Courage 29.1
Cerberus: This is the TCS Cerberus reporting. Greetings, Lieutenant.
Zero: What’s going on, Casey.
Maestro: What do you say, buddy?
Spyder: About time you showed up…
Spyder: I smell trouble…
Zero: Cerberus! This is Alpha wing. We have alien contact! Repeat: We have alien contact and we have been engaged!
Maestro: Man! I thought this was over!
Cerberus: Pilots, continue your sweep. We’ll work on sending a message to Confed HQ.
Zero: Must’ve been a long-range patrol. But, I can’t imagine the bugs getting a carrier this deep into Confed space.
Zero: The Morays are running from us, Casey! We have to nail them before they escape!
Maestro: Stupid aliens! Cowards! Fight! You can’t outrun me! Little alien bastards!
Cerberus: Not bad. You’re clear to land.

Courage 80.2 – Scramble / Ambush

Cerberus: All pilots report to the flight deck immediately. This is not a drill. Repeat: All pilots report to the flight deck.
Fly Courage 80.2
Cerberus: We have company, Alpha One.
Zero: I wasn’t expecting to see that!
Maestro: Holy $#!t!
Amazon: This place is awfully crowded.
Stiletto: We have multiple bogies inbound.
Cerberus: Nice work, Casey.
Nice work, Alpha One. You’re clear to land.
Both Morays destroyed (Courage 29.1): Courage 40.6
One or both Morays escaped (Courage 29.1): Courage 66.2

Courage 40.6 – Straight On Out
Courage 66.2 – Long Way Out

ICIS: An alien presence in this system has been confirmed. To maximise our chances of survival, we must reach the jump to Ella system. Failure will mean being trapped in this system by an unknown number of alien forces. Escort Cerberus to this point.
Because of Alpha wing’s quick action, we should be able to take a straight and fast path to the jump. (Courage 40.6)
Because of Alpha wing’s failure in containment of the alien patrol, we will take a diversionary route to improve our chances of avoiding capture. (Courage 66.2)
Fly Courage 40.6 | Courage 66.2
Maestro: How did the bugs get here? This is Sol sector, man!
Spyder: Intel seems to think that the aliens could have moved their forces from Kilrah into Epsilon sector. It’s possible they could have got as far as Valgard before the Border Worlds found them.
Maestro: Where’s Valgard? And who cares? I wanna know how they got here!
Zero: Valgard will put them six jumps from central Vega. That’s something to think about. But we’d better get to work. Casey, we’re ready when you are.
Cerberus: Nice work, Alpha One. You’re clear to land.

Courage 68.7 – Visit to Aunt Ella

Cerberus: All pilots report to the flight deck immediately. This is not a drill. Repeat: All pilots report to the flight deck.
Fly Courage 68.7
Cerberus: Launching fighters!
We’re under attack, Lieutenant!
Maestro: Look at all these friggin’ aliens!
Spyder: Keep your head, Maestro.
Zero: Say it with me, Maestro: “We’re gonna miss you, bug!” Say it!
Maestro: You guys are sooooo funny! I think I’m gonna spit my bones out!
Cerberus: Great work, people! Climb aboard and we’ll take it from here.
Jumping to: Ella System

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