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Wing Commander Secret Ops Dialogue Script

Here is the script from Wing Commander: Secret Ops. This includes dialogue from cutscenes, ICIS briefings and in-flight communications. Losing track missions are included, however, all dialogue assume successful missions. Random speech such as wingmen taunts are not included, however, speech can be extracted using Mario “HCl” Brito’s TRE Manager and Audio Tool.

Mission Series

Courage System
Ella System
Talos System
Cygnus System
Luyten System
Krieger System
Sirius System
Proxima System


Name Rank Callsign
Lita Rayak Admiral  
Cavazos Governor  
Enoch Murkins Captain Clippy
Karl Bowen Major Spyder
Amber Elbereth Major Amazon
Terrence O’Hearn Major Zero
Jean Talvert 1st Lieutenant Stiletto
Lance Casey 1st Lieutenant  
Maxwell Garrett 1st Lieutenant Maestro

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