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Wing Commander III: Loki System

Loki 1

Communications, TCS Victory.
Bridge, Kilrathi Dreadnought.
Thrakhath: <gloats>
Flight Deck, TCS Victory.
Maverick: <laughs>
Coriolis: Don’t say a thing.
Maverick: Heard you got chewed out by the Admiral himself.
Coriolis: Yeah, well, I suppose I should wear that as a badge of honour. According to the Admiral – “Sloppy dress means sloppy work.” Well, excuse me for not heading to the cleaners every time after I swap out a part.
Maverick: Well, he sticks really close to the regs.
Coriolis: Yeah, well, after the war is over, I’m gonna make it my mission to loosen the screws on every moving part belonging to guys like him.
Maverick: Well, save a screwdriver for me, will you?
Berths, TCS Victory.
Vaquero: Wanna buy a ticket, sir?
Maverick: To what?
Vaquero: Opening night party at my cantina. People are saying the war is almost over. Once we pull the trigger on that Behemoth-thing, it’ll be hasta la vista los gatos.
Briefing Room, TCS Victory.
Tolwyn: There’s been a change of command, Colonel.
Maverick: No disrespect intended, sir, but, why am I not surprised?
Tolwyn: As we move close to deployment of the Behemoth, I’ve decided to assume command personally. I hold the fate of the Confederation in my hands. Well, let’s get down to business, shall we? We are about to enter the Loki system, where we will test the Behemoth on Loki VI, home to a small Kilrathi military base. Loki VI is a unique planet in that it orbits a quasar. As you know, the quasar blocks out all stellar communications. So the base will be unable to call for help, and by the time the Kilrathi send out a ship to investigate, we shall be pulling up just outside downtown Kilrah. Before we can test fire the Behemoth, a little house cleaning is in order. On this mission, I’d like you to sweep out Loki VI’s surrounding environs – don’t leave any strays out there. We don’t need anyone bothering us when we line up the weapon for its first test. Got it?
Maverick: Understood, Admiral.
Fly Loki 1
Rollins: Looks like smooth sailing for the big B, Colonel. You’re cleared to land. (Success)
Team effort has cleared the perimeter, sir. We’re still in business. You’re cleared to land. (Failure)

Loki 2

Rec Room, TCS Victory.
Maniac: Looks like Tolwyn’s about to steam-roller another career. I told the Captain to look out, but would he listen?
Maverick: Maniac, when have you known someone to actually take your advice?
Maniac: I just told him I speak from experience. You poisoned Tolwyn against me from the start – he’s had it out for me ever since.
Maverick: I got news for you. Tolwyn had nothing to do with your lack of promotion, your flying style took care of that for you. Tolwyn doesn’t even know you’re alive.
Maniac: Oh, that’s what you think. Everybody knows about the Maniac. Everybody. How many people here know about the Maniac? Oh, what – nobody?
Berths, TCS Victory.
Cobra: Sir.
Maverick: You seem awfully keyed up. I’d ease back on the throttle a little if I were you – we’re a long way from Kilrah.
Cobra: Not a moment too soon, I can tell you that.
Maverick: <sigh> I don’t think I’ve seen anyone as anxious to waste the enemy as you.
Cobra: Oh, I’d blast planet after planet if it would rid the galaxy of Kilrathi. There’s no justification for their existence. And that includes your buddy Hobbes.
Maverick: Blast it, Lieutenant! It’s like an endless program loop with you–
Cobra: You have no clue!
Maverick: So enlighten me.
Cobra: They took me when I was 10…
Maverick: Who? The Kilrathi?
Cobra: A slave labour camp. I escaped when I was 20…
Maverick: It must have been–
Cobra: You have no idea what it “must have been”. I saw things… The Psych guys spent two years trying to pry things out of my head after I escaped. But you can’t wipe it all. There’s a little bit of Kilrathi prowling around inside me, and I can’t get it out. One day there won’t be any Human left.
Maverick: We’re gonna get ’em. You’ll see.
Cobra: Keep telling me that, Colonel. Even if it’s not true.
Bridge, TCS Victory.
Maverick: Can I speak frankly, Admiral?
Tolwyn: Well, I’ve never known you to do otherwise.
Maverick: With all due respect, sir, I don’t think your assumption of command has done ship morale much good.
Tolwyn: I’m not really interested in public opinion polls on my tactical decisions. And, as I recall, you weren’t particularly enthused about your own transfer to this vessel when it happened.
Maverick: That’s before I was acquainted with its crew, sir.
Tolwyn: Ah, yes. A fine quality, your transfer of loyalties. Project Behemoth needs a guardian angel. I’ve been with it since its inception. The choice was clear-cut and indisputable. We all have just one superior, Colonel: the progress of the war.
Maverick: Yes, sir.
Gunnery Control, TCS Victory.
Eisen: Colonel, you shouldn’t be this far away from the fray.
Maverick: The war’s everywhere, Captain. No escaping it.
Eisen: I’m not a captain any more. First time I’ve been like that since… I don’t think I was even shaving when I first took the helm. What am I without a ship, Colonel?
Maverick: Captain… They can promote us, demote us, bounce us all over the galaxy, there’s only one thing that matters. That first time you shaved? You could look yourself in the mirror. You can still do that now.
Briefing Room, TCS Victory.
Tolwyn: Well, this is a simple one, Colonel. Cover me while I fire the Behemoth.
Maverick: Sounds simple enough, Admiral.
Fly Loki 2
The Behemoth fires…
Rollins: Wow. Gives new meaning to ‘big bang’, don’t it, Colonel? You’re cleared to land, because we’re headin’ out of here and we’re pointin’ this bucket to Kilrah.

Loki 3

Gunnery Control, TCS Victory.
Hobbes: It has been many years since I have been this near to Kilrah.
Maverick: I understand if you have mixed feelings about the Behemoth, and what it’s about to do…
Hobbes: It has been a long war that has turned all of us… inside out.
Maverick: There will be Kilrathi that survive, and when the war is over, they will understand what you did.
Hobbes: No one… ever… will truly understand what I did. But your loyalty has meant much to me, my friend.
Briefing Room, TCS Victory.
Tolwyn: This is it, Colonel. I’ve been waiting ten years for this glorious moment. We’re about to hit the jump point. From there, it’s straight to Kilrah. Protect the Behemoth at all costs. The future of the Confederation depends on it.
Fly Loki 3
Destruction of the Behemoth
Thrakhath: The Heart of the Tiger has failed his race, he has failed himself, he has failed the Human he knows as Devereaux. Angel, his lair-mate, he has failed. His heart has not been valiant enough, his warring has not been skilful enough, and he has failed a true warrior, the Angel, for she displayed heart…
Imperial Throne Room, Kilrah.
Angel: You bore me, monsieur. Disintegrate me so I might join my comrades…
Thrakhath: Disintegration is not for you. Your fate will be different.
Angel: <spits>
Thrakhath: <growls> The Human cannot appreciate the honour that I am about to bestow her. She is not only a great warrior… but her lair-mate is The Heart of the Tiger! You have slain many of my finest fighters during your career. You have earned… this!
Rollins: Colonel, be advised that the Victory is pulling out of this system immediately! We need you to return, sir! Jump point in 90 seconds!
Thrakhath: You and I, ape, have unfinished business, now I give you the chance, if you are a true warrior, you will take the challenge. You will see on your radar, I have sent my wingman off, the ancient test of courage is ours to engage in…
Rollins: Colonel, you have 75 seconds!
Thrakhath: The Heart of the Tiger continues to weaken. He did not protect his lair-mate, now he hesitates in combat…
Rollins: Colonel, if you don’t turn around and land now you’ll be left behind!
Rollins: Colonel, we also had access to Thrakhath’s transmission regarding Colonel Devereaux. My condolences, sir… I’m sure glad you didn’t let him suck you into that lose-lose dogfight. We’re jumping out the second you land.
Victory Group Jump Sequence
Jumping to the Alcor system.

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