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Wing Commander III: Torgo System

Torgo 1

Flight Deck, TCS Victory.
Eisen: Rollins!
Rollins: When did I become the maid around here?
Eisen: An honour and a privilege having you aboard, Admiral.
Tolwyn: Pleasure, Captain, thank you. Ah! Well, looks like a good bunch. Well… the legendary Colonel. It’s good to see you again.
Maverick: Thank you, Admiral.
[We’re all equal here…]
Maverick: But there are no legends aboard this ship. Just pilots trying to get the job done.
Tolwyn: Well, I’m not sure such modesty becomes you, Colonel. Let’s see if we can add to the legend… Ah, I’ve brought my own cook on board, so let’s see if we can get some decent food.
[Score points with the Admiral…]
Maverick: Ready to add to that legend now that you’re here.
Tolwyn: Same old Colonel Blair. Ah, I’ve brought my own cook on board, so let’s see if we can get some decent food.
Gunnery Control, TCS Victory.
Flint: Must seem like old-home week to you. First the Kilrathi prince, and now Admiral Tolwyn. Who’ll be next? Sorry. I know who you’re thinking about…
Maverick: Do you? You must be a mind reader.
Flint: No. I just know more about your history than you might be aware of. She’s a Colonel in Covert Ops, right?
Maverick: How did you become such a student of history?
Flint: That was my weapon, growing up. Being the ‘girl’, I had to have something to get an edge. And one thing I know about my history is that you and the Admiral have crossed paths more than a few times.
[She can see Tolwyn’s a jerk…]
Maverick: Bumped heads is more like it. And he knows history too. Plus every rule and regulation.
Flint: Yeah, he just doesn’t know the Human heart.
Maverick: I can’t argue with you there, Flint.
[It’s none of her business…]
Maverick: His job is the same as yours or mine: winning the war. I can’t do anything about how he chooses to go about it.
Flint: Yeah, well, even if you don’t agree with it?
Maverick: Hey, I rarely agree with him. But he is an admiral…
Briefing Room, TCS Victory.
Admiral Tolwyn
Tolwyn: As you may or may not know, we are currently en route to the Torgo system, where we will rendezvous with… destiny. Gentlemen… I give you the Confederation’s finest achievement… The Behemoth. After a decade of secret research and development, our greatest minds have created the device that will spell doom for the Kilrathi. Behemoth is a series of linked, superconducting energy amplification conduits, focusing an output of five hundred million gigawatts into one lancing point. Any target at the end of that point is destroyed.
Eisen: Even a planet…
Tolwyn: Yes, Captain. Even a planet. We would have liked another year or two for testing and development but, unfortunately, circumstances have forced me to deploy the weapon now.
Maverick: And might I ask why, Admiral?
Tolwyn: Well, you should know the answer to that question more than anyone else, Colonel. The classified and bitter truth is that Confed has been losing the war this past year. If the current trend continues, the Kilrathi will be walking on the Earth in six months, maybe less. So, the Behemoth must be pressed into service earlier than anticipated. Because of this accelerated deployment, the ship’s defensive systems are – how can I put this? – somewhat incomplete. There are a few, uh… soft spots… located here, and here – where the shields are thin, there’s been no time to complete keel mounts or laser turrets. I expect you to be especially aware of these areas, Colonel. It will be your job to protect and defend this ship. It should be looked upon as the Confederation’s last-ditch effort to win the war outright. (Yes… Yes, thank you, I understand. Thank you.) All right. The download is complete. We have arrived at Torgo, gentlemen, where I had hoped for a nice smooth rendezvous with the Behemoth, but as is their wont, the Kilrathi have spoiled the party. Colonel, this is undoubtedly the most important mission you’ve ever flown in your life. You must defend the Behemoth at all costs. I want a magnum launch – all fighters up! Are we clear?
Maverick: Yes, sir.
Fly Torgo 1
Flash: I can’t shake this cat.
Vagabond: I could sure use some help, buddy.
Tolwyn: Colonel, you just confirmed my belief that you and the Victory were the correct choices for this undertaking. The Behemoth requires some light maintenance before moving out, so we won’t be leaving this system just jet.
Rollins: You’re clear to land, sir.

Torgo 2

Flight Deck, TCS Victory.
Coriolis: My, my, Grandma, what a big gun you have.
Maverick: They don’t get any bigger.
Coriolis: That’s what they all say. Talk is cheap. Maybe you haven’t noticed, but the shields on this thing are really thin. I suppose it sucks up so much juice that the usual standard equipment gets short-changed.
Maverick: That’s probably in the specs for next year’s model.
Coriolis: Yeah. And Christmas tree lights, too.
Lift, TCS Victory.
Lieutenant Rollins
Rollins: I suppose this wouldn’t interest you.
Maverick: Coded transmissions?
Rollins: Yeah, about a million of ’em. And they’re weird, too – not the usual codings. I can’t even begin to break ’em.
Maverick: Lieutenant, we have an admiral on board. Now, his transmissions are supposed to be coded.
Rollins: Colonel, I’ve been around high-rankers before, this is definitely different.
Maverick: <sigh> Tolwyn’s always got something up his sleeve. You sure about this?
Rollins: Sir, I know there are times when you think I’m a little crazy, but I do know my job.
Maverick: Keep me posted.
Rollins: Yes, sir.
Bridge, TCS Victory.
Tolwyn: Ah, our local hero. Well, I must say that so far I’m very impressed, you haven’t lost your touch.
Maverick: May we speak privately, Admiral?
Tolwyn: Get it off your chest, Colonel.
Maverick: Sir, it’s a little unclear to me precisely what your status is aboard this ship.
Tolwyn: Look, I took the helm of the Behemoth project 10 years ago.
Maverick: And there’s no intention to usurp command?
Tolwyn: I’d be a little more careful regarding my choice of words, Colonel. Admirals, by definition, do not usurp… I thought at long last we’d achieved a measure of… respect for each other, obviously I was wrong. You may realise by now that your assignment here was a little more than merely fortuitous.
Maverick: We’re headed to Kilrah with that thing, aren’t we?
Tolwyn: Well, what would you aim for if you had the biggest gun in the universe?
Briefing Room, TCS Victory.
Briefing Room
Maverick: Looks like it might be getting back to normal around here.
Eisen: Can’t say it’ll ever be normal while the Admiral’s on board. Takes a certain sort to be an admiral. Me… I’ll take guiding just one ship, the day-to-day successes are more tangible. Let’s get to it, Colonel. The Behemoth’s not ready to move out yet, and we need to keep the Kilrathi away from it. Mine these four jump points and make sure that they take out all comers. We’ll eventually need this fifth point for our exit with the Behemoth. Clear?
Fly Torgo 2
Computer: Proceed to next waypoint.
Rollins: Well, gah, keeping this ray gun scratch-free is gettin’ to be a pain in the butt, eh, Colonel? But I suppose the Behemoth lives to see another day. You’re clear to land. (Success)
You’re clear to land, sir. (Failure)

Torgo 3

Briefing Room, TCS Victory.
Eisen: Ah, Colonel, now that we’ve got Behemoth repaired, we gotta fuel her up – and believe me, she’s got a really big thirst. Intel has informed us an enemy tanker convoy is travelling through this asteroid belt. Now, you need to disable a minimum of three of their tankers. Our fleet will enter the belt through this jump point. The Behemoth will always be about four minutes behind you, so that’s all the time you’ll have to take out whatever the Kilrathi are sending her way. You leave immediately!
Fly Torgo 3
Computer: Transport disabled.
Rollins: <sigh> Hey, Colonel. Why didn’t our side ever think of rock ships? Anyway, the Admiral sends his congrats, and you’re cleared to land. ’cause we’re finally blowing this stand and we’re taking that big mama out for a test drive. <laughs> (Success)
You’re clear to land, sir. (Failure)
The TCS Behemoth Jumps…
Jumping to the Loki system.

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