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Wing Commander III: Freya System

Freya 1

Imperial Throne Room, Kilrah.
Kilrathi Imperial Palace
Emperor: I have been studying the battle reports–
Thrakhath: Your Majesty… you should not concern yourself with dreary, day-to-day accounting–
Emperor: I cannot understand this Terran foray into the Alcor system – the attempt to free but a few prisoners…
Melek: If you please, your Majesty, I may be able to shed some light.
Emperor: Yes, young one…
Melek: The apes took but one prisoner. His skills are technical – scientific in nature.
Emperor: And these skills are applied to?
Melek: That, we did not fully explore. His range of knowledge was vast–
Thrakhath: We are winning the war, your majesty – and daily, we move closer to invasion of the Terran homeworld. A vast armada is being assembled. Never before has there been such a mighty force–
Emperor: Never let it be forgotten – it is when the foe is near vanquished that he is most dangerous, my Prince.
Thrakhath: As always, your Majesty speaks truly and wisely.
Lift, TCS Victory.
Lieutenant Rollins
Rollins: <laughs> So we risk everything to get this one egg-head they say might win the war – although I’ll believe that when I see it – and Vagabond decks the guy. <laughs> I bet ole Vagabond doesn’t get out of the brig till the Kilrathi let him out.
[Well, Vagabond had his reasons…]
Maverick: We’ll just see about that. I’m going to have a talk with the Captain.
[Vagabond went way too far…]
Maverick: Well, he deserved it. You can’t just go flying off the handle like that.
Rec Room, TCS Victory.
Maniac: What’d I tell you about trusting a cat? Hey, too bad Cobra had to die to get her point across.
[You’re asking for it man…]
Maniac: Temper, temper. You can’t afford to lose any more wingmen.
Maverick: You know, for once, you’re right.
Maniac: I am?
Maverick: We’ll just have to settle it out there. The next time you’re on my wing, I might just rotate my turret and… hey, accidents happen!
Maniac: Oh, I’m shakin’… you know, I got a turret too, pal.
Maverick: We’ll see.
[I don’t need this…]
Maverick: <walks away>
Briefing Room, TCS Victory.
Briefing Room
Eisen: Let’s get started, Colonel.
Maverick: Yes, sir.
Eisen: HQ’s sent us here to Freya because they’ve located a jump point that leads straight to Kilrah. A nice little back door we can use later when Dr Severin completes his device. One slight problem, however, is that the Kilrathi own this system. We have to clean ’em out. Go to it, Colonel.
Fly Freya 1
Rollins: Oooh hoo! Looks like the Kilrathi have been busy in their shipyards. But I suppose it takes more than some new tin cans to phase you, Colonel. You’re cleared to land. (Success)
<sigh> Looks like the Kilrathi have been busy in their shipyards, which can only mean more trouble for us. You’re clear to land, Colonel. (Failure)

Freya 2

Flight Deck, TCS Victory.
Coriolis: Finally I get to show what I can do.
Maverick: Oh, I don’t know, Chief – I’ve been pretty impressed from the start.
Coriolis: Yeah, well you haven’t seen everything. Not by a long shot. You know, maybe we should get together and I’ll show you the rest? You know, sooner or later, you and I have to let go of these ghosts. See if the parts fit anywhere else.
Maverick: And you think our parts might mesh?
Coriolis: You never know until you take a test run.
Berths, TCS Victory.
Maverick: Going somewhere?
Flint: No. Cleaning this out helps me clear my head sometimes.
Maverick: Been doing a little of that myself… <sigh> Letting go of… I don’t know, certain memories.
Flint: That’s good to hear. I haven’t… wanted to pursue it, while you were still hoping to find Angel, and I’m probably way out of line here… um, but…
Maverick: But… it seems like maybe… there’s something between you and me?
Flint: Perhaps it’s that way with all the female crew members on-board.
Maverick: Well, believe it or not, Flint… I’m not in the habit of flirting with every woman on-board.
Flint: Well, sir, I’m not in the habit of flirting with every man on-board.
Maverick: But you do make exceptions?
Flint: I have, yeah.
Bridge, TCS Victory.
Eisen: Colonel? Something on your mind?
Maverick: Captain. The brig is no place for a pilot of Vagabond’s skills.
Eisen: Oh, I agree. But the brig is a place for someone as undisciplined as he.
[Try the hard sell…]
Maverick: Sir. This war has eaten at all of our souls. Vagabond’s, especially. He deserves another chance.
Eisen: You’ll take personal responsibility for him?
Maverick: He flies under me. It goes without saying.
Eisen: Very well.
Maverick: Thank you, sir.
[Try the soft touch…]
Maverick: <sigh> Sir, everyone’s entitled to a mistake.
Eisen: Mistake? He could have killed the man. Vagabond’s out of control. Right now, he’s worthless in a cockpit. You’re dismissed, mister.
Maverick: Yes, sir.
Briefing Room, TCS Victory.
Briefing Room
Eisen: Ah. No rest for the weary, Colonel. Let’s get to it.
Maverick: As you wish, Captain.
Eisen: We’ve run into another glitch with this jump point to Kilrah: it’s shielded. The shield generator is based on Freya II. Here’s where we see how good these Excaliburs are in taking the fight to the ground. Colonel, I want you to lead the ground assault – destroy that generator. Good luck, Colonel.
Fly Freya 2
Descent to Freya II
Ascent from Freya II
Rollins: Now that was a real test for those Excaliburs! You kicked some heavy-duty butt, sir! You’re cleared to land, Colonel! Whoo! (Success)
We got lucky, Colonel – last-minute orbital bombardment took out their shield generator and saved our sorry butts. You’re clear to land. (Failure)

Freya 3

Vagabond reinstated:
Rec Rooom, TCS Victory.
Vagabond: Colonel. Pull up a chair.
Maverick: For a guy who’s been staring at four grey walls for a while, you look pretty chipper.
Vagabond: Well, that’s it, isn’t it? I’m not playing solitaire any more. Got you to thank for that.
Maverick: Well, we all lose it once in a while.
Vagabond: Yeah, well, if I had it to do again… I’d still pop the bastard.
Briefing Room, TCS Victory.
Briefing Room
Eisen: Colonel, let’s go over the mission, shall we?
Maverick: Yes, sir.
Eisen: Colonel, now that we’ve secured the jump point, we have to clamp down on the Kilrathi coming through. They can’t get word back to their command that we own the jump point now. Give it your best, Colonel. Dismissed.
Fly Freya 3
Rollins: We got reinforcements coming in, Colonel – so at last we can unload this jump point on ’em. We’re moving out – you’re cleared to land.
All Kilrathi destroyed: Hyperion System
Rollins: I suppose that’s a new definition of ‘disaster’, eh Colonel? I’ve got more bad news. Confed finally owned up to how badly the war’s going. I told you this was coming, didn’t I? A massive Kilrathi armada is threatening Earth and we’re jumping to Proxima to help hold them off. You’re clear to land.
One or more Kilrathi active: Proxima System
Victory Group Jump Sequence

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