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Wing Commander III: Blackmane System

Blackmane 1

Flight Control, TCS Victory.
Miles: …a blitzkrieg Kilrathi assault has taken the lives of thousands…
Rollins: Still buying the fantasy that we’re winning the war?
Maverick: Why the hard-on for the opposite take?
Rollins: Because you’d have to be blind not to see that things are going bad, and getting worse.
Maverick: Excuse me?
Rollins: Fact: We haven’t had shore leave in months.
Fact: All we do is move from one defensive mission to another.
Fact: Our entire force is constantly in retreat.
Now is that just my imagination? Or is the entire war effort unravelling before our eyes?
Maverick: Fact: We have a communications officer aboard with far too much time on his hands – dangerously spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt throughout the ship. From now on, mister, you spout your theories to anyone, I’ll have you reassigned to waste recycling.
Berths, TCS Victory.
Maverick and Angel on Vespus
Angel: Is this for ever?
Maverick: For ever isn’t long enough…
Bridge, TCS Victory.
Maverick won Flash’s challenge:
Eisen: I don’t know whether to thank you or curse you for winning us Flash on a permanent basis…
Maverick: <chuckles> Little of both, I suppose.
Maverick lost or declined Flash’s challenge:
Eisen: Have I taken the time to thank you for the good work you did in Locanda system?
Maverick: No need, sir.
Eisen: I wish I had more pilots like you, Colonel. Might make the war end sooner. I’m especially glad that you haven’t let the Victory cramp your style.
Maverick: Thank you, sir.
Briefing Room, TCS Victory.
Briefing Room
Eisen: Let’s get started, Colonel.
Maverick: Yes, sir.
Eisen: We’ve got a simple job ahead of us. We’ve got control of the sector base and jump point. The Kilrathi want that control. Let’s keep them at bay, gentlemen. We can’t give up ground here, Colonel. Give it your best, Colonel. Dismissed.
Fly Blackmane 1
Bloodmist: Your feeble skills make me laugh! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha – you leaf eater!
Ah! I can smell your fear…
Humans are clawless cowards…
You’ll be destroyed, ape!
Prepare to die, Terran!
Rollins: They’re having a party in your honour down at the Blackmane base, Colonel. You’re clear to land.
Blackmane base active: Blackmane 2
Rollins: The base is nuked, Colonel. You’re cleared to land – we’re pulling out.
Blackmane base destroyed: Ariel System

Blackmane 2

Flight Deck, TCS Victory.
Coriolis: Colonel, ah, can we chat off the record?
Maverick: Don’t we usually?
Coriolis: Yeah. That’s one on the things that I like about you. And the fact that I like you is why I wanna say this… um…
Maverick: Go ahead.
Rachel Coriolis
Coriolis: You’ve got a look in your eyes that I’ve seen before. I had this fella, see? And he went out one day and saw his wingman get fried. He started to blame himself. And no matter what I said or anybody else, it didn’t matter. A few days after that he took out a Thunderbolt and just kept going. He, ah, hit a jump point just as the Kilrathi were coming through. There were a lot of fireworks… he might still be out there as far as I know. They never found him… not even a trace… and that look in your eyes is the same look that he had just before he went out on that mission… Do you wanna talk about it?
[She understands…]
Maverick: I had someone too. I keep having these nightmares: I can’t get them out of my head. Maybe she ditched her craft in some neutral territory – maybe she found out a way to sidestep the war entirely. But I kept thinking, one way or another, I’d hear. Only I haven’t.
Coriolis: Hey, maybe, uh… maybe my guy and your gal got together out there.
Maverick: At least they’d be alive.
Coriolis: Yeah. But then I’d have to kill him when he came back…
[It’s none of her business…]
Maverick: I wish I could, Chief. I had someone too… still have, hopefully. But it doesn’t do any good to talk about these things.
Berths, TCS Victory.
Maniac: Well, if it isn’t lover-boy, himself. I saw you puttin’ the moves on everybody’s favourite little grease monkey.
Maverick: Jealous?
Maniac: Aw, I don’t think getting into her pants requires any high-risk manoeuvring.
[He’s jealous…]
Maverick: Or just the fact that it takes manoeuvring leaves you breathing my engine exhaust, doesn’t it?
Maniac: Yeah… oh man… I’ve dated all you girls!
[It’s none of his business…]
Maverick: Yeah, well, I made my pitch – but she’s more interested in ‘real’ pilots… like you.
Maniac: You like me, don’t you. I like you.
Briefing Room, TCS Victory.
Briefing Room
Eisen: Listen up, Colonel. As usual, we have our work cut out for us.
Maverick: No doubt, sir.
Eisen: Now that we’ve broken the Kilrathi siege on the base, the supply ships can finally move in. We need to escort the incoming convoys, and get them to the base without any dents. That means a little housekeeping to clear the way. We’re doing well: let’s keep it up.
Maverick: Ready to go, sir.
Eisen: I like that enthusiasm! Dismissed!
Fly Blackmane 2
Transport: We need your help, Colonel!
Transport: Thanks for the escort, Colonel.
Rollins: Colonel… or should I call you Houdini? You got a standing invite from Blackmane base to join them for steak and eggs, now that they’re able to unload those supply convoys. You’re clear to land, sir. (Success)
We were watching it on the radar, Colonel – you’re lucky to still be breathing. I think it was a case of being out-manned and out-gunned. You’re clear to land, sir. (Failure)

Blackmane 3

Gunnery Control, TCS Victory.
Flint active:
Flint: Feels good, what we’ve been doing here.
Maverick: Why, are the stakes less personal in this system?
Flint: I hate to admit it. Those are real people down there, just as real as the people I knew back in Locanda system. Can’t say they’re as real to me, though. I just don’t have an image of them in my mind…
Maverick: You’d burn out very quickly, if you did.
Flint suspended in Locanda 3:
Flint: You made some nice moves on that last mission. ’course, one can only tell so much from aboard ship.
Maverick: Look, I know it’s been hard on you, sitting on the sidelines.
Flint: Yeah, sometimes I hate myself because I actually feel lucky there is a war.
Maverick: I knew – I mean, I know someone who feels that way. She lives to fight ‘the good fight’.
Flint: For me, it’s flying – I love the purity… nothing holding me back…
Maverick: Only pilots know that feeling.
Flint suspended:
Flint: Look, what I’ve been trying to say is that I exist to do one thing: Fly. I’m requesting reinstatement on the flight roster, sir. Cheerleading from down here is not my specialty.
[Put her back on the roster…]
Maverick: You know, you’re right. What took you so long?
Flint: Not all of us manoeuvre at warp speed, sir. Thank you, sir.
[Let the Captain decide…]
Maverick: That’s an issue that should be taken up with Captain Eisen.
Flint: The regs say you have authority–
Maverick: Regs are meaningless if a captain and a wing commander aren’t in sync. Now, if the Captain has no problem, I won’t stand in the way.
Flint: Yes, sir.
Briefing Room, TCS Victory.
Briefing Room
Flint suspended in Locanda 3:
Eisen: Ah, Colonel! Good call putting Flint back on the roster. We need every good pilot we can get. I think she’s got her head back on straight. Well, let’s get started. (Flint reinstated)
Colonel, I’ve put Flint back on the roster. I’m not really impressed with how you passed the buck. Frankly, I think she’s got her head back on straight. Let’s get started. (Flint suspended)
Eisen: We’ve got a weapons convoy coming in. If we can get it through the blockade, the base will have a chance at defending itself. We must protect this convoy at all costs.
Fly Blackmane 3
Computer: Confederate ID confirmed. Autopilot linked.
Transport: Thanks for the escort, Colonel.
Rollins: Blackmane says they can take it from here, Colonel. Our next stop is downtown Kilrah, or something close to it, you’re cleared to land.
Flight Deck, TCS Victory.
Eisen: Good job, Colonel.
Coriolis: Great mission!
Rollins: Way to go, sir! Outstanding!
Rollins: Tough break on the convoy, Colonel – Confed’s already assigned us elsewhere. I wouldn’t dawdle on that landing if I were you, we’re about ready to jump out of here.
Victory Group Jump Sequence
Jumping to the Ariel system – Kilrathi space.

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