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Wing Commander III: Kilrah System

Kilrah 1

Kilrathi Armada
Bridge, Kilrathi Dreadnought.
Thrakhath: How long?
Melek: The assault on the Terran home system commences in 48 hours.
Thrakhath: Victory, Melek… it smells sweet… Although combat is never predictable, I do hope for one last encounter with The Heart of the Tiger. It will make our triumph all the more complete…
The Victory Carrier Group
TCS Victory, Freya System.
Rollins: Colonel Blair, report to the briefing room. Colonel Blair, report to the briefing room.
Flight Control, TCS Victory.
Eisen: Colonel… I’d just like to take this opportunity to say… at first, I wasn’t so sure about your assignment to the Victory. But I’m glad you came on board. It’s been an honour and a privilege serving with you.
Maverick: That goes both ways, Captain.
Eisen: The Temblor Bomb still seems like a long shot. But from what I’ve seen, you’re the one man who can do what has to be done.
Maverick: I just hope I can justify that faith, sir.
Eisen: You will. Shall we?
Maverick: <nods> <sigh>
Briefing Room, TCS Victory.
Briefing Room
Eisen: Well, gentlemen, our goal is simple: Termination of the Kilrathi homeworld via the T-Bomb. And since we can’t jump the entire fleet into Kilrah, we’ve equipped your Excalibur with Confed’s first attempt at truly impenetrable cloaking technology. The shroud device seems effective at jamming their tracking monitors, but it causes severe drain on your ship’s systems. It’ll be useless after you deliver the payload – you’ll need all your power just to get out of there. Now, the first step is to assemble a quick-strike team – up to three wingmen – penetrate the Kilrah system, where you’ll stage at a clandestine refuelling depot set up by Covert Ops. Due to its mass, sensitive guidance suite, and the risk of flying with it, the T-Bomb has already been secreted into the system. Once you load it here, at your second stop, you’ll have just one target. Successful insertion will require the ultimate in navigational skills. As we’ve been told, Confed holds that destruction of the Kilrathi homeworld will badly cripple their war effort. And our timing may be just right, since Intel believes much of the enemy fleet is being outfitted in the shipyards surrounding their homeworld. Colonel, if all goes well – you will not return to the Victory until you’ve succeeded with the entire operation.
Maverick: This is my only briefing then, sir?
Eisen: An old comrade of yours will be taking over.
Paladin: Hello again, laddie. I know Captain Eisen has given you a thorough briefing, but you’ll find a few more messages from yours truly on the other side of the jump point. I may not be flying on your wing like times past, but I’m still with you – you can count on that.
Eisen: Colonel, good luck.
Maverick: Thank you, sir.
Fly Kilrah 1
Depot: Excalibur, you are cleared to land.
Reached refuelling depot: Kilrah 2
Rollins: I suppose that’s a new definition of ‘disaster’, eh Colonel? I’ve got more bad news. Confed finally owned up to how badly the war’s going. I told you this was coming, didn’t I? A massive Kilrathi armada is threatening Earth and we’re jumping to Proxima to help hold them off. You’re clear to land.
Jump to Kilrah failed: Jumping to the Proxima system.

Kilrah 2

Briefing on the refuelling depot…
Refuelling Depot, Kilrah System.
Maverick: I read somewhere that the darkest of times supposedly brings out the best in men. All I know is this is what we’ve been waiting for since the very beginning – the opportunity to put the Kilrathi out of business permanently.
What else can I tell you? I want you to fly with all you’ve got. (Ralgha nar Hhallas terminated)
Oh, and one last thing. Should we encounter one Lord Ralgha… Hobbes… he’s mine. Good luck. (Ralgha nar Hhallas alive)
Paladin’s Briefing
Paladin: If you’re watching this, laddie, we’re in good shape. Let’s not waste any time. My boys have set up an undercover depot closer to the Kilrah homeworld. Keep your fingers crossed the Kilrathi haven’t found it because there, you’ll arm and load the T-Bomb for the final run. I’ll be talking to you again, I have no doubt.
Fly Kilrah 2
Depot: Excalibur, you are cleared to land.

Kilrah 3

Paladin’s Briefing
Paladin: Told you you’d be seeing this old face again. By now, the T-Bomb load-out is complete. You’ll have to lay it in there sweet and easy. As this tape plays, the co-ordinates are being downloaded to you. It’s in your hands now, son. Send ’em all to hell.
Fly Kilrah 3
Stalker: I will gut you, Human!
Your pathetic attempts at flying make me laugh, Human.
These Terran apes get more feeble with every battle.
These fools are unworthy of our weapons.
Your kind dies without honour.
You have bested me – noooo!
Thrakhath: I have long held the belief that The Heart of the Tiger was as smart as he was noble. But now I discover you are foolhardy enough to invade the very airspace of my homeworld! Your courage vanished the last time we met, yet now you venture here alone. Nothing is more pathetic than a foolish warrior! Nevertheless, I will relish your demise. Welcome to my world, Heart of the Tiger… welcome to your death!
Think of your lair-mate, Heart of the Tiger, think of Angel now. Perhaps that will sharpen your claws! Hah! Hah!
Ah, you have sharpened your claws, Heart of the Tiger. Try this one, rrrr!
Ah, I have you now, I am on your tail!
Ah, Heart of the Tiger, you grow more cowardly by the minute! Is this some strategem? Fight!
Ah, where are you, Heart of the Tiger?
Think now upon your lair-mate, how she died upon my great claw. Rrrr!
Now, Heart of the Tiger, you die. Rrrr! Rrrr!
Nobly fought, nobly fought. You are a worthy opponent, Heart of the Tiger. Now, let us see who will live or die.
Curse you, Heart of the Tiger! You take my honour, I go to my death!
Descent to Kilrah
Destruction of Kilrah
Kilrathi Armada Destruction
Imperial Throne Room, Kilrah.
Emperor: What is this? Nooooooo!
Escape from Kilrah
Aftershock from Kilrah
Hangar, Kilrathi Dreadnought.
Melek: The Heart of the Tiger… in my bones, I wish to kill you…
Maverick: Do it then. It won’t bring back your homeworld.
Melek: And a race without a homeworld? Unimaginable! The Kilrathi are a beaten race, and killing the one warrior great enough to bring about their end will bring me no honour. A new millennium lies ahead. We have become too corrupt, and too much slaves to our blood lust. And we have paid a heavy price. We are surrendering to you, Heart of the Tiger. It is an action unlike any we have ever taken – but it is time the Kilrathi find new ways. The Kilrathi must not die out as a race…
Signing the Treaty…
Treaty Fly-By
On the Shuttle Home
Confederation shuttle, approaching Earth.
Maverick kissed Flint and Flint is alive:
Maverick: So what do you want to do first?
Flint: I wanna lie in the sun, and watch the seagulls manoeuvre over the water.
Maverick: Sounds good to me.
Maverick kissed Rachel:
Maverick: So what would you like to do first?
Coriolis: I wanna take a long walk along the seashore, I wanna feel the sand between my toes, and never see another bulkhead. <laughs>
Maverick: Sounds good to me.
Maverick kissed Flint and Flint did not survive, or Maverick did not kiss either Flint or Rachel:
Maverick: <sigh> <smiles>
Chest Bruising
Maniac: Isn’t that the guy from Star Wars?

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