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Enigma Sector Campaign: Failure

Colonel Devereaux’s Office, TCS Concordia.
Maverick: What’s wrong, Angel?
Angel: There is nothing I can do… The Admiral has permanently removed you from the flight roster. You are returning to Caernarvon Station tonight. Perhaps when the Enigma Sector Campaign is finished…
Maverick: No. This is the end of my military career. Tolwyn will never let me near a fighter again.
Angel: Maverick, mon amour, I may never see you again…
Caernarvon Station
Caernarvon Station, Gwynedd System. Six weeks later.
Confederation Star Base
Agincourt: Caernarvon Station, do you read? TCS Agincourt requesting docking clearance.
Maverick: This is Caernarvon. You’re cleared for docking, Agincourt. But we weren’t expecting you for another three weeks.
Agincourt: We left Novaya Kiev with two enemy carriers on our tail. We lost that system… and the Concordia. She went down with all hands aboard. Caernarvon, do you read? We’re losing our signal… Caernarvon, are you there? Come in, Caernarvon…

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