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Enigma Sector Campaign: Niven System

Niven A

Fifteen minutes later…
Niven System, Enigma Sector.
Angel: We are gathered here today to bid farewell to one of the Confederation’s finest pilots. I did not know Captain Norwood very well, but she was a dedicated and skilled pilot. Her death is the Confederation’s loss. Our friend is not the only Confederation pilot who has died in the line of duty. Death is a fear each of us must face, everyday aboard this ship. But we cannot forget why we are here, and what we are fighting for. Many pilots have given their lives for our cause, and we will continue the fight in their memory.
Barracks, TCS Concordia.
Spirit: Christopher, Jeannette and I just wanted to say we’re sorry about Shadow.
Maverick: Liz was one of the few friends I’ve had since the Tiger’s Claw disaster.
Angel: I remember how I felt when Bossman was killed… C’est la guerre, my friend.
Maverick: She was so close to going home to her family… Another month, and her hitch would’ve been up. Blast.
Spirit: This war has stolen so much from us… but you cannot dwell on that, Maverick. You must keep your spirits up. Like Hunter. Remember the practical jokes he’d play on Maniac?
Angel: Like the time he put that slime rat in Todd’s bunk!
Maverick: It took two hours to pull Maniac off the ceiling!
Spirit: And Hunter was peeling potatoes in KP for weeks!
Angel: Ah, Christopher… we have missed you very much.
Spirit: I’m glad you are with us once again, Maverick.
Briefing Room, TCS Concordia.
Briefing Room
Angel: The Concordia arrived in Niven system half an hour ago. Our new destroyer escort, the TCS William Tell, is jumping in-system now. Our mission is to determine if the enemy is preparing for an assault on Niven. Niven Colony HQ has reported Kilrathi jump traces in their system. Spirit, you’ll lead a patrol wing to investigate.
Spirit: May I request Maverick as my wing?
Angel: Non. The Admiral doesn’t want Captain Blair flying combat missions… but I do need a reconnaissance pilot, Maverick. We need more information on the Kilrathi capital ship movements in this area. Your ship is equipped with a trace analyser. The analyser automatically scans for the jump trails of Kilrathi vessels. You will fly this mission in a Broadsword. Your turret crew is on the flight deck. The Broadsword has lots of fire-power, but it’s not as agile as other fighters.
Maverick: No problem, Colonel.
Angel: Banzai, you will launch at the same time, and patrol quadrant 7. That is all, pilots. Dismissed.
Broadsword Launch
Fly Niven A
Maverick: Concordia, this is Captain Blair. Do you copy?
Concordia: Loud and clear, Maverick. What’s your situation?
Maverick: I’ve completed my patrol. We’ve definitely got company…
Concordia: Please clarify, Maverick.
Maverick: Nav 1 was empty. I just swept through and took my tracer readings. Ran into a squadron of Jalkehi heavies near Nav 2. And there were a bunch of Grikaths headed this way at Nav 3.
Concordia: Did you take down any enemy ships?
Maverick: Nailed 5 of the hairballs, Concordia.
Concordia: Good work. Bring it on home, Maverick. We need that trace data to find the home base for those fighters.
Maverick: Roger, Concordia.
Sparks: Welcome back, sir.

Niven B

Barracks, TCS Concordia.
Poker Game
Jazz: Five-card draw… everyone ante up.
Spirit: Maverick, have you met Colonel Ralgha?
Maverick: Ralgha? You mean…?
Spirit: Yes. Those Dralthi we flew ten years ago, back on the Tiger’s Claw. Ralgha’s the Kilrathi captain who defected and brought them over to our side.
Hobbes: It is an honour to meet you, Captain. Call me by my callsign, Hobbes, please.
Maverick: I’m in for ten.
Spirit: Stingray, have you met Maverick?
Stingray: I’ve heard of him. He’s the hot-shot that ran out on the Tiger’s Claw, isn’t he?
Maverick: Say what you want, Stingray, but I didn’t run.
Stingray: Hey, same to me either way. I’m just here for the adrenaline rush. I’ll see your ten, and raise five more.
Spirit: I’m out.
Hobbes: I must fold also.
Jazz: You’re dreaming, kid… raise you ten. Anyone else want to lose some money?
Maverick: Not me!
Jazz: Three aces… you beat that, Stingray?
Stingray: Not me. You’re up, Mariko.
Spirit: The game is seven-card stud.
Maverick: I’m done. Count me in another time.
Concordia: Captain Blair, report to the Flight Deck for immediate launch!
Ferret Launch
Concordia: Concordia to Maverick, do you copy?
Maverick: Roger, Concordia. This is Maverick. Go ahead.
Concordia: We’ve lost communications with Niven due to sunspot activity. You’ll carry a comm packet from the Admiral to the Chief Officer at Niven.
Maverick: So I’m Admiral Tolwyn’s delivery boy now?
Concordia: Your course is recorded in your Nav computer. We’ve plotted it to avoid enemy encounters. Do not deviate from your course. You will not have a wingman for back-up, so if you go into a combat situation, you’re on your own. You’ll receive your new assignment from Niven.
Maverick: Roger that, Concordia. Maverick out.
Fly Niven B
Auxiliary Communications Room, TCS Concordia.
Traitor: Kilrath’ra rakh, walhi drathrik… Hrashra ni’lakh rakhta…
McGuffin: Thanks for watching the comm station for me, sir!
Traitor: Back so soon, kid?
McGuffin: It doesn’t take long to get coffee– Hey, that’s a Kilrathi on the screen!
Traitor: Why, yes… I believe it is. You should take longer breaks, kid. No problems, Krihakh. Fralkra himekh, TCS Concordia, co-ordinates 234576, 376867
Maverick: Niven Colony, this is Captain Blair of the Concordia. Request clearance to land planetside.
Niven: Clearance granted. Assume a parking orbit and stand by for Automatic Landing System linkage.
Maverick: Already parked and standing by for ALS, Niven.
Niven: How was your flight, Captain?
Maverick: Not too bad. A wing of Sartha tried to nail me at the Nav point.
Niven: How did you do?
Maverick: Toasted 5 furballs, Niven.
Niven: Way to go, Captain! ALS is linking now…
Maverick: Roger, Niven.
Niven: Commencing landing sequence on my mark. 3… 2… 1… mark!
Confederation Ferret Patrol Fighter

Niven C

Two hours later…
Downtown: Maverick! I didn’t realise you were on Niven. I’m Downtown. I fly off the Concordia. I’ve seen you in briefings, but never had a chance to introduce myself. So, what brings you here? A special mission?
Maverick: Just an ordinary courier assignment. Yourself?
Downtown: Flying escort for a food transport to Ghorah Khar. I used to live there, so they let me have the run.
Maverick: But isn’t Ghorah Khar a Kilrathi system?
Downtown: Used to be. The local Kilrathi rebelled and joined the Confederation. Now the Empire may try to retake the system. It’s a bad situation. Well, I’d better see if my bird’s fuelled up yet. Got a schedule to keep. Later, Maverick.
Niven: Captain Blair, report to the Flight Deck for immediate launch!
Niven: Niven to Maverick, do you copy?
Maverick: Loud and clear, Niven. Go ahead.
Niven: The course in your Nav computer takes you back to the Concordia, but General Snell’s got a job for you to do on the way.
Maverick: Roger that, Niven. What’s up?
Niven: You’ll escort the Bhomis and the Excalibur to their jump point. After they jump out, proceed to the Concordia by your programmed route.
Maverick: What’s the cargo, Niven?
Niven: Medical supplies for the outpost at Argarrio Two.
Maverick: Another outbreak of Watson’s disease?
Niven: Just normal supplies, Maverick. Be careful out there, though. There’s been an increasing amount of enemy activity in this system. A long-range patrol ran into Drakhri fighters less than three hours ago.
Maverick: Roger that, Niven. Thanks for the heads-up. Maverick out.
Fly Niven C
Concordia: Let’s hear your report, Maverick.
Maverick: I punched through a Sartha ambush and a Drakhri squadron, but the TCS Bhomis left on schedule, no problems. And the Excalibur jumped out without any difficulties.
Concordia: Do you have anything else to report?
Maverick: Not much. I only nailed 7 furballs.
Concordia: Not bad, Blair. Engaging ALS now. And be prepared to surrender your side-arm upon arrival.
Maverick: Say again, Concordia?
Concordia: The Admiral’s ordered all personal weapons turned over to Security. We’ve had a murder on board. And an unauthorised broadcast of classified data.
Maverick: Who was it, Concordia?
Concordia: This is an unsecured channel, Blair. You are to land immediately.
Maverick: Affirmative. Maverick out.
Sparks: Welcome back, sir.

Niven D

Observation Deck, TCS Concordia.
Spirit: Christopher, please join us. Have you heard about Specialist McGuffin?
Jazz: Somebody blew him away in the Commo Room.
Maverick: Do they have any clue who might have done it?
Spirit: Nothing yet. At least, nothing they’re letting out…
Maverick: Could this be connected to the explosion on the flight deck?
Jazz: That’s possible. Strange things have happened lately… and it all started right about the time you came aboard, Christopher.
Maverick: Are you suggesting something, Major Colson?
Jazz: Not at all, Captain. Not at all.
Briefing Room, TCS Concordia.
Briefing Room
Angel: Before we begin, I wish to make a statement. You’ve all heard about the death of Specialist McGuffin. Some of what you’ve heard is true. McGuffin was murdered by a spy… a traitor, who was broadcasting important data to the Kilrathi. We have reason to believe the traitor is a fighter pilot. That is why the security team searched all of the pilots’ quarters this morning.
Jazz: Is that why Stingray isn’t on the flight roster today?
Angel: There will be no loose talk on this subject, Major. Stingray will return to duty tomorrow. With that out of the way, let us get down to business. In a few minutes, the Concordia is jumping into the Ghorah Khar system. Reconnaissance near Niven indicates that the Kilrathi moved through the Niven system, but their real target is Ghorah Khar, the rogue Kilrathi colony that joined the Confederation ten years ago.
Angel assigns scout wings to clear a route from the jump point to Ghorah Khar. Maverick’s assignment is the last.
Angel: Maverick, you’re back in your Ferret for this one. You’ll be flying a wide scout pattern to the Concordia’s port side. Pilots, you are dismissed.
Ferret Launch
Fly Niven D
Sparks: Welcome back, sir.
Colonel Devereaux’s Office, TCS Concordia.
Angel: What happened to your flight recorder, Maverick?
Maverick: My flight recorder?
Angel: The Flight Deck officer said it was damaged, that the data disk was destroyed.
Maverick: I must have taken a hit in combat… but that doesn’t matter. Angel, there are Kilrathi stealth fighters in this system!
Angel: You are joking with me, non?
Maverick: Angel, don’t you believe me? Those stealth fighters were real!
Angel: What am I supposed to do? You have no flight recorder to prove an encounter with these invisible fighters.
Maverick: Blast it, I killed 6 of those ships!
Angel: But there is no proof! I will enter a record that you killed 6 Drakhri fighters, but no one will believe this story of stealth ships.
Maverick: Angel, you have to tell Tolwyn about this immediately!
Angel: I am sorry, Maverick, but I cannot take this to the Admiral.
Maverick: You’ve never believed the stealth fighters exist, have you? Not now, and not ten years ago, when they destroyed the Tiger’s Claw at K’Tithrak Mang… Angel, do you really believe I’m responsible for the destruction of the Tiger’s Claw?
Angel: Get some rest, Maverick. We’ll talk about this later.
Maverick: Blast it, Jeannette. Tell me what you think!
Angel: Please, Christopher. I must go to the Bridge now. We will talk later.
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