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Enigma Sector Campaign: Gwynedd System

Gwynedd A

Tiger’s Claw Destruction
Kilrathi Strakha Stealth Fighter Kilrathi Strakha Stealth Fighter Kilrathi Strakha Stealth Fighter TCS Tiger’s Claw
K’Tithrak Mang
K’Tithrak Mang. Kilrathi Sector HQ.
Emperor: I will speak with Prince Thrakhath alone. Guards, you are dismissed. Arise, grandson. How goes the war against the Humans?
Thrakhath: The Terran carrier, Tiger’s Claw, tried to attack us here at K’Tithrak Mang. But my stealth fighters destroyed it! And soon we will demolish the rest of their fleet–
Emperor: Speak of your plans, not of your toys. Tell me how you will defeat the Terrans!
Thrakhath: Yes, my Emperor. Without the Tiger’s Claw to defend them, we can crush the rebellion on Ghorah Khar. And then my armada will sweep through the Enigma Sector to attack the defenceless colonies!
Emperor: And what of the Human pilot who has caused us so much trouble?
Thrakhath: Those fools blame him for the loss of the Tiger’s Claw. He will never fly a fighter again!
Emperor: Excellent! Without him, the Terrans cannot stand against us! Soon, Earth itself will be in our grasp!
Admiral Tolwyn’s Office. Sol Station, Earth.
Tolwyn: Without your flight recorder as evidence, the court couldn’t convict you of anything but negligence. But I know the destruction of the Tiger’s Claw was your fault. And I still believe that you’re guilty of treason. Your ridiculous claims about a Kilrathi ‘cloaking device’–
Maverick: It’s true, sir. The Kilrathi have invisible fighters–
Tolwyn: Enough! The court already demoted you to Captain, and as far as I’m concerned, your career in the Navy is over. My secretary has already drawn up your resignation.
Maverick: I’m not guilty, sir. I won’t sign it.
Tolwyn: Have it your way then, Captain. I have a request from In-System Security for a veteran pilot. I’m transferring you to the security forces. You’ll spend the rest of your career on a space station… You’ll be the ISS’s problem, not mine. Now get out of here… and I hope we never meet again. Traitor.
Several weeks later…
Prince Thrakhath’s flagship
Thrakhath: Khasra! What is happening on Ghorah Khar?
Khasra: The rebels have taken the planet, my lord!
Thrakhath: How can these scum turn against their rightful lords? I cannot let them gain my stealth fighter technology! Launch a full spread of missiles directly into the Ghorah Khar shipyards.
Khasra: My lord! We will lose years of progress! And your plans for conquering the Terrans–
Thrakhath: –will have to wait! Launch the attack, Khasra. Then I will return to the Palace… and render an… apology… to the Emperor.
Ten years later…
Caernarvon Station
Caernarvon Station, Gwynedd System. Stardate 2665.112.
Confederation Star Base
Terran Confederation Navy Personnel Database
Enter name and callsign…
Flight Deck, 1600 hours. Caernarvon Station, Gwynedd System.
Shadow: Well, it’s another exciting day at Action Central. Think you’re up for it, Maverick?
Maverick: I’m just glad to be out from behind a desk for a while. Even if it is just to fly a patrol in a Ferret.
Shadow: I like the Ferrets. They’re quick and light. But I’d feel safer in a heavier ship like the Rapier.
Maverick: So what’s the plan for today, Shadow? Anything new?
Shadow: I’m afraid not. We’ll fly a standard ‘diamond’ patrol, checking for any hostiles. You know, all those pirates and Kilrathi just waiting to descend on this place. To be honest, I don’t know why we bother. No one’s spotted so much as an enemy garbage scow within twenty parsecs of here.
Maverick: Look at it this way, Liz. If we didn’t keep the brass happy, they’d give us even less glamorous missions. A joy-ride through the asteroid belt’s a lot better than writing manpower reports.
Shadow: Right, Christopher. It’s been years since I’ve dusted a garbage scow!
Ferret Launch
Fly Gwynedd A
Maverick: Caernarvon Station, this is Caernarvon Patrol.
Caernarvon: Maverick, this is Caernarvon. What’s your status?
Maverick: I’m returning from enemy encounter. Ran into Sartha light fighters at our Nav point one and a wing of Drakhri at Nav point three.
Caernarvon: Say again, Maverick. You encountered enemy fighter craft in this area?
Maverick: Roger that, Caernarvon. I took out 3 enemy ships, Shadow accounted for 3.
Caernarvon: Good work, Caernarvon Patrol! Return to base. Caernarvon out.
Maverick: Roger, Caernarvon. Maverick out.

Gwynedd B

Flight Deck, Caernarvon Station.
Maverick: Are you all right, Shadow?
Shadow: I’m okay… No, I’m not. That patrol scared me, Christopher.
Maverick: You did fine, Liz.
Shadow: But I’m just a reservist! I’m not supposed to fly combat missions! All I think about is getting home to my family. Now the Kilrathi are here in the Gwynedd system… I don’t know if I can face them again, Maverick.
Maverick: We may have to fight the Kilrathi again, Liz. Fight them, or just give up, like the Society of Mandarins.
Shadow: The Mandarins? Those bastards are trying to betray us to the Kilrathi! Don’t they know what the cats will do to Humanity?
Maverick: Yeah, I think they’re nuts, too. Well, you have another freighter to escort out to the jump point and I have Comm Room duty. We’ll talk more later, Liz.
Communications Room, Caernarvon Station.
Maverick: Caernarvon Station to incoming capital ship, vector alpha-seven epsilon… Please identify yourself. Repeat, incoming ship, identify yourself.
TCS Concordia
TCS Concordia
Concordia: Mayday! Mayday! Station Caernarvon, this is the TCS Concordia! We are being pursued by Kilrathi fighters!
Maverick: What is your status, Concordia?
Concordia: Our escort, the TCS Beowulf, has been destroyed and our hangar bay is damaged. We can’t launch fighters! We require immediate assistance, Caernarvon!
Maverick: Roger, Concordia! We’re launching fighters! Attention, all hands! Battle stations! This is not a drill! Captain Norwood, report!
Shadow: Just returning from a patrol. What’s going on?
Maverick: Don’t land, Liz! I’ll launch and meet you in space!
Ferret Launch
Fly Gwynedd B
Concordia: Prepare for landing, Maverick.
Maverick: Roger that, Concordia.
Sparks: The Colonel wants to speak with you, sir.
Flight Deck
Flight Deck, TCS Concordia.
Confederation Sabre Fighter Confederation Rapier II Fighter Confederation Rapier II Fighter Tow Truck
Maverick: Angel! What are you doing here?
Angel: I am the commander of the Concordia’s fighter squadron, Christopher. And I understand you and your wingman assisted us? Thank you, mon ami. Without you, the Concordia might have been destroyed.
Maverick: When we got your distress call, I knew I was the best pilot to help.
Angel: I see you are as modest as ever, Maverick! And who is your wingman?
Shadow: Captain Elizabeth Norwood of In-System Security, ma’am.
Maverick: Without Liz, I might not have made it. She’s a good wingman.
Shadow: Thanks, Captain. Just doing my best.
Angel: You both did very well. I heard from the Admiral we outran the Fralthra, and now that their fighters are destroyed, they will have a difficult time tracking us. That Fralthra nearly destroyed us in the last battle, we need some time for repairs before fighting her again. I must go to the Bridge, but why don’t you meet me on the Observation Deck later, d’accord?
Maverick: I’m looking forward to it.

Gwynedd C

Observation Deck, TCS Concordia.
Angel: Join us, Maverick! We were just speaking of old times, mon ami.
Maverick: It’s been so long since we’ve all been together…
Spirit: It certainly has. You are well, my friend?
Maverick: I’m doing okay, Spirit.
Doomsday: So, here we are… survivors of the Tiger’s Claw. I’m surprised there are so many of us left. Now all we need is Paladin and Maniac so we can all die together.
Spirit: What a cheerful thought, Doomsday. So, Maverick, what have you been up to these last few years?
Maverick: After… the Tiger’s Claw, I was assigned to Caernarvon Station. It’s been ten years since I flew a combat mission.
Angel: But you have not lost your skills. You and Shadow saved the Concordia.
Jazz: So you’re one for two now, eh, Maverick? Nothing wrong with batting .500, I suppose.
Maverick: Screw you, Jazz.
Barracks, TCS Concordia.
Angel: Maverick, wait! Let me apologise for Jazz. You must understand… even after you were acquitted, some people doubted you…
Maverick: Did you, Angel?
Angel: Oh, Christopher… I know you were not responsible for what happened to the Tiger’s Claw. But Jazz… he is bitter, perhaps, but mostly I think he is jealous. Until you arrived, he was the best pilot on the Concordia. But he knows you are better. Please do not take it personally.
Maverick: Thanks, Jeannette. I’ll try not to let him get to me.
Briefing Room, TCS Concordia.
Briefing Room
Angel: Settle down, people. Yesterday, Maverick and Shadow, of Caernarvon, helped defend the Concordia. Today, they’ll escort Gold Wing against a Kilrathi cruiser. Gold is a pair of Broadsword bombers, Maverick. You’ll have to protect them from any fighters.
Maverick: Count on it, Angel.
Angel: Good. Stingray, you lead Gold Wing–
Stingray: What? No way I’m flying with the Coward of K’Tithrak Mang – I mean, Gold Leader requests another escort. Colonel.
Angel: I see. In that case, Kilroy, you’ll lead Gold Wing. Stingray, consider yourself grounded until you’ve adjusted your attitude. Kilroy, Maverick, you’ll sweep through the Nav point to intercept the cruiser. Maverick, your light fighters can’t punch through a capital ship’s phase shields, so once you’ve taken out any enemy fighter cover, back off and let the Broadswords’ torpedoes take out the cruiser. Now, the assignments for the diversionary wings…
Angel quickly concludes the briefing.
Angel: Godspeed, my friends. Dismissed.
Ferret Launch
Fly Gwynedd C
Sparks: Welcome back, sir.
Repair Deck, TCS Concordia.
Sparks: Glad to meet you, sir. The name’s Chief Petty Officer Janet McCullough, but everyone calls me Sparks. So, what do you think of the Concordia?
Maverick: She’s an incredible ship.
Sparks: I’m sure glad you were out there fighting for us, Captain. I kinda like this rusty old tugboat, and one more “Ship Killer” torpedo sure would’ve made life a little difficult for all of us here. One more solid torpedo hit would’ve taken out the Concordia and all hands aboard her.
Maverick: I’d never let that happen, Sparks. But this was a tough fight – I escorted the Broadswords to the battle, and they engaged the cruiser. The Concordia pilots are very good. They destroyed the Fralthra. And then we were ambushed by three Jalkehi heavy fighters.
Sparks: How did you do?
Maverick: I destroyed 4 Kilrathi.
Sparks: That’s not bad, Maverick. And your wingman?
Maverick: Shadow iced 4 of the enemy.
Sparks: Well, I’d better get back to work. Let me know if I can do anything for you, Captain.
Maverick: Thanks, Sparks.

Gwynedd D

Barracks, TCS Concordia.
Shadow: He belongs on a carrier, Colonel. He’s a combat pilot, not a security guard.
Angel: I know, Captain. I will speak to the – Maverick! Come join us, mon ami.
Maverick: I’m not interrupting…?
Angel: Non, not at all! We were just talking about you.
Shadow: Don’t worry, Maverick. I left out all the juicy gossip.
Angel: Maverick… would you like to transfer to the Concordia?
Maverick: More than anything, Jeannette. But the Admiral…?
Angel: Admiral Tolwyn is not your greatest fan, it is true, but he is a reasonable man, Christopher. He knows we need every able pilot. And you are one of our best. For now, you must return to Caernarvon, but I will request your transfer to the Concordia immediately.
Maverick: Thanks, Angel. I’d really like to get back into the action.
Repair Deck, TCS Concordia.
Sparks: Afternoon, Captain! You mind helping me with this systems check?
Maverick: Sure, Sparks. Shield polarisers?
Sparks: Shield polarisers check.
Maverick: Sparks, tell me about the Admiral.
Sparks: Darn fine commander.
Maverick: Too much of a hard-liner for my taste. Check capacitors.
Sparks: You’re on his bad side, sure enough. He’s just trying to look out for his people. Capacitors check.
Maverick: Check scanner dish.
Sparks: Scanner dish check. For what it’s worth, I think you were in the clear on the Tiger’s Claw.
Maverick: Thanks. It’s good to know somebody believes me.
Sparks: Angel vouched for you, and that’s all that matters to me. Comm circuits check. Heard you’re going back to Caernarvon today.
Maverick: I launch as soon as we finish this check.
Sparks: Well, take care of yourself, Captain. Hope to see you back here soon.
Maverick: Thanks, Sparks.
Ferret Launch
Fly Gwynedd D
Maverick: Caernarvon Station, this is Captain Blair, requesting landing.
Caernarvon: Stay in a parked orbit, Blair, we’re clearing a freighter for departure.
Maverick: Affirmative, Caernarvon. Well, Shadow, I suppose it’s back to life at Caernarvon Station…
Shadow: I just hope that you get that transfer to the Concordia, Maverick. She’s a beautiful ship. If I wasn’t retiring next month, I might try for a transfer myself…
Maverick: It won’t happen. Admiral Tolwyn hates me.
TCS Concordia
Flight Deck
Flight Deck, TCS Concordia.
Concordia: This is the TCS Concordia, requesting immediate assistance! We are under attack by a Kilrathi strike force – our flight deck has been damaged, we cannot launch fighters! All Terran Confederation craft, please assist!
Maverick: Concordia, this is Captain Blair. What is your status?
Concordia: Maverick! New orders from the Admiral… defend the Concordia!
Maverick: Roger, Concordia! Shadow, reset your AutoNav for the Concordia!
Shadow: Affirmative, Maverick! Let’s go!
Shadow: Captain Blair, that’s the last of them!
Maverick: Good work, Liz! Concordia, this is Captain Blair, do you read?
Shadow: Maverick, incoming enemy fighters!
Maverick: Concordia, this is Captain Blair! We need some help out here!
Concordia: We still can’t launch fighters. Hold your position, Blair!
Maverick: Blast it, Concordia!
Shadow: I’m after them, Captain!
Maverick: Shadow, form on my wing! We’ll take them together! Liz, they’re on your tail, break right and form on my wing!
Sparks: Thanks for coming back to help us, sir!
Flight Deck
Flight Deck, TCS Concordia.
Tolwyn: Where’s your wingman, pilot?
Maverick: Shot down, sir, defending your carrier, sir. Why didn’t you give us any support?
Tolwyn: I don’t like your tone, mister.
Maverick: I couldn’t care less, sir!
Tolwyn: I’m sorry about your wingman, pilot. But these things happen. We’re jumping out-system in fifteen minutes, and you can’t launch before then, and I’m not delaying our jump for you. Get the Officer of the Day to give you a bunk. We’ll ship you back to Caernarvon later. I’ll make sure you have some work to keep you busy. But you’d better stay out of trouble on my ship, pilot. Is that understood?
Maverick: Yes, sir.
Tolwyn: Dismissed.
Fralthra destroyed (Gwynedd C): Niven System
Fralthra active (Gwynedd C): Ghorah Khar System (Losing Track)

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