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Enigma Sector Campaign: Enigma System

Enigma A

Observation Deck, TCS Concordia.
Stingray: Maverick, did you hear? Downtown is dead.
Hobbes: Ambushed by ten Drakhri. He fought bravely, to no avail. Why do I feel this way? He was just a Human cub…
Jazz: That’s how I felt when my brother died. He was with the Marines at the Goddard Colony. All dead, because the reinforcements were late.
Maverick: I didn’t know that, Jazz. I understand why you’re bitter.
Jazz: You don’t understand jack, Christopher.
Maverick: We’ve all lost loved ones, Jazz.
Hobbes: I must go. If I am needed, look on the Flight Deck.
Maverick: If there’s anything I can do…
Hobbes: Thank you, but I wish to be alone.
Two hours later…
Maverick: Hobbes, you all right? Sparks said you spent an hour on the Flight Deck, just staring…
Hobbes: I have lost a true friend. My honour is lost as well. I treated him as a comrade, but I loved him as my son. I never told him. And now… I cannot.
Maverick: I still have some of Paladin’s Sukhar May’ya… this might be a good time to finish the bottle.
Hobbes: Thank you, Maverick.
Briefing Room, TCS Concordia.
Briefing Room
Angel: Pilots, enemy fighters have been pursuing us for several hours. We must evade them before more can close on our position. There is no margin for failure, pilots. The William Tell was destroyed on their jump out-system… we have no back-up. The Concordia will double-jump in approximately ten minutes.
Jazz: That’s crazy! A double jump… we could end up in a star… or a planet!
Angel: We have no choice, Major Colson. After we double-jump, the Concordia will power down for repairs. All wings will launch after we jump in-system. Because these missions are so vital to our survival, I will be flying as well. Maverick and I will be Alpha Wing. Maverick has more hours logged in Broadswords, so he will be wingleader. We will fly to the jump point via the Unknown area, clearing all opposition. After our jump, we will prepare for the Concordia‘s arrival, destroying all enemies. Timing is crucial, so we must move quickly.
Maverick: Understood, Colonel.
Angel: Pilots, you are dismissed.
Broadsword Launch
Fly Enigma A
Maverick: Concordia, this is Captain Blair, Alpha Wing.
Concordia: We read you, Captain. What’s the situation?
Maverick: The jump area is secure.
Concordia: Excellent, Captain!
Concordia: The Admiral requests a scorecard, Maverick.
Maverick: I nailed 4 Kilrathi, and Colonel Devereaux took out 3.
Concordia: Report to the Admiral’s office when you land, Captain.
Maverick: Affirmative, ma’am.
Concordia: You are cleared for final approach. Concordia out.
Sparks: Welcome back, sir.

Enigma B

TCS Concordia in Asteroid Belt
TCS Concordia
Observation Deck, TCS Concordia.
Stingray: Maverick, you look like you need a drink. I do, that’s for sure. None of the Bridge officers are talkin’ much to us fighter jocks, but I heard we’re hiding in an asteroid field in the Enigma system until they finish repairs.
Hobbes: If the Empire found us, we would be vulnerable.
Jazz: I was talking with Lieutenant Cole, my friend in Security. They have orders to keep everyone out of the commo room, except by Tolwyn’s direct order. If anyone tries to go in, “shoot to kill”.
Stingray: I can’t believe that! What’s going on here?
Jazz: It’s getting serious, that’s what’s going on. We can’t afford mistakes right now. We blow it here, we lose everything.
Maverick: We will succeed, Jazz. I know we will.
Hobbes: I hope you are right, Christopher.
Colonel Devereaux’s Office, TCS Concordia.
Angel: Maverick, you and I will fly a special mission today. We have to destroy an enemy listening post at the edge of the asteroids. We will fly a roundabout course, obscuring the Concordia’s true location. You head to the Flight Deck, and I will meet you there!
Broadsword Launch
Fly Enigma B
Colonel Devereaux’s Office, TCS Concordia.
Angel: That was a difficult mission, Christopher. I’m glad you were on my wing.
Maverick: We’re a good team, Angel. Together, we destroyed that Kilrathi listening post.
Angel: How many did you get?
Maverick: I nailed 4 of those cats and you took down 4.
Angel: I trust you, Christopher. That is why we work so well together.

Enigma C

Barracks, TCS Concordia.
Hobbes: Your deal, Captain.
Stingray: Christopher, we were just discussing what life might be like, if the war ended. What will you do when you leave the service?
Maverick: To be honest, I haven’t thought about it. This war has been going for 40 years. There’s no end in sight.
Hobbes: I’m in for ten, cubling.
Stingray: I’m out. You’re right, it’s too early to plan for life after the war.
Doomsday: Raise you five.
Maverick: I’m out.
Hobbes: Mmm. I call. What are your cards, Human?
Doomsday: Two pair, tens and threes.
Hobbes: You win, Etienne. Maverick, your turn.
Maverick: No problem, Hobbes.
Hobbes: You have an advantage, Humans. You have homes to which you can return.
Poker Game
Hobbes: I left all of my friends and family behind on Hhallas.
Doomsday: Personally, I think it is foolish for any of you to plan a future. It’s obvious that we cannot win.
Maverick: Etienne, you’re a good pilot. Why do you have such a dismal attitude?
Doomsday: I’m merely a realist, Christopher.
Hobbes: The Empire is strong, but it is corrupt. Such a decadent, evil empire can never achieve total victory.
Maverick: I just hope I live long enough to see it.
Doomsday: Don’t worry. You probably won’t.
Briefing Room, TCS Concordia.
Briefing Room
Angel: Pilots, we have discovered a strike force at the edge of the asteroids. With luck, we can track them back to K’Tithrak Mang and jump in behind enemy lines for an attack. Captain Blair and I will go after the strike fleet. Maverick, we will travel through the asteroids to the enemy’s position. We must allow the Ralatha to escape through the jump point.
Stingray: It’ll be difficult not to kill all of them…
Angel: That is why you are not on this mission, Stingray. Automatic equipment in our Broadswords will track the ship’s jump destination. If we destroy them all, we cannot locate their home base. Once we have the tracking information, we’ll jump after the Ralatha and destroy it, then rendezvous with the Concordia at another jump point. Maverick, I will finish the briefing, then meet you on the flight deck. Dismissed.
Broadsword Launch
Fly Enigma C
Maverick: Blast! We lost him!
Angel: Non, mon ami. He will lead us back towards his base… there! I have his jump co-ordinates! Follow me! We must catch that ship!
Maverick: We nailed him!
Angel: You were wonderful, mon cher!
Maverick: We’re a good team, Jeannette.
Angel: With this information, we will be able to jump into Kilrathi territory and attack their base at K’Tithrak Mang!
TCS Concordia
Twenty minutes later…
TCS Concordia
Sparks: Welcome back, sir.
Ralatha tracked to K’Tithrak Mang and destroyed (Enigma C): K’Tithrak Mang System
Jump to K’Tithrak Mang failed or Ralatha active (Enigma C): Gwynedd System (Losing Track)

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