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Special Operations 1: Failure

Admiral Tolwyn’s Office, TCS Concordia.
Tolwyn: At ease, Colonel Devereaux. I’ve received our new orders. Because of the losses of personnel and matériel in our last campaign, we are ordered to return to Sol System immediately.
Angel: Sir, what of the rebels on Ghorah Khar and the other planets? They are depending on us, and the Special Operations team!
Tolwyn: Colonel, Confed High Command believes that there is no way their revolution can succeed. They’ve already evacuated Olympus Station.
Angel: But what of the Kilrathi indigenes on Ghorah Khar?
Tolwyn: They knew the risks, Colonel. There’s nothing more we can do for them now.
Olympus Station
As the Confederation fleet retreats from Olympus Station and Ghorah Khar–
Ghorah Khar
–the last Human and rebel defenders prepare to fight a hopeless battle.
The station commander sends her last transmission to Confederation High Command as the computer counts down the self-destruct sequence for the Ghorah Khar headquarters.
Confederation Star Base
Confederation Ferret Patrol Fighter

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