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Freelancer Mission 12

Battleship Osiris Bar
King: So, here we are my friend, in the thick of it. I remember when you were fresh off the boat in Liberty. Seems like ages ago, doesn’t it?
Trent: Huh. It’s not the time, it’s the sides that keep changing.
Juni: C’mon, you two. We have work to do!
King: What? Work?
Juni: Come on, Trent. It’s just the kind of mission you love. What do you say?
Trent: Sure. As long as I’m not shot at, knocked out, held at gunpoint, electrocuted, skewered alive by giant alien shape-shifters, have to dive out windows or fight off spindly Nomad incubi… everything should be fine.
Juni: It’s something for Quintaine and Sinclair. They need something – big!
Trent: How big?
Juni: They say that in order to activate the artefact, they need a Nomad power cell.
King: Oh, you’ve got to be–
Juni: Orillion has located a Nomad power source nearby. Once we have it, we’ll head straight for the Order base in Toledo. Let’s go!
Battleship Osiris deep in Nomad space
Battleship Osiris Orbit
Orillion: Here’s our intel. Long-range scanners have picked up a Nomad power source at the centre of a giant structure. It’s surrounded by a plasma cloud that prevents deeper scans.
Juni: Are you detecting any Nomads in the area?
Orillion: Negative. The structure appears to be abandoned, but keep your eyes open. I’m uploading the co-ordinates. Listen, the jump-hole we used to get here is de-stabilising. We have to take the Osiris through now. It will be stable enough for small ships – but not for long. You have to get the power source quickly and get out of here.
King: Understood! All right, people! Let’s do it.
Juni: Trent, you take point. King and I will take flanking positions.
King: We’re directly above the structure. No visuals yet.
King: Look at the size of that thing…
King: What the hell was that?
Juni: Scanners picking up massive readings…
King: It’s a trap! That thing is still alive! Damn Intel was wrong! Nomads! They’re everywhere!
Juni: The power cell seems to be inside a central chamber. Looks like the only way in is through the vents on the top of the structure.
King: Wait! We’ve got to bring down that shield first! Trent, I’m uploading the co-ordinates to you. The generators are located on the perimeter. They have to go down before you can enter!
King: One down! Two more to go!
King: Trent! Hurry up! We can’t hold out for ever!
King: One left! This better work!
Juni: We’re holding them back, Trent! Get into the lair!
Juni: They just keep coming! You’ve got to hurry, Trent!
Juni: Losing shield containment! Structural integrity degrading!
Juni: King and I will draw their fire, Trent! Head for the core and get that power cell.
King: Taking heavy damage! I don’t know how long I can keep it together!
King: The shield went down! Trent, head for the port on the northern hemisphere of the structure. I’m sending co-ordinates!
Juni: King and I will draw their fire, Trent Head for the core and get that power cell.
Juni: Trent, we’re running out of time! The jump-hole is starting to collapse and–
King: Juni! On your six! Bank hard right!
Juni: I can’t shake him!
Juni: Trent! Thank goodness you’re all right!
King: We’re surrounded! The more we shoot down, the more they keep coming.
Juni: Trent, the jump-hole is closing fast! King and I are on our way out. Go!
King: Containment leak, hull buckling!
Juni: Osiris! This is Juni! We got the power cell and are heading home! Do you copy?
Orillion: Jun’ko, your signal is breaking up…
Juni: Orillion, come in! Do you copy, Over. Damn it! Something’s jamming our frequencies!
Omicron Minor System
King: Damn it! I don’t think we’re getting out of this one.
Juni: King! Trent! Inbound at 12 o’clock high!
Von Claussen: For every spirit, there’s a proper place in hell!
King: What?
Juni: Von Claussen!
Von Claussen: Here each one learns his judgement and is assigned a place in hell!
Juni: That was close! Thank you, Herr Von Claussen.
Von Claussen: Long-range radar had picked up increased Nomad activity in this area. I thought you could use some help. We have to leave before they return. Head to Toledo.
Von Claussen: We have reports that the Kusari fleet has been defeated near New Tokyo.
Juni: No!
Von Claussen: The Nomads are now freely roaming throughout the colonies. The have begun their attack on Bretonia – nothing can stop them now.
Juni: Let’s hope the artefact will.
Von Claussen: Professor Quintaine has everything prepared – land on Toledo.
Order Base, Omicron Minor System
Trent: What is this place?
Von Claussen: This, Mr Trent, is the secret home of the Order. Orillion and his people have built this out of nothing in only a few months.
Planet Toledo Landing Deck
Trent: The Nomad power cell is in the hold, guys.
Juni: Take it directly to Doctor Quintaine in the artefact lab.
King: That was a little too close. Ah, next time listen to your old pal King and, uh, say no.

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