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Freelancer Mission 10

Kyoto Base Bar
Trent: Am I interrupting anything?
Juni: No. Lord Hakkera was just telling me about Ozu. How he died. I’m glad you made it back, though.
Hakerra, Juni and Trent
Trent: Thanks to Lord Hakkera.
Hakkera: Unnecessary, but there is one thing that I do need your help with, if you’re up to it. Well, Mr Trent? Will you help me?
Trent: I owe you one, Hakkera.
Hakkera: Fine. Do you remember when we first met and I had lost contact with an operative of mine in Rheinland?
Trent: Yeah?
Hakkera: His name is Von Claussen. He is an agent for The Order who operates deep in Rheinland space. He apparently has discovered vital information about Rheinland’s plans, but we’ve had trouble contacting him. He is in terrible danger. His only chance is to be extracted.
Trent: From Rheinland?
Hakkera: New Berlin. You’re perfect for the job because Bretonia is still neutral. I would ask Miss Zane to go, but for obvious reasons that would be inappropriate.
Trent: Right.
Hakkera: And besides, I am sending her back with the Proteus Tome to Doctor Quintaine. You must leave at once, Mr Trent. I will make sure you have all the information you may need. Come along, Jun’ko.
Juni: Good luck.
Hakkera: Jun’ko! Come on!
Kyoto Base Orbit
Hakkera: Trent, change of plans. Take the lead. We just got news that Rheinland has invaded the Sigma systems. All bases and jump-gates there are now under Rheinland control. But there is another option.
Cobo: The Blood Dragons know of an uncharted jump-hole in Sigma-13 that can take you all the way to New Berlin if we move quickly. We will escort you there, then you are on your own.
Cobo: Lord Hakkera, we are near the jump-hole to Sigma-13.
Hakkera: Proceed, Cobo. Trent, I will follow you through.
Sigma-13 System, Border Worlds
Hakkera: We have to be careful. According to our informants, a large Rheinland fleet is amassing in this area. Mr Trent, take the lead.
Cobo: Oh my!
Hakkera: The reports were accurate. Rheinland seems to be moving their entire Northern Fleet into Sigma.
Cobo: They spotted us!
Hakkera: Trent, the jump-hole is near. We have to make a run for it!
Cobo: Our pursuers have turned away.
Hakkera: The have bigger fish to catch than us.
Cobo: With the Liberty Fleet advancing into Kepler, Kusari will get crushed in the middle.
Cobo: What is this place?
Hakkera: What you see here are the remains of the decisive battle in the 80-Year War between Rheinland and the GMG. The jump-hole is directly ahead of us.
Cobo: This jump-hole will take you to New Berlin. This is as far as Lord Hakkera and I can go. Kusari citizens in Rheinland are being arrested on sight – or worse.
Hakkera: Von Claussen is awaiting you on New Berlin. It is imperative that we bring him out alive. Good luck, Trent.
New Berlin System, Rheinland
Hakkera: Trent, Hakkera here. We hear that Von Claussen’s safe-house has been penetrated. He’s on the run. You have to find him quickly!
Planet New Berlin Bar
Trent meets Jonner and Blix
Jonner: My good sir! May we interest you in a reading for what the future may hold for you?
Trent: No thanks.
Jonner: Contact the dearly departed? Help you find someone?
Trent: No!
Jonner: Mr Blix here is never wrong about such things. He says you’re looking for someone. For Herr Von Claussen?
Trent: Hmm. Does he speak for himself?
Blix: <cacophony>
Jonner: Mr Blix has connections to sources on a higher plane.
Trent: And what about you?
Jonner: No. Not I, sir. I was gifted with being a listener. Together we are the eyes and ears for certain people who are willing to pay for such divine services. We are in the employ of one such man now. The man you seek. You see, we have been waiting for you for some time.
Trent: Why?
Jonner: To deliver a message: You are to meet Herr Von Claussen on the old terraforming platform on the planet Holstein. Within the Frankfurt System. Don’t worry, Mr Trent. The gods are smiling upon you. When you get there the time will be right.
Planet New Berlin Orbit
Fischer: I’m Hans Fischer, a friend of Mr Blix. He asked me to accompany you on your way to Holstein. Follow me. We’re taking the trade lane to the Frankfurt gate. I’m also a good friend of Herr Von Claussen. He and I have been providing Lord Hakkera with information ever since the Nomads infiltrated the Rheinland government.
Freya: This is Battleship Freya. Identify yourselves.
Fischer: Freya, this is Daumann Freighter DHC-3417. We’re transporting supplies to Planet Holstein.
Freya: Acknowledged. DHC-3417, you’re cleared to proceed.
Fischer: Mr Trent, please go first.
Frankfurt System, Rheinland
Fischer: We’re approaching the trade lane. Take the lead.
Fischer: The Rheinland Military has been brutally suppressing any and all opposition to the war with Kusari. We’re about to pass by Mannheim Station. Word is that the military has detained hundreds of journalists and activists there. Nobody knows if they’re alive or dead.
Fischer: We’re coming up on Holstein. It’s the water planet on our right. So far so good!
Hakkera: Trent, this is Hakkera. We have a slight change to our extraction plan. It is no longer possible for you to return to Kusari. The Rheinland fleet has invaded Honshu. We will rendezvous with you in the Hamburg System. I will transmit precise co-ordinates later. Hakkera out.
Fischer: Here we are. I’ve got a rendezvous with a Bundschuh agent on the south-western continent. Give my regards to Herr Von Claussen. Good luck, Trent.
Planet Holstein Landing Deck
Von Claussen: Are you Mr Trent?
Trent: Von Claussen…
Von Claussen: You weren’t followed, were you?
Trent: I don’t think so.
Von Claussen: Good. I can’t say how pleased I am to see you. Jonner and Blix told me you were coming.
Trent: Interesting pair!
Von Claussen: Blix took the liberty of reading your thoughts while you were on New Berlin. I’m sorry for the intrusion. I had to be sure that whoever Hakkera sent had not been tampered with. A man in my position can never be too careful.
Trent: I understand. Now, let’s get you out of here while we still can.
Von Claussen: No argument here, Mr Trent.
Planet Holstein Orbit
Trent: Right before I landed on Holstein, Hakkera told me that there’s a change of plans. The Order will send ships to meet us in the Hamburg System.
Von Claussen: Perfect! That fits well into my plans. I have a piece of unfinished business I want to take care of. We have to fly to a nearby rebel base. An informant recently supplied me with construction blueprints for a new type of vessel being built by the Rheinland Military. It’s unlike any other ship, Trent. The design is alien. I have contacted a friend of mine who leads a rebel group that opposes the new Rheinland regime. Their base is not far from here.
Bruchsal: –under attack! This is Bundschuh station Bruchsal. All friendly units, please respond!
Von Claussen: This is Von Claussen. We are engaging the Rheinlanders.
Bruchsal: Herr Von Claussen! Excellent!
Bruchsal: Scanners are picking up another wing of Rheinland fighters!
Von Claussen: And still he attacks! Rheinlander! Don’t you see? Today, you will die.
Von Claussen: It’s over.
Bruchsal: Herr Von Claussen! The Bundschuh are thankful for your assistance.
Von Claussen: You’re welcome. Trent, go ahead and dock. I will follow.
Bruchsal Base Landing Deck
Trent: The Bundschuh? I’ve never heard of them.
Von Claussen: They’re good people, Trent. Good people in a bad land.
Botzler, Trent and Von Claussen
Botzler: Herr Von Claussen, I‘m glad to see you made it. And this must be your way out.
Von Claussen: Yes, my saviour, Trent. This is Claus Botzler. Leader of the Bundschuh rebels. How are you holding out?
Botzler: Very badly, I’m afraid. The Rheinland regulars have been hitting us with everything they’ve got recently. But we are still ready for you. Our attack wing will meet you both at the rendezvous point as planned.
Von Claussen: Excellent, my friend! Today we will put a stop to the Chancellor’s secret weapon. Trent, you have no idea how difficult it was to betray my world in order to save it.
Trent: No, I don’t. But I am willing to help you finish what you started.
Von Claussen: Thank you.
Bruchsal Base Orbit
Bundschuh Strike
Von Claussen: Trent, according to my sources, the Rheinland Military is amassing a fleet at a secret installation not far from here. We must strike this installation in order to slow the growing Rheinland war machine. If we are successful, this strike will greatly delay the Rheinland war plans.
Botzler: This will not be an easy operation. The installation is surrounded by a radioactive field that has been further reinforced by mines. In addition, there is only one known way in and out of the field, a small passage located to the east of the field. Our scouts report that it is no more than 100 metres wide.
Von Claussen: Our sensors are unable to penetrate the field, so we have no tactical information about fleet positions or even the installation itself. Despite this, we must strike this installation.
Botzler: Be wary of the narrow passage. The mines are low yield but will still do quite a bit of damage to your ship.
Von Claussen: This operation is vital to the survival of both Rheinland and Kusari. If this war is allowed to progress, none shall survive. Stay alert and await my orders once we reach the end of the passage.
Botzler: We’re here. All fighters break formation!
Von Claussen: Be careful everyone! While the radiation in the field will damage your ship, the mine field is significantly more deadly. Stay calm and fly right. Let’s go.
Von Claussen: Sensors show the passage is opening up into a huge open area. We are also picking up a massive installation. That will be our target.
Botzler: All fighters, arm weapons and prepare to engage on passage exit.
Von Claussen: For the sake of peace, that installation must fall – at all costs!
Botzler: Herr Von Claussen, I’m picking up another passage on the far side of the interior, we must use this passage as our means of escape. We will not survive a head on fight with the capital ships.
Bunschuh: Herr Botzler, the Rheinland battleships are keeping us away from the installation. We can’t get good shot.
Botzler: Keep trying! That station must fall! Those Nomad battleships must not be allowed to survive!
Bunschuh: Can’t keep it together–!
Bunschuh: My stabilisers!
Bunschuh: Long live–
Von Claussen: All fighters! Hit the installation with everything you have!
Bunschuh: Can’t stay on target–
Botzler: This act will not go unpunished!
Bundschuh: Too many fighters, can’t shake–
Botzler: My wing has been destroyed.
Von Claussen: No time left, we’ve got to get out of here. We’ve done everything we can. Our best hope now is to warn Kusari of this fleet.
Botzler: No! My men will not have died in vain!
Von Claussen: Botzler!
Botzler: Just go, and tell your compatriots what you’ve seen and what awaits them! Go! While there’s still time! For Rheinland!
Von Claussen: Nooo! Goodbye, old friend and godspeed! Trent, we’ve got to go now. We can’t let Botzler’s sacrifice be in vain.
Von Claussen: I’m reading a jump-hole ahead!
Von Claussen: There, the jump-hole! Navigation systems indicate that it leads to the Hamburg System. That is our way out, Trent.
Hamburg System, Rheinland
Von Claussen: What–?
Hakkera: All turrets, target the battleship! This is Hakkera! Trent, Mr Von Claussen, land quickly. We have to get away before more Rheinland ships enter the area.
Battleship Osiris, New York System
Trent aboard the Battleship Osiris
Juni: Impressive, isn’t it?
Trent: Juni, you’re here. How did you…?
Juni: We had to move the operation. The artefacts, the research – everything! Quintaine and Sinclair are conferring with Orillion now.
Trent: Orillion?
Juni: Yes, Trent. This is his flagship.
Juni: And this must be…
Hakkera: Herr Von Claussen!
Von Claussen: Hakerra!
Hakkera: You are here at last. Do you have the plans?
Von Claussen: I do, thanks to Mr Trent. My compliments, Hakkera. He’s a fine addition to your group. Thank you, again.
King: Trent!
Trent: King! You’re here, too?
King: A lot of us are. Welcome aboard the Osiris. A fine piece of hardware from the Liberty Naval labs.
Trent: This is a Liberty ship?
Juni: It was. It’s an advanced prototype they never had the chance to use. The Order commandeered her right out from under their noses.
Hakerra, Juni, Trent, Von Claussen and King
Trent: Who makes off with an entire ship without getting caught?
Orillion: I do, Mr Trent. My name is Casper Orillion. Welcome to the Osiris and to The Order.
Trent: So. Mr Orillion. You used to work for Liberty?
Orillion: For their deepest darkest. I was their top agent until I discovered the Nomads had taken over my CO. They wanted me too. But I managed to escape aboard this ship. That’s when I committed myself to learning everything I could about the Nomads and their plan. I surrounded myself with recruits from all over the colonies. People like you two, to help rid us of the infestation.
Trent: You mean the Nomads.
Orillion: That’s right. They’ve been taking over Human beings from some time now, controlling them. As near as we can tell, this all started when a Rheinland survey team discovered an uncharted planet. One that no Human had ever set foot on. Unfortunately, when they penetrated its crust, the inhabitants that lived inside viewed us… as a threat.
Trent: So why not just attack us outright?
Juni: Because we’re too strong. They had to soften us up a bit. That’s why the Chancellor started this war in the colonies.
Orillion: So when we’re sufficiently thinned out, they can come in and mop up the rest.
Trent: So the Chancellor is a host body for the Nomads, too?
Orillion: Isn’t it obvious? Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a briefing to attend. Colonel Zane?
Juni: Don’t worry, Trent. No need to salute.

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