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Freelancer Mission 8

Juni: Trent! It took a while, but I finally found what we’re looking for. Meet me in the New Tokyo system. It’s urgent.
Shinagawa Station Bar
Juni: You came!
Trent: Yeah. I was starting to wonder if we were partners any more.
Juni: I just had to dig a little deeper than I thought. Trent, I heard from Lord Hakkera. He says that the Proteus Tome and all of the museum artefacts have now come under the personal control of Governor Tekagi. Hakkera can’t help us.
Trent: What do you mean? That’s why we came!
Juni: You have to understand Kusari customs, Hakkera is a Lord. His position gives him power, but also limits him. There’s only so much he can do before he violates his station. Anyway, I’m on to something, but you’ll have to trust me on this one. If we do this, we do it together, understand? Are you in?
Trent: Why not? I’ve come this far, haven’t I?
Juni: Thank you. Ozu, this is Trent, the man I told you about.
Ozu: Ah, Mr Trent. Jun’ko speaks highly of you. Please, sit.
Trent: Thanks.
Trent, Ozu and Juni
Ozu: Since Jun’ko’s departure to Liberty many things have changed here. The old ways are dying out as we become more of a melting pot of cultures. Do you understand?
Trent: I think I do.
Ozu: The one thing that has not changed is the face of treachery. It is something that we have fought for many generations.
Juni: Ozu is a lieutenant in the Blood Dragons, a counter-political group that opposes the Shogun.
Ozu: The reason the Blood Dragons have survived is because of our ability to adapt and change, to out-manoeuvre the stronger opponent. This would not be possible without carefully nurtured relationships, Mr Trent. Which brings me to you. I am told that you and The Order seek a certain artefact.
Trent: That’s right. The Proteus Tome. It’s fallen under the control of Governor Tekagi.
Ozu: Yes. Tekagi. He has been acting strangely, even for him, since his return from Rheinland. Our sources now say that there is a secret transport being loaded with these artefacts bound from Tekagi back to the Chancellor. We believe the Proteus Tome is one of those on board.
Trent: How much time do we have?
Ozu: Little! Particularly since Tekagi himself may be on that transport.
Trent: He’s defecting?
Ozu: We believe so. With an offering to his new lord and master, the Chancellor. Again, the face of treachery has not changed. Our vendetta with Tekagi is an old one. Unfortunately, we may only have this one last opportunity to repay him for his crimes. Mr Trent, here is what I propose. You and The Order shall have what you desire, if you help rid us of Tekagi.
Juni: Trent, Tekagi is a traitor to his people.
Ozu: He deserves to die. Do us this service.
Trent: Agreed.
Ozu: Excellent! We leave at once.
Shinagawa Station Orbit
Ozu: Mr Trent, we will take the trade lane from here to the Honshu gate.
Juni: Co-ordinates received. Trent, take point.
Ozu: My sources tell me that the Tekagi’s transport is currently docked at the Yukawa shipyard in Honshu. It is heavily guarded. Apparently they are taking additional cargo onboard.
Juni: Is it the Tome?
Ozu: That is possible. Yukawa is a Kishiro base and Tekagi owns a large portion of that organisation.
Ozu: We are not going through the jump-gate, Mr Trent. Blood Dragon fighters are awaiting us at a nearby jump-hole. I’m uploading the co-ordinates.
Juni: Why are we taking a jump-hole?
Ozu: Tekagi is a powerful man, Jun’ko. He has spies everywhere. If we want to have a chance to capture the transport, we need to take them by surprise.
Dragon 1: We have you in range. Standing by for orders.
Ozu: Enter formation and follow us to the jump-hole.
Dragon 1: Entering formation.
Ozu: Set course for the jump-hole.
Juni: Only three ships?
Ozu: The Blood Dragons are small in numbers, Jun’ko. But they are the best fighter pilots in the colonies.
Ozu: There is the jump-hole, Mr Trent. Please go first.
Honshu System, Kusari
Ozu: Report!
Dragon 2: The transport is still docking with Yukawa, Ozu-sensei, but it looked like they were about to leave. I counted multiple heavy weapon platforms and strong fighter protection. It won’t be easy.
Ozu: We don’t have any time to waste. Let’s go!
Juni: What’s our plan?
Ozu: We have to hit them quickly and decisively. First, we target the weapon platforms, then the fighter escorts.
Juni: How do we get to the transport?
Ozu: We have a strike force positioned on Yukawa that will seize control of the transport. Once we’ve eliminated the fighters, our people will fly the transport out of there.
Juni: Understood.
Ozu: The nebula will cover us most of the way, but the final approach will be in open space. We will have to fly as fast as possible before their scanners detect us. Every second will count.
Ozu: There is the shipyard. Is everybody ready?
Dragon 1: Dragon 1, ready to engage.
Dragon 2: Dragon 2, ready!
Juni: I’m ready, Ozu!
Ozu: Our first targets are the weapon platforms! All ships, engage!
Juni: The first platform is gone!
Ozu: Quickly, take out the other one. We’re taking heavy fire from its turrets.
Ozu: The second platform is down! Ozu to strike team: operation is a go! All ships, take out the escort fighters.
Ozu: One of their fighters is down. Engage the other fighters.
Ozu: Another escort fighter destroyed! Hold on… I have a report from the strike team. They caught Tekagi’s men off guard and have them pinned down.
Ozu: Got another one!
Ozu: To all ships! The strike team has successfully taken over the transport. Disengage and protect the transport. Strike team, what is your status?
Transport: We lost two of our men, Sensei, but it was worth it. The cargo pods are full of gold, diamonds and thousands of artefacts.
Ozu: Excellent! Proceed into the nebula.
Transport: Four hostiles dead ahead, Sensei!
Ozu: Jun’ko, Mr Trent, we have to destroy these fighters before we jump.
Juni: Understood. Come on, Trent!
Ozu: Proceed to the jump-hole. We should be safe now.
Ozu: This is the jump-hole to the Chugoku system. Mr Trent, please go first.
Chugoku System, Kusari
Dragon: Identify yourself or you will be destroyed.
Ozu: This is Lieutenant Ozu. Stand down, patrol. We have captured Tekagi’s transport and are escorting it back to Kyoto as ordered.
Dragon: Yes, Sensei.
Ozu: We are almost there. Jun’ko, Mr Trent. Follow me.
Juni: I have the co-ordinates. Trent, you take the lead. Where are we going?
Ozu: To Kyoto.
Juni: Kyoto? Trent, that’s the legendary home of the Blood Dragons. I don’t know anyone who’s ever seen it. Ozu, you honour us.
Ozu: The honour is ours.
Ozu: Here we will celebrate our victory over Tekagi and Edo. Here you shall receive what you came for. I will see you shortly.
Kyoto Base Landing Deck
Trent on Kyoto Base
Trent: Lieutenant Ozu, this is amazing. How long have the Blood Dragons been here in this asteroid?
Ozu: Several generations. With Tekagi eliminated, the Edo Shogunate is weaker and our victory is near.
Assistant: Pardon me, Lieutenant.
Ozu: Excuse me.
Trent: Tell me, how long have you known Ozu?
Juni: You mean was he always a radical in the Blood Dragons? No. When I knew him he was to be a promising political student at the Kusari Academy.
Trent: What happened?
Juni: People are changed by their world, Trent, rarely vice versa. Ozu is living proof of that.
Ozu: <sighs> I’m afraid we have been deceived. This was the right shipment, but we have neither the artefacts nor Tekagi. He was not on the transport as we were lead to believe. Something has changed.
Trent: So what do we do now?
Ozu: I will make the necessary enquiries. For now, I suggest that you occupy yourselves with whatever diversions we can offer.
Juni: Well, I can’t just sit here. Maybe the Blood Dragons could use a little help.
Trent: Joining the ranks of the radical left?
Juni: I’m not on assignment any more, Trent. I get to see how the other side lives. You know, it wouldn’t hurt you to get out there for a while either. Maybe take some missions. From the sound of things it may be a while. Don’t worry, I’ll let you know when we hear something.

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