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Freelancer Mission 11

Battleship Osiris, Texas System
Trent: What’s happening here?
King: Eh. More of the same.
Orillion: Colonel Zane!
Juni: Sir!
King, Juni, Trent and Orillion
Orillion: We’ve just got word that President Jacobi is still alive. I need you and Colonel Trent for a mission at once. Are you ready for this?
Trent: Ready.
Orillion: Good. A loyal group of LSF members have apparently survived and have been monitoring the President since her abduction. She’s being held in the Alaska System.
Trent: So now the Nomads have her?
Orillion: So it seems.
Juni: What’s her status?
Orillion: Unknown. But I want you to find out. Rescue… or terminate. Do you understand?
Juni: Yes, sir.
Orillion: Good. You are to hook up with the leader of these LSF operatives. A man named Walker.
Juni: Marcus Walker? He’s alive?
Orillion: You know him?
Juni: We both do.
Orillion: Then good luck.
Trent: Lord Hakkera.
Hakkera: I wanted to come and say goodbye myself.
Trent: You’re leaving?
Hakkera: Something for Orillion. I will see you again.
Trent: Goodbye.
Juni: Come on, Trent. It’s time to rescue the President.
King: We’re back in business!
Battleship Osiris Orbit
Juni: There you are. I’ve uploaded the co-ordinates to the jump-hole. Trent, take the lead. King and I will follow you. Let’s go.
Orillion: Colonel Zane, I am hoping you can bring Jacobi back alive. You know how important she will be for the Order in the days ahead.
Juni: Yes, sir!
Orillion: This is as far as the Osiris can take you. The jump-hole to the New York Badlands is in the debris field a short distance from here. You will meet Walker at Buffalo, inside the Badlands. Orillion out.
King: I can’t believe Walker is still alive! It’ll be good to see him again.
Juni: I’d started to fear the worst.
King: Me, too. I can’t wait to hear his story.
Juni: After he helped us escape from Manhattan, I’m sure the entire Liberty Navy was after him.
Juni: There’s the jump-hole now.
King: You first, Trent. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Navy is guarding all the jump-holes into New York by now.
New York System, Liberty
Juni: It’s an ambush. Take these guys out!
Juni: Great job, Trent! You take point. We’re headed to Buffalo, a heavily fortified Rogue base. Walker should be waiting for us there.
King: Liberty Rogues! Reminds me of simpler times…
King: Juni, are you seeing this? LSF ships!
LSF Pilot: Colonel Zane, we’ve been expecting you. Captain Walker is waiting for you inside.
Juni: Thank you. Trent, you dock first. Pick up some ammo and equipment – I have a feeling we’ll need it to get through this one.
Walker, Juni, Trent and King on Buffalo Base
Juni: Walker! You son of a– I thought you were dead!
Walker: So did I! Trent! Flying for The Order! Hmph, given up freelancing for a real cause? I’m impressed.
Trent: It’s the only one worth fighting for now. I hear you’ve got a line on the President.
Walker: Indeed we do. But we’ll have to hurry.
Juni: C’mon. Let’s get to work.
Buffalo Base Orbit
Juni: Trent, good. We just received a message from Orillion with new orders. Everybody ready?
Walker: I have to rejoin my attack group on the far side of the Badlands. I’m sorry that I can’t come with you now, but we’ll meet you as planned at Zone-21.
Juni: Understood, we’ll see you at the rendezvous. Trent, take point.
Juni:There is a jump-hole nearby that will get us very close to our target.
King: What’s the target?
Juni: A new specialised satellite that the Navy deployed recently. Our sources say it is designed to detect cloaked ships. Like the Osiris. If we take out the satellite, Orillion and the Osiris could operate in this system without being detected.
Juni: We’re coming up on the jump-hole. Trent, after you.
Juni: The satellite installation is very close. I’m uploading the co-ordinates to you now. Take the lead, Trent.
Juni: My scanner is picking up the satellite. I’m not detecting any ships… could be a trap.
King: Juni, I’m reading multiple weapons platforms directly next to the satellite.
Juni: Confirmed! Let’s take this thing out quickly.
Juni: We’ve got Navy fighters on an intercept course. We have to stop these guys.
King: Good work! Let’s proceed to the rendezvous. We’ve lost enough time here.
King: Juni, what do you know about Alaska? It’s not on any of the star charts. All I’ve ever heard were rumours.
Juni: Me, too. The only thing I know for sure is that the Navy has a jump-gate at the heart of Zone-21. It leads to Alaska. Everything else is rumour or speculation.
King: I’ve always heard that the Navy is constructing a secret fleet there. I suppose we‘ll see with our own eyes soon.
Juni: Walker, are you there? We’re on our way.
Walker: Acknowledged. We’re already at the rendezvous point.
Juni: Perfect. It’s good to be flying with you again, Walker.
Walker: Thank you, Jun’ko. A lot has happened since you left Liberty. The democracy we once served is now a bloodthirsty military dictatorship. My crew and I were forced to leave the central systems. We’ve been prowling the Independent Worlds, destroying Rheinland supply depots. A strange life for a career Navy officer.
Juni: These are strange times.
Walker: True! Follow me.
Navy 1: We have incoming hostiles. All units, power up weapons!
Navy 2: Protect the jump-gate at all cost!
Juni: Moving to intercept. Trent, King, engage the hostiles!
Juni: Holy–! What kind of weapons are they carrying?
Walker: There’s no way we can handle this gate with these ships on our backs!
King: All prototypes destroyed! More hostiles incoming!
Juni: Nice job, everyone. Watch my back while I run Orillion’s passcodes on the gate.
King: Hurry, we’re barely holding on here.
Juni: I know!
Juni: Got it! The gate’s unlocked. Trent, King, go ahead. My people will follow you in.
Alaska System, Liberty
Juni: I’ve sealed the jump-gate behind us.
Walker: Roger. Moving out! Don’t fire on anything.
Walker: We should be at the prison shortly.
King: Walker, you know this is a dead-end system. We have to take the same way back out!
Walker: I don’t have an easy answer, King. It doesn’t matter until we get Jacobi.
Walker: Something’s wrong. The prison station should be hailing us by now.
King: I don’t like this. The docking ports are live, but there’s no other activity. It’s almost as if all the guards are asleep.
Juni: Or dead. We don’t have any choice. Maybe we just got lucky. Ready your sidearms. I’ll dock first. Trent, you’re next. Then King.
Prison Station Mitchell
Trent: Where is everyone?
Juni: I don’t know. Looks like a trap.
Juni, Trent and Walker
Reed: Madame President, I’m glad to see you’re awake.
Jacobi: Reed. What’s the meaning of this? Ah!
Reed: I’m sorry about your shoulder. We tried to dress it as well as we could. He requested that you be taken unharmed.
Jacobi: Who? Reed, you traitorous snake, who requested? The Chancellor!
Niemann: I’m glad to see these fools didn’t damage you too badly, my dear. But time is short. I wanted these few minutes to plant a seed, as it were.
Trent: Any idea where they’re keeping the President?
Juni: Let’s find out, shall we?
Jacobi: I won’t rest until I see you pay for this!
Niemann: I understand your anger, Madame President. I was misdirected at first, too. But then I had my mind opened to… other possibilities. As you will.
President Jacobi and Chancellor Niemann
Jacobi: <screams>
Trent: Is that the Chancellor?
Juni: Just shoot!
Jacobi: What the hell did you want, an engraved invitation?
Trent: Look, I didn’t–
Juni: You were just going to let that… that… thing attack the President?
Trent: I’m sorry, I haven’t got used to killing political figures on sight yet.
Juni: Trent, did he look like a Human being to you?
Trent: I’m telling you, I–
Juni: Watch out!
Trent: Wha–?
Jacobi: Burn, you son of a bitch!
Walker, Jacobi, Trent, Juni… and a dead Nomad
Prison Station Mitchell Orbit
King: This whole place is lit up!
Walker: Form up. Let’s get out of here.
Juni: Here comes the hard part. We’re not going to surprise them this time.
Juni: What is that?
King: Nomad ships! We’ve got to get to the jump-gate!
Juni: Do not engage the Nomads.
Walker: The jump-gate is near. Stay on course! We‘ll make it!
Juni: They blocked the jump-gate. We’re trapped!
Phoenix: Incoming!
Juni: There’s only one way out! We have to punch through them!
King: I’m going in!
Phoenix: We’re hit!
Phoenix: We have heavy casualties! We’ve lost contact to the engine room.
Phoenix: We have a breach! Everybody, evac–!
King: They keep bringing in more ships! We can’t hold them off any longer!
Walker: Jun’ko, we’ll all die if we stay here! You’ve got to get the President to safety!
Juni: Walker, what are you talking about?
Walker: I have a large quantity of gravimetric mines onboard. Enough for both of these battleships! I just need to get close enough…
Juni: You’ll never survive that!
Walker: I know. It’s what has to be done. The President is the only thing that matters now. Get her out of here!
Juni: There has to be another way!
Walker: No, there isn’t. Now get out of here or you’ll be killed too.
Juni: Don’t do this!
Walker: Charges are active. Campbell, lower the core damping field.
Juni: Walker!
Walker: Goodbye, Jun’ko. Win this one for me!
Juni: No!
Liberty Battleships Texas and Arizona destroyed
King: Juni, he cleared a path for us. This is our chance! The jump-gate is clear!
Juni: All right! Everybody, head for the jump-gate! We have to make a run for it.
New York System, Liberty
King: More Nomads are closing, we have to get out of here!
Juni: Damn it!
Omaha: This is the Omaha. Give yourselves up. You are outnumbered and outgunned. Return the President and we will spare your life.
King: Right!
Juni: What are we gonna do?
The Battleship Osiris ambushes the Battleship Omaha
Trent: The Osiris!
Orillion: Jun’ko, Mr Trent – get aboard, quickly.
Juni: Trent, you first. Hurry!
Battleship Osiris
Orillion: Report, Colonel Zane!
Juni: Sir, we have Jacobi. The Chancellor is dead – so are several of his Liberty hosts. We have some weapons and raided their tactical files.
Orillion: Have it analysed.
Juni: We also lost some, sir. Walker was one of them…
Orillion: Understood. I take it then the President is unharmed?
Jacobi: Not exactly unharmed! But still me, if that’s what you mean. Judging how everyone is acting, I assume you are the go-to man around here?
Juni: President Jacobi, meet Casper Orillion.
Jacobi: So! You’re Orillion? Thank you!
Orillion: Madame President, these are the people you should be thanking.
Aide: Sir, we’ve cleared the Badlands. Your orders?
Orillion: Set course for Toledo. Tell Quintaine we may have more information for him. Oh, and… tell him we’ve got an official guest for him to meet.
Juni: Do you remember, Trent, when I said people are changed by their world, rarely vice versa?
Trent: No.
Juni: Well, I did. You know what? I was wrong! Truly for some people, they can change the world. We’re doing it, right now! Thank you for showing me that.
Trent: You’re welcome.
Jacobi: Colonel. I never properly thanked you for what you did back there on the prison ship.
Trent, Juni, King and Jacobi
Trent: You’re welcome, Madame President.
Jacobi: Mr Orillion was just filling me in on the Nomad’s progress in the colonies.
Orillion: The information your team brought back has shown a clear spread of the contamination. All of the colonies have now been affected. If not the leaders, then key military units in the field. They’re getting stronger. Communication is breaking down. Soon this will develop into all-out genocide. With the Nomads coming in to easily wipe out what’s left. We need…
Trent: What?
Jacobi: We need a miracle!

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