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Freelancer Mission 1

Freeport 7, Sigma-17 System
Freeport 7
Freeport 7 Female: Roger that, all systems show green. SA-14 you’re cleared for departure.
Transport: Acknowledged, Freeport 7. We’ll see you in about two weeks.
Freeport 7 Female: SA-14, we’re picking up unknown contacts on long-range sensors. We’re dispatching a fighter wing to escort you out of the system. God speed.
Freeport 7 Male: Navy Command, this is Freeport 7. We’re picking up some strange readings on long-range sensors.
Freeport 7 Female: Alert! Unknown ships have breached the defence perimeter. Man all stations!
Planet Manhattan, Liberty
Reporter: …President Jacobi has asked the LSF to investigate the sudden destruction of Freeport 7. No word yet on whether it was accidental or a deliberate attack. The first handful of survivors arrived on Manhattan this morning.
Medic: We’re here from Medical. Is there anyone seriously injured?
Trent: One. Inside. Make sure he lives. He owes me some credits.
Medic: Your concern is touching. We’ll do everything we can. It may take a while.
Reporter: Officially, the Liberty Security Force maintains there is no proof Freeport 7’s destruction was deliberate, but sources inside the LSF say they suspect the dangerous criminal organisation, The Order. We will keep you up-to-date as this story develops.
Planet Manhattan Bar
Trent: Sidewinder Fang.
Bartender: All we have is Liberty Ale, friend.
Trent: Fine.
Bartender: Her name is Jun’ko Zane. She’s a tough one…
Trent: Oh, why’s that?
Bartender: She’s LSF. All business – if it’s a job you’re wanting that is. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something more–
Trent: Oh, the only thing I’m looking for right now is this drink.
Bartender: I know you.
Trent: No, no I don’t think so.
Bartender: The news. I saw your face on the news. You’re one of the Freeport 7 survivors, aren’t you?
Trent: Yeah.
Bartender: I heard it was pretty bad out there. You know, you’re lucky to be alive.
Trent: Ha!
Bartender: This one’s on me, friend. It’s the good stuff.
Trent: Why?
Bartender: Because it’s not every day a man has the chance to start again. To your good fortune in Liberty, sir.
Trent: Well, it can’t get any worse!
Juni: I understand what you’re saying, but I don’t have nearly enough people.
Diplomat: Juni, the environment has changed. With groups like The Order taking more and more liberties – indeed now threatening our profits – some in the government feel that we need to increase our patrols in these areas.
Trent: Ahem–
Juni: Yes?
Trent and Juni’s First Meeting
Trent: You Jun’ko Zane?
Diplomat: I believe you have business to discuss.
Juni: Wait!
Diplomat: I will leave this matter in your… capable hands.
Trent: Sorry. The bartender said you work for the Liberty Security Force.
Juni: And who do you work for, Mr–?
Trent: Trent. I work for myself.
Juni: What kind of ship do you have?
Trent: I… lost mine… on Freeport 7.
Juni: I see. Are you staying in Liberty long?
Trent: I’ve got a… friend who was injured in the attack. He’s in Medical. I’ll be staying at least until he’s released.
Juni: Well, as it happens, I could use a good Freelancer, Mr Trent. I’ll be in the Equipment Room later. You can meet me there. Oh, and if we are gonna work together, call me Juni.
Planet Manhattan Equipment Room
Trent: Hello?
Juni: I’m pleased to see you. Are you ready to work for the LSF, Mr Trent?
Trent: It’s just Trent. And yeah, I’m here to see what you have to offer.
Juni: Well, I’ve found this ship for you. It’s very basic and you won’t have jump access yet, but it should be good enough for now. This assignment will be easy, all you have to do is baby-sit a convoy of food and medical supplies. You’ll be hooking up with the Escort CO, King. I’ll tell him to expect you. That is, of course, if you’re interested?
Trent: Sounds good! I’m in.
Juni: Good. Better get going. I’ll have your ship moved immediately. All you’ll have to do is go to the landing pad and launch. King will be waiting for you near the docking ring in space. Okay? I’ll see you when you get back.
Planet Manhattan Orbit
King: You must be Trent. I’m King, the CO of this mission. I contacted the lead transport of the convoy. They’ve completed pre-launch checks and are ready to go. Should be an easy run from here to Fort Bush and then on to Pittsburgh. Ready?
Trent: It’s good to meet you, King. Is that a Rheinland cruiser?
King: That’s the Donau, Admiral Schultzky’s flagship. He’s visiting Manhattan to attend a high-level meeting with President Jacobi. Keep your distance.
Donau: Newark Station, this is RNC Donau. Requesting clearance to dock with your station. Over.
Newark Station: Affirmative, Donau! You are cleared for docking point six. Liberty welcomes you and Admiral Schultzky. Donau! Be advised, we’re picking up unknown contacts. Advise caution!
Donau: Understood Newark. All escorts, power up weapons!
Escort 1: Affirmative! Ready to engage!
Escort 2: Roger. Tracking incoming ships!
Newark Station: Unidentified ships, this is Newark Station, you are entering restricted space. Alter course at once or we will open fire!
The Order Strikes
Order: Newark, do not interfere! We’re here to protect the President. Schultzky is a traitor!
Donau: All escorts, open fire! All hands brace for impact!
The RNS Donau is Destroyed
Newark Station: Red Alert! The Donau is hit! Launch all rescue and defensive units! All other fighters: engage enemy ships!
King: Damn it! They blew up the Donau! Newark, this is LSF Patrol Gamma 6. Engaging enemy!
Newark Station: Confirmed, Gamma 6!
King: Trent, we can’t let them get away. Engage the enemy! Newark, we need reinforcements!
Newark Station: Interceptors are en route. The Colorado and its escort are inbound.
Navy: That was the last one, Newark.
Escort 1: Confirmed. No more enemy contacts.
Newark Station: We read you. Radar is clear. SAR: Report. Did you pick up any survivors?
SAR: Negative, Newark. We’re continuing our sweep.
Newark Station: To all utility ships in the area: scan for survivors. All other vessels, return to normal duty but stay alert.
King: Trent, there’s nothing more we can do here. The transports are waiting at Fort Bush. I’ve uploaded a waypoint to your Neural Net. Just fly towards it.
Newark Station: Acknowledged, SAR. Return to base.
King: I can’t believe it! How did they get this close to Manhattan without being detected? First Freeport 7, now this! It’s getting out of control!
King: All right, we’ve reached the trade lane. Engaging activation sequence. Trent, you go first.
King: Activation sequence completed. Lane jump initiated. This is it, Trent. This is one of the major arteries through Manhattan space. We’re only taking it as far as Fort Bush. If we kept going, we’d reach the jump-gate to the Colorado system.
King: Transport Leader, this is LSF Patrol Gamma 6. We’re here to escort you to Pittsburgh. Over.
Transport: Roger, Gamma 6, this is the USV Brandt. Pre-launch checks have been completed.
King: Trent, take up a position near the transport. Use the formation manoeuvre to link up with the convoy.
Transport: Check. This is Transport Leader, all ships are in position and we show green status. We heard the news about Schultzky. What happened?
King: The planetary defence grid was off-line and The Order managed to break through. They took out the Donau with their first missile salvo. We never had a chance to stop them. Looked like The Order was determined to keep Schultzky from meeting the President. Hard to believe that this could happen. We better get going.
Transport: Let’s hope for the best. Several convoys have come under attack in recent weeks. The Rogue problem has got out of control in this area.
King: Don’t worry, that’s why we’re here.
Transport: Activation sequence completed. Lane jump initiated.
King: Looking good so far…
Transport: Alert! Trade lane disruption detected!
King: Damn it! Trent, get your weapons ready! This could get rough! There! Rogues! Trent, break and attack! We’ve got to keep them away till the trade lane comes back up!
King: Last one! We better get out of here before more of them show up.
Transport: Couldn’t agree more! The trade lane is back up. Let’s– Wait! Radar shows new targets! Gamma 6, we have to make a run for it!
King: We’ll cover you. This is gonna be close, but I think we can make it without another fight! Everybody, stay on course! Trent, do not engage the pirates! We have to get the convoy out of here.
King: We made it! Everybody in one piece?
Transport: Barely. That was close! Thanks for getting us here in one piece, Gamma 6. We almost didn’t make it.
King: A situation we’re soon to fix. The Rogues were better equipped than we expected, but we got what we came for. Thanks for playing the bait.
Transport: Now it’s your turn to reel them in, King. We’re gonna unload our cargo. Remember our bargain.
King: I’m transferring the payment to your Neural Net account.
Transport: Understood. Transport Leader out.
Trent: Hey King, what’s going on?
King: You’ll see soon enough. Go ahead and land on Pittsburgh, I’ll meet you on the surface.
Planet Pittsburgh, Liberty
King: You’ll find Pittsburgh to be remarkably unexciting, Trent. That’s the mining operation – not much to look at – a lot of rocks, smoke and fire. But what it lacks in class it more than makes up for in cheap drinks. Set your ship down on one of the landing pads over there.
Landing on Planet Pittsburgh
Planet Pittsburgh Landing Pad
King: Nice job, Trent. Now I believe I owe you some credits.
Trent: Hey, King, did you know it was going to get hot out there?
King: Uh huh. We’re not done yet. We’re just waiting for the others.
Trent: What others?
King: We’ve suspected for some time now that The Order has had ties to organised crime in Liberty. They may even be hiding a secret base. I think we’re on to something here and I’ve called for backup. We could really use you out there, Trent.
Trent: All right. But this better be worth it!
King: It will be. I promise you. Oh and, uh, Trent! Now that you have a little scratch, I’d look into outfitting that pile of junk you’re flying. Try the Equipment Dealer over there, he always has good deals. I’ll see you in space.
King: There you are! Four LSF wings from Fort Bush are searching the debris field for the Rogue base. They’ve already taken prisoners. I’m uploading the co-ordinates for our search pattern. We’ll rendezvous with another wing of fighters for our patrol. Hold on, there they are.
Epsilon 1: Gamma 6, Delta patrol reports no hostile contacts.
King: Tell them to keep looking. One way or another, we’ll find where those Rogues are hiding.
King: After the attack on our transport, the LSF has dispatched four wings to help us track down where these Rogues are coming from. They got to have a secret base around here and this time, we’ll find it.
Prison Ship: Mayday! Mayday! This is Prison Ship XT-19, we’re under attack. To all Liberty patrols, please respond!
King: All units, change course to intercept. I’m uploading a waypoint. This is LSF Patrol Gamma 6. We’re on an intercept course and are approaching your position. Over.
Prison Ship: Acknowledged, Gamma 6! We’re under attack by multiple Rogue fighters! We have fires on several decks and our defences are failing.
King: Understood! Hang on!
Prison Ship: We’re taking heavy damage. Get these guys off us!
King: There she is! She’s hurt badly. Everyone, break formation and engage!
Epsilon 1: Roger that!
Prison Ship: Alert! We’re picking up several new hostile contacts.
King: Damn it, more pirates! Trent, defend the prison ship at all costs!
King: Yeah! That was the last one.
Prison Ship: You did it! The radar is clear.
King: XT-19, what is your status? Over.
Prison Ship: Fires are contained. We lost life support to several decks, but we’re all right. Over.
King: Acknowledged. Is there any way we can assist you?
Prison Ship: Negative. Repair crews from Pittsburgh are on the way. You came just in time.
King: Glad we could help. Epsilon Wing, stay here in case more Rogues show up. Trent and I will continue the search on our own.
Epsilon 1: Affirmative. Good luck.
King: I’m uploading new co-ordinates. Trent, take the lead.
King: The Rogue base must around here. They never attack something as big as a prison ship too far away from their hideout.
Beta 4: Mayday! This is LSF Beta 4. I’m under attack and need assistance!
King: This is LSF Patrol Gamma 6. We hear you, Beta 4. Where are you? Over.
Beta 4: I’m near the edge of the debris field. I– <static> I have several Rogue ships on my tail– <static> I can’t shake them! My shields are failing!
King: All right, Trent, let’s take these guys out!
King: Beta 4! What is your status?
Beta 4: The ship is holding together – barely!
King: Where’s the rest of your wing?
Beta 4: Gone! We were sweeping through the debris field and ran into a heavy fire inside a dense particle cloud..
King: That’s it! You must have been close to their base! Can you show us where you were?
Beta 4: I’m uploading the co-ordinates now. My systems are fried and I have a coolant leak. I’m headed back to Pittsburgh.
King: Good luck, Beta 4.
Beta 4: Thanks. To you as well.
King: Let’s go. Head to the co-ordinates.
King: Trent, I think this is it. I’m gonna call in for some back-up. To all units: this is Gamma 6. We have a potential location of the Rogue base. Converge on the following co-ordinates.
Alpha 1: This is Alpha 1. Acknowledged. We’ll rendezvous at the co-ordinates. Over.
Delta 1: This is Delta 1 Leader. We’re on the far side of Pittsburgh. Changing course to your location. Over.
King: Wait! I’ve got something! Incoming Rogue fighters! Get ready!
King: They’re fleeing into the field!
Alpha 1: Gamma 6, this is LSF Alpha 1. What’s your status?
King: The Rogue base must be in the cloud ahead. Trent, take the lead.
Alpha 1: Understood.
King: There! The Rogue Base! To all units: this is Gamma 6. We’ve confirmed the location of the Rogue base. I’m transmitting new co-ordinates. All units: I can make out two defence platforms and an armoured depot. We’ll need torpedoes to take it out. Over. Delta Wing is carrying torpedoes. They’re on their way, Trent. We can’t take out the base, their armour is too strong. But we can soften their defences by taking out the platforms. Let’s go!
King: Trent, look out, more pirate ships closing in fast! I hope those reinforcements get here soon!
King: One down! one to go!
King: Second platform is down. Where are these torpedo bombers?
Delta 1: This is LSF Delta 1. We’re making our torpedo run at the station. Over.
King: Good to see you guys. Let’s finish them off!
Delta 1: Torpedoes away!
Rogue Base Destroyed
King: Great shot, Delta Leader!
Delta 1: Our pleasure, Gamma 6! We couldn’t have done it without you.
King: Engage the remaining fighters, Trent! We can’t let them get away!
King: That was the last of them!
Alpha 1: Gamma 6, we’ve got it from here. All units: secure the area.
King: Good work, Trent! Let’s get clear! I’m uploading co-ordinates to Pittsburgh to your Neural Net. Let’s go!
King: Great work back there, Trent. Not bad for a rookie! Something tells me I’m gonna be seeing a lot more of you in the future. What we did here today will hopefully put a dent in the growing crime problem we’ve been having in this system. Maybe now we can focus our full attention on The Order and anyone who supports them. Schultzky’s assassination can’t go unpunished!
King: Trent, Juni just sent me a message on the secure channel. Change of plans: I need to divert. Look, if you land on Pittsburgh, talk to one of the Deep Space reps. They’ll have something lined up for you. Meanwhile, I’m transferring your payment now. Thanks for your help. See you around.
Juni: Trent, this is Juni. Good job. King just told me how impressed he was with you. Hope this wasn’t too much for your first assignment. I wanted to meet up with you, but the attack on Schultzky has everyone rattled. President Jacobi’s ordered a full investigation to determine what can be done about The Order. It’ll likely mean more work for us soon. Meanwhile, why don’t you spread your wings a bit, familiarise yourself with the New York system, maybe see what work you can pick up. I’ll be in touch. Juni out!

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