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Wing Commander Privateer: Ship Dealers

Ship Dealer


I see you’re looking at the Centurion. Heck of a ship. As you can see, the Centurion is a heavy fighter. Note the racks for 4 guns, 2 weapons and, of course, a rear turret. Beautiful, eh? Look at those hard edges, the aerodynamic sleekness… Did you know the Mercenaries’ Guild has endorsed the model 2069 as the best publicly available fighter? The Centurion is a real bargain, priced at 200000 credits. I can use your old ship for trade in, including any extras. Any credits left will be credited to your account. So how about it? Interested?

Accept: You certainly know a good deal when you see one, friend. You’ll find your new ship fuelled up and waiting on the landing pad for you. Your payment will be deducted automatically. Have a good one!

Reject: Hmm… let me give you a sales brochure and my card. Call me if you change your mind.

Heck of a ship, the Centurion. You are obviously a privateer who likes firepower… But I’m afraid my boss won’t let me trade ship for ship. Can I tell you about the Orion or Galaxy?


Checking out the Galaxy-class merchant ship? Good choice. She’s not as flashy as some ships, but she sure is practical. You get a roomy cockpit, loads of cargo space, and you can add top and bottom turrets if you feel you need more fire power. Did I mention she’s a fast ship, as merchant vessels go? No? Listen. If you can’t afford a Drayman – and who can these days – you’ll find the Galaxy fills all your shipping needs. And it’s a steal at only 150000! We can give you credit for your old ship, along with your add-on modules. What’s left is in your account. So… how about flying a Galaxy home today?

Accept: Great. Your payment will be deducted automatically, and you’ll find the ship waiting on the pad for you. Thanks for your business… and good shipping.

Reject: Ah well. Think it over a little, and get back to me, okay?

I see you already fly a Galaxy-class merchant ship. She’s not as flashy as some ships, but she sure is practical. If you’re into aggressive space combat, then the Centurion is just what you’re looking for. If it’s security you want… the Orion sports better armour and shields, but you’ll give up a little cargo space. Which ship can I tell you about?


You want to buy an Orion? I’m telling you, you do. You do a lot of risky runs? You look the type. Let me tell you something… the Orion may not be fast, but she’s a regular tank. She has the thickest armour and best shields of any ship on the open market. Sure, the cargo space is limited, but she’ll keep you and your cargo safe, get it? This ship has something for everybody. Merchants have cargo protection… and mercs can fly her with confidence that they’ll come back in one piece. The Orion has racks for 2 guns, a weapon or tractor beam, and a rear turret. A great buy at only 75000 credits. Of course, you’d get a trade in for your ship, and for the extras… leaving you with a few credits for new accessories. So… you want one, or what?

Accept: Sharp eye, pal. We’ll deduct your payment automatically and have her waiting on the pad. Enjoy!

Reject: I didn’t think you would. You look like a window shopper. No hard feelings, pal. Let me know if you change your mind.

You already fly an Orion, so you know you fly the safest ship available. If you need more speed, then let me tell you about the Centurion. But if it’s cargo space you’re after, then I suggest you consider a Galaxy.

Excess Cargo

Good choice, but far be it for me to pass up a sale, I can’t afford to take advantage of a customer. The problem is, all of the cargo currently listed on your ship’s manifest won’t fit in this baby, and the Merchants’ Guild won’t let us trade your surplus cargo. So go ahead, sell off some cargo, come back and I’ll fix you up. Believe me, I’m doing you a favour telling you this… some dealers will keep your excess cargo, guild or no guild.

Insufficient Funds

I hate to break it to you, but we’ve checked your account… and you don’t have enough credits to buy this ship. She sure is a fine ship though, isn’t she? Listen, I want to make a sale, you want to make a purchase. Let’s look at the facts… You know the retail of this ship. I can give your ship trade in, plus your extras. Including your cash on hand, that still leaves you short. Get some more cash, and come back when you’re ready to deal, okay? And don’t feel embarrassed… these things happen…

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