version 2.6.5

Wing Commander Prophecy: T’lan Meth System

T’lan Meth 416.3 – Treasure Hunt

Drake: Please come in and get seated. All right then. Let’s go over your mission objectives.
ICIS: Our limited intelligence has revealed that the Kilrathi planet E’loy, in the T’lan Meth system, is being blockaded by enemy forces, but an unknown source is jamming our sensors and preventing a full assessment of the situation. As soon as the Midway jumps into T’lan Meth, all wings with the exception of Alpha and Bravo will be deployed to assist E’loy’s defenders in any way possible. Meanwhile Alpha and Bravo wings will perform a sweep of a nearby asteroid field in an attempt to locate the alien jamming equipment. You are to locate and identify the broadcast source so that it can be recovered for examination. A proximity sensor sweep will be required to identify the target, due to the jammer’s operation and the presence of the asteroids. Once the jammer source is identified, an SAR team will be dispatched to retrieve and dismantle the jammer. Eliminating this jammer and restoring the Midway’s sensors to full operating status is of the utmost urgency.
Drake: Oh, and one more thing. Major Marshall.
Maniac: <splutter> Uh, present!
Drake: Major, you are now in command of the Black Widow Squadron. I expect your Bravo Wing to provide back-up for Alpha.
Maniac: Yes, sir.
Drake: You’re dismissed.
Hawk: What’s the problem, Major?
Maniac: After all these years to finally have my own squadron.
Hawk: To be in control?
Maniac: Yeah.
Hawk: To be in command?
Maniac: Yeah!
Hawk: To be the one they string up when your squadron screws the pooch on a mission?
Maniac: Yea-h… Yea– Hey, wait a minute!
T’lan Meth System
Panther Launch
Fly T’lan Meth 416.3
Stiletto: Hey, ace. Betcha I can find that buoy before you do.
Stiletto: Looks like we’re heading for the hornets’ nest!
Maniac: Encountering light enemy presence at NAV 3. Situation nominal.
Maniac: Heads up, Casey: we’ve got an anomalous reading back at NAV 3. Can’t pin it down. You might want to check it out on your way through there. We’re heading back.
Stiletto: Whoa! Heads up, Casey! We’ve got company!
Maniac: Hey, plebe, I thought you guys cleared this place out! It’s crawlin’ with bugs!
Stiletto: Scanners picking up multiple unknowns in the asteroid field. One of ’em might be our jammer.
Time to see who’s got it… and who doesn’t.
Computer: Object identified. Contents: Jamming Device.
Anderson: Good job, Lieutenant. The SAR will pick up the buoy. Come on home.
Anderson: Nice flying, Lieutenant! You’re cleared to land.
Anderson: Midway to Alpha Wing, the CAG’s ordered you back. Return to base on the double!
Stiletto: You can’t win ’em all, ace. Let’s take it home.
Stiletto: Rough mission, Casey?
Casey: Yeah.
Stiletto: So you let one get past you. It happens. Besides, I picked up the buoy anyway. Just dropped it off at Science Division’s lab. They seemed pretty excited. Coming?
Casey: Yeah, I think I gotta, um, ah… I’ll get the next one.
Stiletto: Suit yourself. See you in pilot country.
Casey: <sigh>

T’lan Meth 417.4 – MIA Recovery

Hawk, Casey and Major Happy Feet
Casey: What’s up with Major Happy Feet over there?
Hawk: Beta Flight got cut up pretty good out there. One of ’em didn’t come back.
Casey: Anyone we know?
Hawk: How’s life on the edge, Mister Squadron Commander? I heard you lost one of your adoring fans.
Maniac: You know I’ve got a good pilot MIA and I come back to this!
Casey: Does the SAR have a line on your pilot?
Maniac: No. He ejected into the asteroids. There’s no sign of him. And the CAG… The CAG’s pulled my boys off rotation to get a straight eight. That includes me, so I can’t even go out and look for my own guy. Ha. It gets better. Word is the aliens are scooping up every pilot they can get their hands on from wherever. I bet they’re not serving ’em milk and biscuits.
Casey: <sniff> What’s that smell?
Maniac: What?
Casey: <sniff>
Maniac: Is it… is it me?
Casey: Something stinks.
Maniac: It’s not… it’s not me.
Casey: I’ll tell you what it is, Major. It’s the Plebe that’s going out into the asteroids to save your wingman.
Panther Launch
Fly T’lan Meth 417.4
Drake: Lieutenant Casey, I’m allowing this against my better judgement, but we owe that boy a chance. I just don’t want to lose you in the process…
Anderson: …You’ll escort the SAR shuttle to NAV 1. There, you will help locate and rescue the pilot who ejected from his damaged fighter. When you find him, return to Midway. Good hunting.
Sierra-19: We’ve got his ID signal, but it’s pretty weak. Stand by.
We found him, sir! Repeat: we’ve found him!
Cover us, sir. We’re making our pick-up.
We got him, sir. Let’s get out of here!
Anderson: Nice flying, Lieutenant! You’re cleared to land.
Rescued pilot
Coriolis: Pretty slick flying, Ace. I’m sure he’s glad to be home. Looks like you’re getting quite a reputation around here.
Anderson: [loudspeaker] Chief Coriolis to the briefing room. Chief Coriolis to the briefing room.
Coriolis: Never a moment’s rest. Chief here. I’m on my way. Good flying.
Ejected pilot recovered: T’lan Meth 418.0
Anderson: You did your best, Lieutenant. At least you made it back yourself. You’re cleared to land.
Ejected pilot lost: T’lan Meth 419.5

T’lan Meth 418.0 – Perimeter Sweep
T’lan Meth 419.5 – Panther Fighter Sweep

Drake: Tactical has compiled a new set of mission data for us. Let’s review them.
ICIS: Our Science and Engineering Divisions have been able to obtain valuable intelligence concerning alien operations in this system, using a limited encryption key contained in the captured jamming device. Enemy forces have captured the Kilrathi star base at Dula Seven and converted it to an advance staging base for their fleet. A significant portion of that fleet occupies a position between the Midway and the star base. Until Confed HQ can respond to our distress message, we must continue to gather as much information as possible. To do so, an SWACS will be deployed to perform a more thorough scan of the system. Your Alpha Wing will conduct a standard 3-point patrol, with orders to engage and destroy any enemy ships encountered and prevent any interference with the scanning operation. When your patrol is complete, return to the Midway.
Drake: Time is short. Go to it. Dismissed.
Panther Launch
Fly T’lan Meth 418.0 | T’lan Meth 419.5
T’lan Meth 418.0:
Maestro: Ah… nothing like a nice, quiet patrol.
Anderson: Abort your present mission and proceed to NAV point two. We are updating your NAV map now. Locate and defend SWACS flight at all costs, then escort SWACS back to the Midway via NAV 3.
Seahawk: Sure glad you guys showed up.
Seahawk: Suppose we owe you boys a steak dinner. Thanks.
Anderson: Nice flying, Lieutenant! You’re cleared to land.
Anderson: It’s going to make it a little harder to get information back without that SWACS. Next time, bring it home. You’re cleared.
SWACS rescued: T’lan Meth 420.0
SWACS lost: T’lan Meth 421.5
T’lan Meth 419.5:
Anderson: All fighters, the Midway is under heavy attack! Return to base immediately!
Anderson: Nice flying, Lieutenant! You’re cleared to land.
Next: T’lan Meth 421.5

T’lan Meth 420.0 – Kilrathi Rendezvous
T’lan Meth 421.5 – Diversionary Strike

Drake: Thanks to new reconn… <sigh> Thanks to new reconnaissance data, Tactical is now certain that a large enemy fleet is massing in this system. Undoubtedly, their prime target will be the Midway. Reports indicate the enemy hasn’t spotted us yet, so we may have the element of surprise on our side. Let’s get to work.
ICIS: The SWACS scans have confirmed a large alien fleet stationed in this area. They are aware of the Midway’s presence due to their heavy patrols in the area; however, much of this fleet is still focused upon the blockade of E’loy. While the enemy attention is divided, the Midway will attempt a strike upon a carrier element of this fleet.
T’lan Meth 420.0:
ICIS: Before the main strike, a team led by Major Marshall will be sent on a diversionary strike against an inbound alien supply convoy in an attempt to draw fighter cover away from our targets. Your Alpha Wing will lead the actual assault, with support from Charlie, Delta, and Echo wings. Proceed through NAV 1 and 2, allowing the diversion time to take effect. At NAV 3, engage your primary targets: an alien carrier and its cruiser escort. You may engage other targets at your discretion, but the primary targets must be destroyed to prevent a retaliatory strike on the Midway. When your mission is completed, return to the Midway.
T’lan Meth 421.5:
ICIS: Major Marshall’s Bravo Wing will lead the primary assault upon the enemy carrier and its cruiser escort. Meanwhile, your Alpha Wing will lead a diversionary strike upon what appears to be an enemy re-supply convoy. This attack should cause the carrier group to deploy some or all of its fighters to your area. You are to engage and destroy all enemy fighters, preventing them from assisting the carrier when the attack arrives. You may engage any other targets at your discretion. When your mission is completed, return to the Midway.
Drake: Now, <sigh> I suspect what I’m about to say will rub some of you the wrong way. The squadron you are rendezvousing with is from one of Feudal Planets of Kilrathi Empire manned by the T’Agg A’Bren Clan.
Maniac: Oh great! Now were flying with the Cult of Sivar! Why don’t we dig up Tolwyn, while we’re at it?!
Hawk: Sir, you can’t be serious! Those religious zealots have been raiding our colonies ever since we nuked Kilrah. They’d love to get another crack at us.
Drake: And that’ll be quite enough out of you both! Unless you’d like to do your belly-aching in the brig. Look around you. We don’t have the luxury of picking and choosing our allies right now. We either work with the Cats or we die. Is that understood? Do it! Dismissed.
Shrike Launch
Fly T’lan Meth 420.0
Panther Launch
Fly T’lan Meth 421.5
T’lan Meth 420.0:
Stiletto: Now that we’re all dressed up, let’s find us a party.
Maestro: And me without my music discs…
Hawk: I wouldn’t exactly call that stuff ‘music’, kid.
Maestro: Hewwo, puddy tats.
Kilrathi: Greetings, apes. It is a good day to die, is it not?
Hawk: You can do all the dyin’ you want, furball.
Kilrathi: RAAARRRR!
Anderson: Midway to strike force: Bravo Wing reports engagement with enemy fighters. You are clear to proceed.
Kilrathi: We shall take the carrier in the name of vengeance!
Do not get in the way, apes!
Hawk: If I decide to “get in the way” you won’t be around long enough to stop me.
Stiletto: How nice! Suppose that leaves the cruiser for you, sugar. We’ll keep your six clear once the shootin’ starts.
Maestro: Yeah, we’ll be right behind ya… sugar.
Kilrathi: Well fought, Humans. Perhaps we shall honour you in battle one day. (success)
Have you no true warriors left in your race, ape? You fight no better than newborn cubs. (failure)
T’lan Meth 421.5:
Stiletto: It’s a shame we gotta miss the big show.
Maestro: If we don’t draw off enough of those fighters, that strike force won’t have a prayer.
Stiletto: And if the strike force bites it, you can bet the Midway will be the next target they hit.
Stiletto: All right! Maestro, take your bomber and concentrate on the convoy. We’ll tie up the escorts until the fighters have arrived.
Maestro: Roger that! Okay, boys: let’s bag us a convoy!
Contact! Multiple targets!
Stiletto: Heads up, people! Here comes the cavalry!
All Panthers, break off and engage the inbound fighters!
Midway, our friends have arrived. You’re clear to start the party.
Anderson: Roger, Alpha Lead. Keep ’em busy for a while. We wouldn’t want them to crash the party.
Kilrathi: For my clan and Sivar, I claim my vengeance!
Maniac: Oh Yeah! I got your ‘Ship Killer’ right here baby!
Maniac: Ka-BOOM! Oh, baby! Yeah!
Hawk: Yes! Look at ’em burn!
Maniac: Where the heck did they come from?
Hawk: This is definitely not good! This place is crawling with bugs!
Anderson: Strike force, this is Midway: your mission is buster. Say again: your mission is buster.
Maniac: Roger that, Midway. We’re buggin’ out!
Kilrathi: You run from battle, Human? You dishonour your race!
Success (both):
Anderson: Nice flying, Lieutenant! You’re cleared to land.
Kilrah System: Enemy gate nearing completion
Finley: You’re up late. I thought all pilots needed their beauty sleep.
Casey: <sigh> I’ve given up sleep.
Finley: How long have you been up?
Casey: Oh, 72 hours… maybe.
Finley: You can’t keep doing that to yourself. Sooner or later it’s going to affect your work, not to mention your health.
Midnight Oil
Casey: So what makes you burn the midnight oil?
Finley: Now that we found a way to cut through the alien jamming, we finally made contact with the Cats on E’Loy.
Casey: And?
Finley: And, what I found was very strange. It seems that after the capital city of E’Loy was attacked and destroyed, most of the Kilrathi disappeared.
Casey: Disappeared? You mean, were killed.
Finley: No, I mean disappeared. Apparently, the aliens took a great many prisoners. Thousands. The few who remained sent me a data bundle on the alien craft. I’m processing that now but…
Casey: But what?
Finley: As soon as I uploaded the data, I lost all contact with the Kilrathi. All the systems checked out. They’re just not there. It’s almost as if…
Casey: As if, the E’loy had been consumed, like in the Kilrathi prophecy.
Maverick: Who are you?
Nephilim: You have killed many!
Maverick: What do you want?
Nephilim: YOU!
Finley: Hey! Are you all right?
Both enemy capital ships destroyed: T’lan Meth 422.7
All inbound enemy fighters destroyed: T’lan Meth 422.7
Failure (both):
Anderson: See you in hell, you bastards! AAAAAAaaaaahhh!
One or both enemy capital ships active: Midway destroyed
One or more convoy fighters active: Midway destroyed

T’lan Meth 422.7 – Cult of Sivar Rescue

Hawk: Missed you at mess this morning.
Casey: Yeah, I wasn’t hungry.
I’m not hungry
Hawk: You weren’t in the mood to eat. That’s not the same as not being hungry.
Casey: Do you have a point, Colonel?
Hawk: Blair. You’re still blaming yourself for what happened. It’s tearing you up inside. I can see it. Are you having nightmares about him yet?
Casey: <nods>
Hawk: <sigh> Sit down, Lieutenant. You know, on one of my first missions in the last war, I lost three wingmen, including two bunk mates. I was ready to sign for a psych discharge. I was a wreck. Couldn’t sleep. Couldn’t eat. Just kept seeing their faces every time I closed my eyes. This Major took me aside. He said, “They’re dead and you’re not. Get used to it.”
Casey: Yeah, easy for him to say!
Hawk: Yeah. But not so easy for him to sign on as my wingman. Which he did! Next mission out, he’s got my six. I’m not in the groove yet. He had to kill a clan of Cats until I got myself together.
Casey: Who was it? Blair?
Hawk: Your father.
Casey: My father?
Hawk: Now, get some sleep, get something to eat and forget about Blair. You’re a good pilot and you’re still alive. You should try to stay that way.
Casey: Is that what my father would have said?
Hawk: <smiles>
Drake: All right, people, we have a lot of ground to cover. You’ll find your mission data on your ICIS. Let’s get started.
ICIS: Lieutenant Casey, you and Colonel Manley will be dispatched immediately to join the Kilrathi at NAV 1, where they are already engaged with an enemy force. Assist them in destroying all enemy forces. Then, provide an escort for the remainder of their forces to a rendezvous with a Kilrathi corvette at NAV 2. When your mission is complete, return to the Midway.
Drake: So, these are your mission objectives. And if there’s no further feedback from Hawk or Maniac? Then you are dismissed. Good luck.
Casey: You okay?
Hawk: I joined this man’s space force to skin Cats, not to hold their paws. I feel like I was better off in the Union of Border Worlds. At least there we knew who our enemies were.
Casey: Look, Hawk, you like it or not you’ll have to put all this behind you. Like I did with Blair. You taught me that!
Hawk: You ever read the mission report on the day your dad went KIA?
Casey: Yeah, he was on a deep space patrol in the B’shriss system when the Kilrathi jumped him.
Hawk: But, one small detail was omitted from that report. Blair found his life-pod. Brought it in. Iceman was inside – in pieces. The Cats pulled him in, had their fun, and sent him home. Not exactly a hero’s death, huh? So, we omitted it from the mission log to spare the family. Trust me, kid. I know you’re trying to help. But I owe those Cats a whole lot of pay-back, and so do you! See you on deck.
Panther Launch
Fly T’lan Meth 422.7
Hawk: This don’t feel right, kid… riskin’ our butts to save some freakin’ furballs!
Hawk: Looks like those cats are getting hammered. Real shame, ain’t it?
Kilrathi: You will assist us, Human!
Hawk: There are still enemies out here, Casey. Let’s kill the bastards!
I took the liberty of turning off our flight recorders before we left. Nobody’s gonna know what happened out here, but you, me, and a bunch of dead cats.
You make the call on this one… but if we’re gonna attack, it’d better be soon.
Kilrathi: Accompany us to the rendezvous point, Human.
Hawk: These are Sivar renegades! We don’t take ’em down today, they’ll be raiding our colonies tomorrow.
This is your chance to pay ’em back, for your dad! Shoot the bastards!
Attack Kilrathi:
Kilrathi: So be it. Now you die, Human scum! (Nephilim active)
Traitorous ape! We will feast upon your entrails! (Nephilim destroyed)
Hawk: Right on, kid! Let the fur fly!
Ignore Hawk (success):
Hawk: You sure you’re the Iceman’s kid, boy?
Kilrathi: You fly well, for a clawless one.
Hawk: I think I’m gonna puke.
Ignore Hawk (failure):
Hawk: You sure you’re the Iceman’s kid, boy?
Kilrathi: Your Confederation’s best was less than adequate. We shall remember your failure.
We had heard… a great many things of you, Human. Obviously, we were misinformed.
Attacked Kilrathi:
Hawk: That corvette makes for a lovely target. Don’t think I can resist.
If we don’t finish what we started, we’ll be facing a court-martial. The Hawk don’t go for that.
Die proud, kid. You’re the best wingman I’ve flown with since your old man.
ARRRRRRRRRRGH! <static> (Kilrathi kill Hawk)
Kilrathi: Do you wish to end your pitiful existence as well, simian fool? (Kilrathi kill Hawk)
We would pursue and destroy the hairless one, were he worthy of a warrior’s death. (Kilrathi kill Hawk)
You are no Warrior of the True Blood! Your death offers us little honour! (Casey kills Hawk)
The lower life forms of your Confederation may no longer depend upon our assistance against this foe.
Ignored Hawk:
Anderson: Nice flying, Lieutenant! You’re cleared to land.
Casey: Blast it, Hawk. Talk to me! Hawk! What the heck’s wrong with you?! Hawk!
Angry Hawk
Casey: Hawk!
Coriolis: What just happened out there?
Casey: I don’t know. I really don’t know.
Attacked Kilrathi:
Anderson: We blew it, Casey. You’re cleared to land.
Drake: It’s too bad about Hawk. He was one of our best.
Casey: Yes, sir.
Drake: What I don’t understand is… Hawk’s last transmission. He said all the enemy fighters had been eliminated. Did you see what took him down? Hmm… No data. Your flight recorder must have been damaged in the fire-fight. I’ll get the techs on it right away. Are you all right, Lieutenant?
Casey: Yes, sir.
Drake: Very well, then. Dismissed.

T’lan Meth 423.8 – SWACS Scan of Dula 7

Ignored Hawk:
Casey: So how long do I rate the silent treatment, Colonel?
Casey and Hawk
Hawk: You expect a pat on the back for not telling the brass I wanted to hose those Cats? Ha!
Casey: And I suppose I should have helped you murder them.
Hawk: No, you should be proud of yourself. It’s not every day a rookie pilot can rescue a gang of Kilrathi terrorists.
Casey: Those Kilrathi were flying worn out ships, Colonel.
Hawk: What’s your point, Lieutenant?
Casey: They’re a pathetic pack of burn-outs fighting a war that’s been over for years. People like that… people like you should be pitied.
Hawk: <assaults Casey> But they’re still the enemy.
Casey: Were, Hawk. Were. Right now, there’s a new enemy out there. It’s got the Kilrathi on the run, and we’re next.
Hawk: I’m a good pilot. I’m still alive. Maybe I should…
Casey: Plan to stay that way? That’s good advice.
Finley: Recognise this?
Signal Buoy
Finley: It’s the transmission assembly from that Confed signal buoy you guys brought back. Ah! <smacks Casey> No touch!
Casey: What’s it doing here?
Finley: I needed the special comm equipment in this tie-in to test a theory.
Casey: And?
Finley: And using some key codes I found in this assembly, we now have several critical pieces of the puzzle to break our alien ‘friends’ codes.
Casey: Sounds complicated.
Finley: It is. Here. This is a transmission we intercepted recently. Coded in two parts. The first part goes like this.
Nephilim: We have captured another of the non-aligned and are transporting it to the Centrax on Dula Seven.
Casey: Non-aligned? What does that mean?
Finley: No idea. However, according to what our ugly ‘friend’ just said and other data from the Kilrathi, Dula Seven was once a Kilrathi star base. Now the aliens occupy it.
Casey: That’s very strange.
Finley: You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. I just now finished this run on the second part of the transmission. Check it out.
Casey: This looks almost organic.
Finley: On the money! Single nucleus, double-helix DNA, S-7 Ribosomes. I’d swear, if I didn’t know any better, these were animal cytological scans, er… tissue samples, Casey. Very thorough tissue samples, possibly Human.
Casey: Well, that would mean…
Finley: That the aliens are dissecting Humans for study.
Casey: So, the unaligned are?
Finley: Us.
Casey: And Blair.
Drake: Quiet please. Quiet. I just left Tactical. We have developed a new strategy. Please check your ICIS for your assignments.
ICIS: To obtain valuable intelligence about Dula Seven, the occupied Kilrathi star base, an SWACS vessel will be dispatched to perform a perimeter scan of the base. Your patrol will pass through these points, allowing the SWACS full visibility of Dula Seven’s radar shadow. You must provide escort for the SWACS until it reaches a proximity position from which to scan the star base and its surroundings. Protect the ship while it completes its scanning, and return at once to the Midway.
Drake: Good luck out there. We’re depending on you. Dismissed.
Panther Launch
Fly T’lan Meth 423.8
Seahawk: This is Lookout One. We are beginning our scan.
60 seconds to go. Keep it up!
Scan complete. We’re outta here!
Seahawk: Just keep them off us for 90 seconds…
30 seconds…
Scan complete. We’re outta here!
Seahawk: This is Lookout One. We are beginning our scan.
60 seconds to go. Keep it up!
Scan complete. We’re outta here!
Maestro: Ta da! A mighty success for the Confederation!
Anderson: Nice flying, Lieutenant! You’re cleared to land.
Seahawk: They’re everywhere! We’re hit! NOOOOOOO! <static>
Maestro: Maybe we need to head back to the Academy.
Anderson: We blew it, Casey. You’re cleared to land.
Ignored Hawk:
Stiletto: Did you hear? Hawk was flying recon and got jumped by two squadrons of bad guys.
Casey: Any chance he ejected?
Stiletto: His ship broke up. SAR never even picked up any homing signals from an eject pod. He’s not coming back. Hmm… sorry, I didn’t realise you two were that close.
Casey: Yeah, we had the same teacher.
Maestro: Yeah, she’s sorry. C’mon.

T’lan Meth 424.4 – Shrike Bomber Assault

Casey and Spyder
Casey: Hawk was a good man.
Spyder: Hawk was nuts. All work and no play. A real load of laughs.
Casey: You sound like you didn’t like him.
Spyder: I understood him. He couldn’t help being who he was. The Cats made him that way. <sigh> Hawk’s home planet was Mylon II, a colony at the edge of the Rim. One of the Cats’ first targets in the Galactic War. They terraformed it with proton bombs.
Casey: How did Hawk survive it?
Spyder: He was away at the Academy. Came back to find everything and everyone he had ever known had been blown to dust. Hawk died on Mylon II, today was just a formality. Hey, kid. Hawk would’ve wanted you to have that.
Drake: As I said, this is an important mission for us in this system. Please check your ICIS for mission objectives.
ICIS: The SWACS data has revealed an alien destroyer which was hidden in Dula Seven’s radar shadow. Our sensors now indicate that the destroyer is moving away from the star base and its defences. Your Alpha Wing will be dispatched to this intercept point. While Stiletto’s Bravo Wing intercepts and eliminates any fighters launched from the base itself, your wing will make a full assault on the destroyer. When the destroyer is eliminated, return to the Midway.
Drake: Dismissed.
Shrike Launch
Fly T’lan Meth 424.4
Anderson: Nice flying, Lieutenant! You’re cleared to land.
Orca destroyer eliminated: T’lan Meth 425.0
Orca destroyer active: T’lan Meth 426.5

T’lan Meth 425.0 – No Survivors

Drake: Very well. Let’s get started.
ICIS: Now that Dula Seven’s perimeter defences have been significantly weakened, our forces have a small window of opportunity to mount an attack on the station proper. Each Wing will take control of a specific zone, destroying all remaining alien fighters in the area. Lieutenant Casey, you will be leading Alpha Wing. Your objective is to destroy all enemy forces at this NAV point. When your zone is cleared, return to the Midway. The marines will launch when all zones are cleared.
Drake: You have your mission objectives. Do your best. Dismissed.
Panther Launch
Fly T’lan Meth 425.0
Pilot: Any available pilots, please assist. Our engagement area is being overrun by alien forces!
Anderson: Nice flying, Lieutenant! You’re cleared to land.
All enemy fighters in assigned area destroyed: T’lan Meth 427.2
One or more enemy fighters in assigned area active: Midway destroyed

T’lan Meth 426.5 – Bug Hunt

Maniac: Gotta take advice from the best, kid. The Maniac. All right? You gotta start flyin’ with your eyes open. You fly a couple more missions like that last one, you know… they’re gonna be handing out triple death bennies like it’s Halloween candy!
Casey: Is that supposed to be a pep talk?
Maniac: Yeah. Yeah, it is. Can’t you see I’m buckin’ up your morale? <whistles> Look out, low bridge! <laughs>
Drake: Very well. If we’re all here. Let’s go over your objectives.
ICIS: Although Dula Seven’s perimeter defences have not been entirely eliminated, the SWACS scans indicate that there are Humans being held aboard the station. For this reason, the Captain has sped up the timetable for our invasion of Dula Seven. Each Wing will take control of a specific zone, destroying all remaining alien fighters in the area. Lieutenant Casey, you will be leading Alpha Wing. Your objective is to destroy all enemy forces at this NAV point. When your zone is cleared, return to the Midway. The marines will launch when all zones are cleared.
Drake: You know what to do. Make it happen, gentlemen. Dismissed.
Panther Launch
Fly T’lan Meth 426.5
Anderson: All craft return to base. The Midway is under attack. Say again: all craft return to base.
Pilot: Any available pilots, please assist. Our engagement area is being overrun by alien forces!
Anderson: Get those bombers!
Anderson: Nice flying, Lieutenant! You’re cleared to land.
All enemy fighters in assigned area destroyed: T’lan Meth 427.2
One or more enemy fighters in assigned area active: Midway destroyed

T’lan Meth 427.2 – Storming the Rock

Drake: This is it, people. The Marines are landing on Dula Seven!
Dekker: Okay, our mission is to gather as much strategic data as we can on our alien ‘friends’. And to retrieve any and all Human prisoners.
Commander Drake and Colonel Dekker
Drake: Pilots, check your ICIS.
ICIS: The Marines are landing on Dula Seven to gather tactical data on the alien forces and retrieve any Human prisoners there. Your Alpha Wing will cover Stiletto’s Bravo Wing as it escorts a Marine LC to the base. Once the LC has landed, the Marines will deploy to the star base, while Alpha and Bravo wings continue to engage enemy forces. When the Marines pull out, escort them back to the Midway.
Drake: Let’s go to it, people. Dismissed.
Panther Launch
Fly T’lan Meth 427.2
Marine LC: Keep those bugs out of our way, fly-boys. We’re headed for the rock.
Dekker: We’ve docked at Dula Seven, Alpha Wing. Cover our butts.
Alpha Wing, this is Marine One. Entry to the reactor level is blocked. We cannot terminate the self-destruct sequence.
Alpha Wing, this is Marine One. We’ve scanned Human life signs on the next level. We’re going to check it out. Wish us luck!
I don’t have time for this! Alpha Wing, my boys’ve found somebody alive in here! We’re bringing him out. Cover our retreat!
Finley: Make it snappy, Marine One. Dula Seven’s Thermium reactor is ten points past critical. She’s ready to blow.
Dula 7 Star Base Self-Destructs
Anderson: Nice flying, Lieutenant! You’re cleared to land.
Stiletto: Casey. Congratulations. The Captain has recommended you for the Silver Star.
Casey: Forget that! What about the prisoner the Marines bought in?
Stiletto: It’s Blair. But Casey, you should know… <sigh>
Casey: Commodore? Commodore, I’m sorry.
Maverick: For what? You saved my life.
Casey: Yeah, but if… You wouldn’t have been captured if I didn’t…
Maverick: I don’t want you blaming yourself for what happened to me. You did the right thing, you stayed with Dekker and the men. <wince> Excuse me. My new ‘friends’ bounced me around a little bit.
Casey: Well, at least they didn’t slice you and dice you.
Maverick: No. But they cut into my mind, though. Deeply. They dredged up memories: <sigh> Telamon, Admiral Tolwyn, the destruction of Kilrah, Angel. Everything I ever hoped to forget. And I relived every moment. And then they let you find me. Oh, they are fascinated by us, Casey. Our ability to kill without remorse, without pity. Our darker nature.
Casey: But, who are they?
Maverick: Death.

T’lan Meth 428.0 – Holding the Line

Drake: Gentlemen. Let’s get started, shall we? Check your ICIS for the mission objectives.
ICIS: The aliens have pulled a significant portion of their fleet from the assault on E’loy and are attempting to pin the Midway against this asteroid belt. Already, scanners detect multiple wings of inbound bogies closing on our position at attack speed. Although we have received word that Confed is sending reinforcements, it is doubtful that they will reach the Midway in time. We will be scrambling all available fighters to deal with this threat. Each Wing will be responsible for a specific intercept zone, destroying all enemy fighters as they approach the Midway. Your Alpha Wing’s objective is to destroy all enemy forces present at NAV 1. When your mission is completed, return to the Midway.
Drake: Very well, get to it. And be careful out there. Dismissed.
Lieutenant Casey and Commander Drake
Ignored Hawk – success:
Drake: Lieutenant, just a moment. We’ve been getting comms from a Cat on E’Loy. He says he’s well acquainted with you and your ‘hairless’ clan.
Casey: Yeah, Hawk and I saved his butt.
Drake: Well, in between insults, I get the distinct impression he’d like to return the favour.
Casey: That would be… strange.
Drake: No doubt. It’s a strange world, Lieutenant.
Ignored Hawk – failure:
Drake: Lieutenant, just a moment. J’Ron, the Cat Clan leader on E’Loy, has contacted us. Even though you failed to save N’Sharr’s squadron, he seems aware you did your best.
Casey: Well, I’m glad to hear that. I suppose.
Drake: He seems to want to help. We may need all the help we can get out there. Good luck.
Casey: Thank you, sir.
Attacked Kilrathi:
Drake: Lieutenant, may I have a word with you? The Kilrathi on E’Loy haven’t responded to our comms since your mission to rescue N’Sharr failed. Any idea why?
Casey: <shakes head>
Drake: The Kilrathi can be… difficult. Good luck out there.
Casey: Thank you, sir.
Panther Launch
Fly T’lan Meth 428.0
Anderson: All craft return to base. The Midway is under attack. Say again: all craft return to base.
Kilrathi: The Kilrathi are pleased to provide assistance. (Ignored Hawk – success)
Does the primate require the assistance of a higher life form? (Ignored Hawk – failure)
The murdering hairless ape is not worthy of our assistance. (Attacked Kilrathi)
Anderson: Nice flying, Lieutenant! You’re cleared to land.
Ignored Hawk:
Wilford: Nice piece of work, Lieutenant.
Casey: Thank you, sir. I only wish Hawk could have been here to see this.
Drake: Casey, they never would have supported us if you hadn’t helped them in the first place. Fine job.
Casey: Thank you, sir.
The TCS Midway jumps to G’mar system
Attacked Kilrathi:
Drake: Lieutenant Casey, we now know why the Cats refused to help us out there.
Casey: Sir?
Wilford: Mr Casey. We just intercepted a Cat communiqué. Do you deny that you and Hawk attacked a wing of their pilots?
Casey: No, sir.
Wilford: Well, thanks to your blood-lust we are now alone in this. Why?
Captain Wilford and Lieutenant Casey
Wilford: WHY?! We’re under attack! If I didn’t need every available pilot, I would throw you out an airlock! Now get to your ship, Mister! I’ll deal with you later.
Attacked Kilrathi: T’lan Meth 429.5

T’lan Meth 429.5 – Panther Scramble

Panther Launch
Fly T’lan Meth 429.5
Drake: Looks like they’re coming after us again. We’re tracking several new groups of bogies closing fast. You are to engage and eliminate all hostile targets. Stay sharp, people.
Kilrathi: Human fighters, we are beset by enemy forces. We require your assistance.
Anderson: Nice flying, Lieutenant! You’re cleared to land.
Assisted Kilrathi:
Drake: Attention!
Wilford: Mister Casey. Nice piece of work, son.
Drake: It’s a good thing that blood-lust is such a part of Kilrathi culture. With what you just pulled off out there, not only do they seem to have forgiven, but almost respect you, as well. But don’t think that gets you out of hot water in my command. That stunt you pulled with Hawk will be entered into your permanent record. Understood?
Casey: Yes, sir.
Wilford: Very well. Carry on, son.
Maestro: They may have to get you a bigger helmet.
Casey: Why?
Stiletto: For that inflated head of yours.
Casey: Hey!
The TCS Midway jumps to G’mar system.
Ignored Kilrathi:
Security: First Lieutenant Lance R Casey, Confed serial number C26354, you are under arrest. Your unprovoked assault upon an ally in a time of war constitutes high treason against the Terran Confederation. You will be stripped of rank and dishonourably discharged. That is all, Mr Casey.
Ignored Kilrathi: Dishonourable discharge

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