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Wing Commander Prophecy Dialogue Script

Here is the script from Wing Commander Prophecy. This includes dialogue from movies, ICIS briefings and in-flight communications. Losing track missions are included, however, all dialogue assume successful missions, unless otherwise indicated. Random speech such as Rachel’s ‘debriefing’ comments and wingmen taunts are not included, however, speech can be extracted using Mario “HCl” Brito’s TRE Manager and Audio Tool. Movies can be viewed using HCl’s Movie Player.

Mission Series

Branching is at the mission level rather than the series level in Wing Commander Prophecy – use the links to the left to access the dialogue scripts. Wing Commander Prophecy takes place primarily in the Kilrah sector.


Terran Confederation Space Force
Name Rank Callsign
John Dekker Colonel Gash
Jacob Manley Colonel Hawk
Todd Marshall Major Maniac
Karl Bowen Major Spyder
Jean Talvert 1st Lieutenant Stiletto
Terrence O’Hearn 1st Lieutenant Zero
Jason Fargo 1st Lieutenant Dallas
Lance Casey 2nd Lieutenant  
Maxwell Garrett 2nd Lieutenant Maestro
Terran Confederation Navy
Name Rank Callsign
Christopher Blair Commodore Maverick
Daniel Wilford Captain  
Patricia Drake Commander Princess
Aurora Finley Lieutenant Commander  
Liam Anderson Lieutenant  
Rachel Coriolis Master Chief Petty Officer  

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