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Wing Commander Prophecy: Kilrah System

Kilrah 741.2 – Fleet Remnant Destruction

Drake: I don’t care if you bullied your way back on the roster, you’re still off the flight line.
Maverick: The Captain will eat you alive for this.
Drake: The Captain will let me do my job!
Maverick: Then why won’t you let me do mine?
Drake: Because you’re not ready. End of discussion!
Maverick: The flight surgeon cleared me, the Captain gave me his okay, you’re the only one who says I’m not fit to fly!
Drake: I’m Commander Air Group. My decision is the only one that matters. Do you read me?
Maverick: <sigh> I’m too old for this. And you’re far too young.
Lieutenant Casey and Commodore Blair
Casey: You really want to do this?
Maverick: More than anything. I’m a better pilot than I am a staff officer.
Casey: But after what they did to you.
Maverick: Yeah. And I want to make sure they don’t do it to anybody else. You know, I’ve spent half my life fighting the Kilrathi. They were ruthless, deadly. But, compared to what we’re up against now, it makes the Kilrathi look like… housecats. They must be stopped. I don’t care what the CAG says, I’ve gotta do my share.
Drake: Very well. Let’s get started.
ICIS: Enemy presence in this system is stronger than expected, and the aliens are continuing to bring in reinforcements. Your Alpha Wing will provide cover for a wing of bombers as they strike advance elements of this new alien fleet. At the same time, a second attack force will pursue and destroy the survivors from our plasma weapon’s attack on the fleet in H’rissith. Your objective is to eliminate all fighters and starships at your designated NAV position. When both groups are eliminated, return to the Midway
Drake: You have your mission objectives. Do your best. Dismissed.
Vampire Launch
Fly Kilrah 741.2
Anderson: Cover those bombers so they can destroy the enemy starships.
Stiletto: Let’s try out these new missiles!
Stiletto: These new missiles are kicking their butts!
Anderson: Those bombers at NAV 2 are having a tough time of it, Casey. As soon as you’re finished with your current targets, take your group there and assist them.
Anderson: We’re really taking it to them now! You’re cleared to land.
Anderson: Tough break, sir. Looks like we’ll have to try that one again.

Kilrah 742.3 – Cap Missile Interception

Anderson: All pilots to your ships, this is not a drill. All pilots to your ships.
Wasp Launch
Fly Kilrah 742.3
Drake: The dreadnought has launched flights of bombers along with long-range anti-ship missiles. Your primary job is to intercept the missiles, then handle the bombers. Good luck.
Maestro: Let’s hope these Wasps can get us there in time! Punch it, Casey!
Anderson: Alien bombers coming in. Lieutenant, you must stop them!
Anderson: That was a close one!
You know, Casey, I bet they’re starting to get a little scared of you out there.

Kilrah 743.0 – Dreadnought Support Assault

Drake: Very well. If we’re all here. Let’s go over your objectives.
ICIS: The alien dreadnought is the most significant threat in this system. To mount an assault on this ship, we must first break through its screen of escort vessels. You will lead Alpha Wing’s bombers in an assault on the enemy cruiser force at NAV 1. A second, identical force will strike at the second advance force at NAV 2. When all enemy ships are eliminated, you are to return to the Midway.
Drake: You know what to do. Make it happen, gentlemen. Dismissed.
Devastator Launch
Fly Kilrah 743.0
Anderson: Take out those starships and get back here. Good luck.
Stiletto: Bomber Force One, this is Two: we’ve encountered a bit of a… setback. They’re really putting up a fight here at NAV 2 around their carrier and cruiser, and we could use a bit of help – like now!
Anderson: The bombers at NAV 2 are having a tough time of it. As soon as you’re finished with your current targets, take your group there and assist them.
Zero: Joining the fray. You can thank us later.
Stiletto: I… owe you.
Anderson: Nice work on those starships! You’re cleared to land.
All enemy capital ships destroyed: Kilrah 745.4
Anderson: Tough break, sir. Looks like we’ll have to try that one again.
One or more enemy capital ships active: Kilrah 744.5

Kilrah 744.5 – Clean-Up

Devastator Launch
Fly Kilrah 744.5
Drake: Lieutenant Casey, your bomber wing needs to eliminate all enemy ships remaining in this area. Uploading NAV specs now.
Anderson: Nice work on those starships! You’re cleared to land.
All enemy capital ship destroyed: Kilrah 745.4
Anderson: We’ve got trouble here! Please assist at once!
Anderson: See you in hell, you bastards! AAAaaaah!
One or more enemy capital ships active: Midway destroyed

Kilrah 745.4 – De-fang the Beast

Commander Drake and Commodore Blair
Drake: Let’s get settled. Now, our next job is a simple one: reduce the dreadnought’s defences. Primary targets are her turrets. Secondaries are her bridge and engines. You can count on a lot of resistance out there, people.
Maverick: May I make a suggestion?
Drake: <sigh>
Maverick: If the Midway launched a volley of training missiles in the dreadnought’s direction, we could distract her fire. Give our people an edge.
Drake: And you think you’re a bad staff officer! As Commodore Blair has suggested, expect a barrage of training missiles timed to the launch of Casey’s wing. Now, check your ICIS for mission details.
ICIS: All wings are tasked with reducing the dreadnought’s defences. Proceed to the target NAV point and eliminate all threats. Your primary targets are turrets and shield emitters on the dreadnought, as well as any fighter cover in the vicinity. Additional ordnance may be expended upon the dreadnought’s engines and bridge, but these are not your primary targets. When the ship’s defences are eliminated, return to the Midway for further briefing.
Drake: Good luck, people. Dismissed.
Vampire Launch
Fly Kilrah 745.4
Anderson: Let’s hope those training missiles keep them busy!
Spyder: Excellent! The decoys are drawing the fighters away!
Go for the turrets first!
They’ve worked out the missiles are duds! We’re in for it now!
Anderson: Great job on the turrets! That’ll make it easier on the bombers. Come on in.
Maestro: Ya know… Ya know, Stiletto, I’ve noticed by the way you ignore me that you’re extremely attracted to me.
One more pass…
Drake: Hang on to your gear! You’re taking another pass at that dreadnought.
Maestro: That’s great!
Stiletto: Well, at least Casey already pulled her fangs.
Drake: As soon as she’s done with, we can make a run for the wormhole gate! Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go!
Anderson: With those turrets still active, it’s going to be tough on our bombers. Initiate landing procedures.
Maestro: I’m not wearing any underwear right now. What do you think about that?
Stiletto: Stay over there.
Maestro: Do you have any thoughts about that?
Stiletto: Stand over there.
Drake: Hang on to your gear! You’re taking another pass at that dreadnought.
Casey: But I didn’t take out all her turrets.
Drake: Can’t be helped. As long as she poses a threat, we can’t make a run for the wormhole gate. Let’s go. Let’s go. Come on! Come on! Come on! Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go! Go! Go! Go!
Devastator Launch
Fly Kilrah 746.7
Drake: Lieutenant Casey, your bomber group will attack the dreadnought’s bridge and engines while a recon group checks out the wormhole gate. I’m uploading NAV specs now.
Spyder: I’m targeting the bridge!
Try to disable her engines!
Wasp: Keep those bugs out of our way, fly-boys. We’re headed for the rock.
Wasp: Jeez louise! Would you look at that thing!
Wasp: Midway, this is Recon 1. We’ve got your data, and we’re heading home.
Anderson: Nice work on that dreadnought, sir! Recon’s done their part, too. You’re cleared to land!
Anderson: Tough break, sir. Don’t worry, though: the recon group made it back safely with some interesting data. You’re clear.

Kilrah 747.9 – Wormhole Destruction

Finley: The wormhole gate is generated by seven heavily shielded stabilising towers. They hold the rift open. By destroying all seven towers the wormhole can be made to collapse.
Drake: The Midway will retreat to a safe distance, drawing the enemy’s attention, while two Vampires escort a Marine LC to the gate’s command centre. Check your ICIS for mission specifics and assignments.
ICIS: The Midway will now pull away from the wormhole to draw the aliens’ attention. While we withdraw, your Alpha Wing will escort Dekker’s assault team in their landing craft to the wormhole gate. Once the Marines land, they will divide into two teams and navigate around the wormhole’s superstructure, disabling the shields on each of the seven stabilising towers. As each shield is lowered, you will destroy its corresponding tower. Science Division believes that when all seven towers are destroyed, the wormhole will collapse and destroy itself. As soon as all seven towers are destroyed, escort the landing craft back to the Midway as quickly as possible to avoid any backlash from the wormhole’s collapse.
Drake: You’ve all come a long way. Make Midway proud. Dismissed.
Vampire Launch
Fly Kilrah 747.9
Drake: Lieutenant Casey, maintain formation with your wing and the Marine landing craft. Make sure that insertion goes off without a hitch.
Dekker: We’re going in. Keep us clear!
Zero: Joining the fray. You can thank us later.
Stiletto: You don’t know how glad I am to see you.
Dekker: This is Dekker: we’re in, but this is no cake-walk. Just keep our airspace clear!
Dekker: Dekker here: we’ve fought our way into the tower control room. We’re just barely able to hold our own. We’re trying to shut down the tower shields, but breaking this encryption code isn’t easy.
Dekker: All right. There’s one!
Stiletto: We’ll worry about the fighters, Casey. You get those towers down!
Dekker: Team one, take towers two through four. We’ll take five through seven.
Dekker: We’ve got shields on towers two and five lowered. Go get ’em, kid.
Dekker: We’ve got a lot of company in here, folks, but we’ve got towers three and six down.
Team one reports heavy losses, but they’ve brought down shield four.
Dekker: Team one, you’re clear. Get back here and give us a hand!
Dekker: Team one? Do you copy? Come in!
We’ve got to make it to that last tower, boys. Stay with me!
Dekker: I’ve lost contact with team one, and most of my boys are… We’re having a hard time out here getting to that last tower. Jeez. We’ve got a big problem, Casey. Sensors indicate we’ve got a big enemy fleet, and I do mean big, approaching the other side of the wormhole. As soon as the boys bring down that last tower’s shield, you better…
Dekker: We can’t make it to tower seven! We’re pinned down at six. Send in reinforcements!
Drake: Unless we shut down the shields on that last tower…
Wilford: Casey’s wing can’t close the gate.
Maestro: And an entire enemy fleet will jump in our laps.
Desperate Times
Maverick: We’ll just have to pick up where the Marines left off: fly a guy into the command centre. He kills the shields, Casey’s wing kills the tower.
Maniac: Ha! Oh, I see this coming a mile away. What we need is a bonafide hero! Excuse me. Any heroes? An– No! Any heroes in the room at all?
Maverick: You’re looking at him.
Drake: Now is not the time.
Maverick: I’ve done hard time on one of their ships.
Drake: And you’re mad as anything and you want to kick some alien butt!
Maverick: I’m the best pilot for the job, and you know it.
Wilford: Patricia. I think we need him. Now.
Drake: All right. But you’re taking two wingmen for back-up.
Maniac: Just like old times.
Old Times
Maverick: <sigh> That’s what I was afraid of.
Maniac: <whispers to Maverick> I love you.
Maestro: <laughs>
Dekker: Sorry kid, I couldn’t do it. You make us proud!
Anderson: Lieutenant, withdraw to the refuelling ship at the new NAV point on your map. You’ll meet the reinforcements there.
Drake: We’ve been monitoring transmission, and we’re aware of the enemy fleet on its way through the wormhole. We’re running out of time, but the shields are still up on that last tower. Commodore Blair will enter tower seven to deactivate the final shields while Dekker’s men pull out. You need to ensure that Blair makes it there in one piece. Refuel, and get back out there immediately.
Maniac: About time you guys showed up.
Maverick: I knew you’d be the one, Casey. Your father… he’d be proud.
All right Casey, let’s get ’em!
Maverick: Cover me, and I’ll take that last shield down.
Maverick: I’m in! Awfully dark in here: let me get some light… I’ve never seen anything like this!
Maverick: The shield’s down, Casey. Fire when ready. I’ll have plenty of time to get out of here before the wormhole collapses. Do it now!
Maverick: Great job! Now get out of here before you’re caught in the big bang. I’m right behind you.
Dekker: Hey, boss! This place is coming apart at the seams! We’re picking up the last of our boys and buggin’ out. You get to your ship!
Maverick: Understood. See you back at the Midway. Attention all personnel, this is Blair. Evacuate enemy station immediately. Computer, how long before destruct?
Computer: Thermal overload estimated: one minute, 45 seconds.
Maverick: Give me a running count.
Warlord: Blair!
Computer: One minute, 35 seconds. One minute, 25 seconds.
Alien Warlord
Warlord: <screech>
Computer: One minute, 15 seconds. One minute, 10 seconds. Situation critical. Estimate one minute to overload. 50 seconds. 45 seconds. 40 seconds. 35 seconds. Danger… 30 seconds… 25 seconds. 20 seconds. 15 seconds.
Escape from Kilrah Wormhole
Computer: Danger! 10 seconds till gate collapse. 7… 6… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…
Casey: This is Casey. I’m ready to come home.
Casey: Maestro! Hey! You made it.
Maestro: SAR picked me up. It was too close for my comfort.
Too close for comfort…
Casey: What about Blair?
Stiletto: He didn’t make it. Something must’ve gone wrong.
The Confederation’s newest hero
TCS Midway
Stiletto: How’s Confed’s newest hero?
Casey: Fine.
Stiletto: Then why aren’t you at the party on the flight deck?
Casey: I was just thinking.
Stiletto: About Blair?
Casey: I wonder what he’d say right now.
Stiletto: I don’t know. But I bet he’d be very proud. Hey, remember this? From the Consulate General’s private reserve.
Casey: They’ll be back, you know.
Stiletto: Yeah, I know. But for now.
Casey: What’ll we drink to then? To Blair?
Stiletto: And to fighting the good fight.
Casey: To comrades in arms.
Plasma overload
Sol invasion

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