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Wing Commander Prophecy: H’rissith System

H’rissith 633.0 – Vampire/Devastator Duty

Maniac: Ahhh… You see, you don’t know. You don’t know, because Blair would fly on my wing. Okay? Because Tolwyn, Eisen, they always… they’d check with the Maniac. You a Border Worlder? Come here for a second. <splutter> <laughs> Casey! My only friend. My only friend. Come here. Come here. Let’s celebrate. Let’s celebrate.
Casey: What are we celebrating?
Maniac: My voluntary demotion. I am no longer a squadron commander.
Casey: But I thought you always dreamed of running your own squadron.
Maniac: Dreamed? Yeah. Ha! It’s more like a nightmare! Pilots whining all day about stats. You got the CAG screaming for results. It’s all pain, no gain. Let’s– Here, here. Let’s toast! Let’s toast. Maniac and Casey! All right. To the free, and easy life, of the Wing Commander.
Anderson: [loudspeaker] Lieutenant Casey. You are wanted in the ready room, at once!
Maniac: They got that medal for you, kid, huh? Well, give the CAG a kiss for me, all right?
Casey: Are you going to be all right?
Maniac: I’m the Maniac. Of course I’m going to be all right. Listen. Hey, hey, Casey, listen. You take my advice, all right? They’re giving you the medals. You rake them in. When they want you to be squadron commander you tell them to shove it! All right? All right. Chalk up another one for the Maniac.
Award Ceremony
Wilford: Attention! Congratulations, Lieutenant. It’s not every day a member of my command receives the Confed Flying Cross. Wear it with pride. It’s well deserved.
Casey: Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.
Drake: Assembly dismissed! Good job.
Casey: Thank you.
Maverick: Well done.
Casey: Thanks!
Stiletto: A Confed Flying Cross and a promotion to the Midway’s newest ‘Top Gun’ squadron. Not a bad day’s work.
Casey: Hey, you all got promoted to the Wolf Pack with me.
Maestro: Where we will no doubt be hopelessly lost in your shadow. Let’s celebrate!
A Tiamat Dreadnought Enters Kilrah…
Finley: I downloaded these files from the data banks of the ship killer we just captured.
Drake: So, you’re saying the wormhole these aliens are using as their invasion point is artificial?
Finley: Well, artificially induced over a potential anomaly in their system which allows them access into Confed space. It took massive planning to pull this off, even with their technology. Here, look. After also analysing the data from the beacon, Tactical thinks that the aliens’ initial foray into this system was recon only. I don’t think that they expected to find us here. In any case, they didn’t bring their whole fleet in.
Casey: There’s more?
Finley: Look closer at their structure. They’re clearly reinforcing it for a permanent passage.
Casey: And those plumes?
Finley: Judging from the IR emissions they could be the equivalent of cooling towers for the power array. The amount of heat generated to hold open a physical anomaly this size must be massive.
Casey: So, what would happen if we took those out?
Finley: Hmm, it could cause an overload… but I don’t yet know enough about their technology to be sure.
Drake: It might not matter. Judging from this, the towers appear heavily shielded. Probably take a full-on torpedo hit. We need to find a way to shut the whole array down. And soon.
Casey: No problem. We have our new plasma weapons.
Finley: Yes, problem. Even if we worked around the clock to get this thing to even work with our technology – which I’m not saying we can – I’m not sure we won’t blow ourselves to kingdom come the first time we try to use it.
Drake: Be sure. This may be the only chance we’ve got.
TCS Midway’s new plasma weapon
Drake: All right. The rest of you, please be seated. We have a lot of work to do. Here are your objectives.
H’rissith 633.1: Vampire Escort Duty
ICIS: The Eisen carrier group has leap-frogged ahead of the Midway and is clearing a path for us to the Kilrah jump point. This enemy carrier group, although posing no threat to the Midway, could place the Eisen force in jeopardy. The Midway will launch a strike group to attack the carrier, eliminating the threat. Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie wings will deploy to this NAV point. There, your Alpha Wing will disable the carrier’s turrets and shield towers, then join Charlie Wing in eliminating any fighter cover. This will clear the way for Bravo to deliver their torpedoes. When the carrier has been stopped, return to the Midway.
H’rissith 634.2: Devastator Assault Duty
ICIS: The Eisen carrier group has leap-frogged ahead of the Midway and is clearing a path for us to the Kilrah jump point. Enemy forces are currently focusing upon the Eisen group, and are apparently unaware of the Midway’s presence. This carrier group is on an intercept course, and its cruisers are closing rapidly to striking distance with the Eisen. The Midway will launch a strike group to attack the carrier, eliminating the bomber threat. Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie wings will deploy to this NAV point. Bravo and Charlie wings will provide cover, eliminating the carrier’s turrets and accompanying fighter craft. Your Alpha Wing will then deliver its torpedo payloads on the carrier. When the carrier has been stopped, return to the Midway.
Drake: Understood? Dismissed.
Vampire Launch
Fly H’rissith 633.1
Devastator Launch
Fly H’rissith 634.2
H’rissith 633.1:
Drake: Make it easy for the bombers, Lieutenant.
Spyder: This is Bravo Leader. Once you take out those defences, we’ll come in for the kill.
Good work. Commencing bombing run now.
H’rissith 634.2:
Drake: As soon as you get word from Bravo Wing, make your torpedo run against the enemy carrier.
Spyder: This is Bravo Leader. We’ll make sure the teeth on that beast are pulled. You knock it out.
You’re clear to deliver the goods, Casey.
Anderson: Nice work, sir. That new ship must fit you like a glove.
Anderson: Tough luck, sir. Confed reinforcements are taking heavy losses from those bombers.

H’rissith 635.0 – Mine Sweep / Cruiser Attack

Drake: Tactical has compiled a new set of mission data for us. Let’s review them.
H’rissith 635.1: Vampire Mine Sweep
ICIS: We will now launch a two-pronged attack against the remainder of the enemy fleet. A wing of Devastators and their accompanying escorts will make a direct assault on the alien cruisers. Meanwhile, your Alpha Wing will clear a path for the Midway through this minefield. You must eliminate at least 75% of the mines and any mine layers you encounter, then return to the Midway.
H’rissith 636.2: Devastator Mine Sweep
ICIS: We will now launch a two-pronged attack against the remainder of the enemy fleet. Your Alpha Wing will rendezvous with a wild weasel group from the Eisen. From the rendezvous point, you will proceed to the designated engagement area and launch an attack on the cruisers positioned there. Meanwhile, a wing of Vampires will be deployed in a mine sweeping operation, clearing a path through the minefield for the Midway. When your mission is completed, return to the Midway.
Drake: Time is short. Go to it. Dismissed.
Vampire Launch
Fly H’rissith 635.1
Devastator Launch
Fly H’rissith 636.2
H’rissith 635.1:
Anderson: Nice job clearing us a path. You are cleared to land.
Anderson: Are their mine layers that tough, sir? I just hope they didn’t lay enough to bring the Midway down.
H’rissith 636.2:
Anderson: Scanners have detected an enemy carrier hiding out in the asteroids. If you’ve got enough ordnance left, we’d like you to take a crack at it.
Anderson: Nice work. You’re cleared for landing. We’ll send out another team after that carrier. (Leviathan active)
Nice work. You’re cleared for landing. And good job on that carrier, Lieutenant! (Leviathan destroyed)
Anderson: We’ve lost communications with the reinforcements in this system. Better luck next time. Commence landing procedure.
H’rissith 636.2 Failure:
Drake: Lieutenant, may I have a word with you?
Casey: I know, sir. I’m sorry. I missed my shot at those cruisers.
Drake: The bad news is those cruisers are now hitting the Eisen carrier group.
Casey: How hard?
Drake: Hard enough. You’ll have to do better next time.

H’rissith 637.8 – Asteroid Field Patrol

Drake: All right, people, we have a lot of ground to cover. You’ll find your mission data on your ICIS. Let’s get started.
ICIS: You will lead a wing of Vampires as part of a patrol in force ahead of the Midway. Our scans of the area are incomplete due to the asteroid field, but the field should hamper enemy scans, as well. Sweep this NAV route, eliminating any enemy patrol craft and scouting for enemy positions which may be shielded from our scanners by the asteroid field. Should you encounter an enemy starship, do not engage. Gather targeting data and withdraw from the area immediately. Your craft will be equipped with a new missile variant which incorporates alien technology. Although more powerful, these weapons are still untried, and may prove unreliable.
Drake: Very well, pilots. You have your mission specs. Good luck. Dismissed.
Vampire Launch
Fly H’rissith 637.8
Anderson: Lieutenant, please hold off on your current mission objectives and help deal with the enemy fighters emerging from the asteroid belt.
Anderson: Thanks, Lieutenant. You may proceed with your initial mission objectives.
Anderson: We’re picking up ultra low-frequency signature waves that match the alien technology. Commander Finley thinks you may have tracked that other ship killer. Stand by.
Finley: That’s it! We’re uploading a new NAV co-ordinate to you. Go there, get a close look at that ship, then get out again.
Finley: I think we’ve got enough information. You’d better clear out of there.
Finley: That’s it. We’re downloading your data now. Good job. This may give us the advantage we need.
Anderson: Those enemy aces are tough. Better luck next time. You’re cleared to land.

H’rissith 638.3 – Ship Killer Assault

Drake: Quiet please. Quiet. I just left Tactical. We have developed a new strategy. Please check your ICIS for your assignments.
ICIS: Combined patrol data and engineering reports indicate that a second, fully operational alien ship killer is present in this system. This vessel and its support fleet must be neutralised. Your Alpha Wing will lead the attack, supported by a wing of Vampires with wild weasel load-outs. This attack must be made quickly, before the ship killer’s plasma weapon can be brought to bear on the Midway. Your craft has been further modified with new shield technology. Engineering reports that this equipment should prove more stable than the experimental missiles.
Drake: Good luck out there. We’re depending on you. Dismissed.
Devastator Launch
Fly H’rissith 638.3
Anderson: Good work on that ship killer! You are cleared to land.
Stiletto: Killing a ship killer! I’m beginning to believe your press!
Anderson: Sounds like you had a hard time, Casey… and so will we. You’re clear to land.

H’rissith 639.6 – Plasma Gun Defence

Drake: As I said, this is an important mission for us in this system. Please check your ICIS for mission objectives.
ICIS: The Midway is approaching the Kilrah jump point. In response, the aliens have diverted what we believe to be most of their remaining ships to this system. Already a massive strike force has been launched, and will be within striking distance shortly. Their primary target will undoubtedly be the Midway’s newly-installed plasma weapon. All wings will be dispatched to pre-arranged positions in an effort to protect the weapon and stop this assault. Your Alpha Wing is assigned to this defensive zone. Engineering is continuing to modify your missile and shield technology, and engineering reports that the newest variants should perform correctly in combat situations. When the attack is over, return to the Midway.
Drake: Dismissed.
Vampire Launch
Fly H’rissith 639.6
Anderson: Protect that gun, Casey. We can’t win the war without it!
Anderson: You saved our butts. Thanks. You’re cleared to land.

H’rissith 640.8 – Painting the Target

Drake: Thanks to Lieutenant Casey’s success in his last mission, we can now use our new plasma weapon to hit the enemy where it hurts. And that’s exactly what we intend to do! Let’s not celebrate too early. Now we’ll have to work twice as hard, because they’ll be twice as ready. Let’s begin.
ICIS: The size of the battle group which has gathered around the Kilrah jump point necessitates that the Midway employ its new weapon. Our modified plasma burst will not detonate properly without an initial catalyst, due to differences in alien and Confed technology. For this reason, a small thermo-nuclear primer device must be planted at the centre of the enemy fleet to assure the weapon’s effectiveness. All available craft will deploy to remove any enemy fighters from the Midway’s path. Your objective is to plant the primer device on this transport, which is positioned near the heart of the enemy fleet. The device will only lock on this target. When the device is in place, clear the area as quickly as possible to avoid the blast.
Drake: Stay focused. Good luck. And good hunting.
Devastator Launch
Fly H’rissith 640.8
Anderson: Wow! There they are! We’re counting on you to paint that target for us!
Finley: Good work, Casey. Now get out of there, or you’ll be vaporised.
TCS Midway
Plasma Blast
Return to Midway
Stiletto: Give me a couple more of those big guns and I’ll carve out my own corner of the universe.
Maestro: I have a big gun. I have a happy gun.
Stiletto: Cute! <slaps Maestro> Attention! Captain on deck.
Wilford: At ease.
Drake: Congratulations. We’ve cleared a path to the Kilrah jump point. Next stop, the wormhole gate itself.
Wilford: Now, we must assume that our objective will be strongly defended. This job is far from over.
Zero: But Captain, won’t our new toy make short work of the remaining aliens?
Wilford: Well, unfortunately, Lieutenant, our new ‘toy’ turned out to be a fire-and-forget weapon. We fired it once and now we can forget about using it again. Commander Finley estimates that if we charge it up a second time, there’s a 67% probability that it will cause a fatal overload and destroy the Midway in the process. Now, I’d rather not test those odds until we absolutely have to. No, we’ll have to fight our next engagement the old-fashioned way – mission by mission.
Drake: And that first mission will occur right after the jump to the Kilrah system.
Wilford: Carry on.
Kilrah System
The TCS Midway jumps to Kilrah system.
Casey does not return to Midway in time:
Casey KIA

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