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Wing Commander Prophecy: G’wriss System

G’wriss 206.7 – Convoy Rescue

Casey: You okay?
Dallas: Hmph. I would be a whole lot better if I had a one-way ticket home. We are in a fine mess.
Casey: Look, Dallas–
Dallas: No you look, fly-boy. And I will talk very slowly. The Kilrathi were tied up on the Feudal Planets, they’ve got problems of their own. The Border Worlds were, er, dead quiet with the Black Lance out of the picture. Things have been pretty cosy around here for some time and the last thing I expected was actually having to fight! I am… so… hosed.
Casey: We joined Confed to do a job. There are no guarantees.
Dallas and Casey
Dallas: Is that supposed to make me feel better?
Casey: No. Look, I don’t know what we’re dealing with here but whatever it is, it has to be stopped. And we’re the only ones out this far. So all we have to rely on is each other. That’s it! Now, until we get word back to Confed, it has to be you for me, me for you, one hundred per cent. Got it?
[Dallas high morale]
Drake: Quiet please. Quiet. I just left Tactical. We have developed a new strategy. Please check your ICIS for your assignments.
ICIS: The Midway has been cut off from her primary supply routes by the enemy fleet in H’rekkah. Before her transmissions were jammed, we contacted a supply convoy destined for the Taliban colony. It has been notified of our situation and will be re-routed to the Midway. Our primary sensors have detected a small attack force closing to within strike range of this convoy. We can no longer contact the convoy, and an enemy fleet from the H’rekkah jump point is closing fast on their position. By following this NAV route, a group of fast interceptors will attempt to circumvent the enemy fleet and recover the convoy. Your Alpha Wing will attempt to reach the Confed convoy at NAV 4, eliminate any attackers, and escort all remaining ships back to the Midway. Remember that speed is absolutely essential to recovering the convoy.
Drake: Good luck out there. We’re depending on you. Dismissed.
Dallas high morale:
Dallas: Hey, Frosty. One hundred per cent?
Casey: One hundred and fifty per cent!
Dallas: Let’s kick some alien butt.
Casey: All right.
Dallas low morale:
Casey: What’s his problem?
Stiletto: Dallas is one of your wingmen. You can see he’s having a hard time of it, yet you ignore him. Keep it up and he may not be there when you really need him. Or didn’t they teach you that in flight school?
Tigershark Launch
Fly G’wriss 206.7
Anderson: Good luck, Casey.
Anderson: Alpha, it looks like the battle has been joined. We’re patching you in to their comm channel.
Pilot 1: Keep at them, boys! Help’s on the way!
Pilot 2: There’s too many of them! They’re coming in too fast! Are we getting help from the Midway, or not?
Anderson: Bad news, Alpha Wing: our latest analysis confirms you will not reach the convoy in time to offer much assistance. Save any ships you can. Good luck.
Maestro: They’re getting creamed out there!
Barkley: Mayday! Mayday! This is TCS Barkley. We are under attack by unidentified hostiles! We need immediate assistance!
Pilot 2: Got to eject! Somebody pick me up!
Pilot 1: Sit tight, Lieutenant. We don’t have an SAR available right now.
Barkley: We’re taking heavy damage! Our fighter cover is gone! Please respond to our location at once!
Pilot 2: No! Keep away from me! Somebody… HELP!
Pilot 1: Fighters, concentrate on that strange ship! It’s picking up our pilots!
Maestro: Let’s go, Lieutenant. Those boys need our help.
TCS Barkley destroyed
Barkley: Help! They’re all over us! Ahhhhhh! <static>
Porter: This is the Porter. We have lost all fighter cover! All available ships, please respond!
Hull collapsing! We’re breaking up! NOOOOOOOOoooo! <static>
Maestro: That’s the last of them. I just wish we could have got here sooner.
Redeemer: There was nothing you could have done to save those transports. The bugs were just toying with them until you got here.
Maestro: That doesn’t make it any easier.
Redeemer: This is the refuelling vessel Redeemer. Anybody out there thirsty?
Match our speed and close to 5000 klicks. We’ll take over from there.
Maestro: Go ahead, Casey. I’ll cover you while you hook up.
Anderson: All pilots return to Midway. We are under attack. I repeat, we are under attack!
Maestro: Can’t a guy get a little rest around here?
Anderson: What’s keeping you, Alpha Wing? We need assistance at once!
Anderson: Where in blazes are you, Alpha Wing? The Midway needs you now!
Anderson: Be sure their bombers don’t get close!
Drake: Lieutenant Casey, the launch control is off-line, and we cannot release any additional fighters. Support Black Widow Squadron until further notice. Chief, I need that LC Marine back-up ASAP!
Coriolis: All right. I’ll have three squadrons on the flight line in two minutes or less.
Drake: Make it less. Lieutenant, we’re taking hits on every side. Defend each section of the Midway as ordered.
Refuelling ship, you are ordered to hang back until our current crisis is over.
Casey, get busy. We need those bandits off our backs.
Anderson: Excellent job, Casey. Next time maybe we’ll keep you closer to home. By the way, the Redeemer has reported in. Tough luck about the transports, but there was apparently nothing you could do.
TCS Midway intact: G’wriss 207.0
Anderson: We’ve sustained major damage, and we have heavies moving our way. Looks like we’re going on the run again. The Redeemer is reporting in now. You’re clear. (Redeemer active)
We’ve sustained major damage. Looks like we’re on the run again. Bring it home ASAP. (Redeemer lost)
TCS Midway’s bridge damaged: G’wriss 208.5
TCS Midway’s engines damaged: G’wriss 209.9

G’wriss 207.0 – Alien Starship Encounter
G’wriss 208.5 – Shrike Escort
G’wriss 209.9 – Enemy Starship Encounter

Finley and Casey
Casey: Hard day at the office?
Finley: No. Everything’s fine. Why?
Casey: Well, it’s just that I’ve never seen anyone drink like that before… and live.
Finley: Well, you want to see it again?
Casey: All right, all right. Hold on. What’s wrong?
Finley: You want to know what’s wrong? Everything. Science Division hasn’t got a clue what we’re up against. All we’ve got are a bunch of unknown contacts, some dead Cats and a cryptic story about the end of the world. I’ve never dealt with anything…
Casey: Wait, wait… End of the world?
Finley: The Kilrathi’s Kn’thrak.
Casey: Oh yeah, I heard about that. Zero said it means, uh, darkness.
Finley: Not just “darkness”, Casey. Evil. I looked it up in the archives. There’s an ancient Kilrathi prophecy about the end of the world and the Kn’thrak reckons prominently.
Casey: Well, didn’t that happen with the destruction of Kilrah?
Finley: Well, not to get too superstitious on you, fly-boy, but according to the Kilrathi that was just the beginning. The prophecy doesn’t mean just Armageddon, like on Earth. To them, the end of the world means the end of all things. Everything.
Casey: Well, did you tell the Captain about this?
Finley: He wants answers not ghost stories. To make matters worse, we’ve been trying to send a distress signal to the nearest Confed starbase. It’s only a few systems away. But our link through the jump has been cut.
Casey: Well, that would mean that the relay station in the H’hrass system was out of commission.
Finley: Good guess, bright eyes.
Casey: So, tell me something. What’s a Lieutenant Commander doing down here in pilot country?
Finley: Well, I suppose adrenaline and testosterone have always appealed to me more than brass.
Casey: You know a very smart person once told me that that is a dangerous combination.
Anderson: [loudspeaker] All pilots to the briefing room! Again, all pilots to the briefing room!
Casey: Gotta go.
Finley: Hey, Casey! Good luck.
Drake: As I said, this is an important mission for us in this system. Please check your ICIS for mission objectives.
ICIS: The comm relay station in the H’hrass system is apparently no longer transmitting. The Midway must reach this system to repair the station and send a distress call to Confed. An enemy cruiser group has pursued us through the H’rekkah jump point and will intercept the Midway before we can reach the H’hrass jump point. The cruiser has fallen behind its destroyer escorts, due to their assault on the Confed convoy.
G’wriss 207.0:
ICIS: Your Alpha Wing will proceed to NAV 1 and engage the escorts’ fighter screen. When you have broken through, eliminate the destroyers’ turret and shield defences so Bravo Wing’s bombers can attack the enemy destroyers. Return to the Midway when your mission is complete.
G’wriss 208.5:
ICIS: The Midway must heave to for repairs because of the damage to the bridge. While we do so, we will launch an attack on the enemy destroyers to buy us some time. The destroyers are currently positioned at NAV 1 and NAV 2. Your Alpha Wing will proceed to each NAV point and provide cover for Bravo Wing’s bombers, eliminating fighters, turrets and shield emitters. Return to the Midway when your mission is complete.
G’wriss 209.9:
ICIS: The Midway must heave to for repairs because of the damage to the engines. While we do so, we will launch an attack on the enemy destroyers to buy us some time. Intelligence is limited, but a sweep through this NAV route should locate the enemy destroyers. Your Alpha Wing will proceed to each NAV point and provide cover for Bravo Wing’s bombers while they attack the enemy destroyers. Return to the Midway when your mission is complete.
Drake: Dismissed.
Tigershark Launch
Fly G’wriss 207.0 | G’wriss 208.5 | G’wriss 209.9
Stiletto: All right, Casey. You’re on the clock now. Take out their cover so the bombers can do their stuff.
Dallas: Those destroyers are huge, Casey! Hope our Shrikes can handle ’em.
G’wriss 209.9:
Dallas: The big guys aren’t here, Casey.
Let’s handle these fighters and get to the next NAV point before Anderson pulls the plug on this one.
Anderson: Nice work, Lieutenant, but it’s not over yet. We’ve still got that cruiser to deal with. At least now we have the upper hand.
Both Orcas destroyed: G’wriss 210.0
Anderson: What’s the problem, Lieutenant? We were counting on you to clear the way for those Shrikes. Word has it that we’re going to attempt one last stand before we evac the sector.
One or both Orcas active: G’wriss 211.5

G’wriss 210.0 – Cruiser Assault
G’wriss 211.5 – Hydra Fleet Assault

Zero: Can’t a man commune quietly with his drink?
Casey: I didn’t see the “Do Not Disturb” sign, sorry.
Zero: What was it like?
Casey: What was what like?
Zero: Being the Iceman’s son. You must have had a free ride straight through the Academy.
Casey: I never had a “free ride”. Not to the Academy. Not anywhere.
Zero: Get off it, Casey! Your old man was a great war hero.
Casey: Yeah, he was a hero all right! One of the most decorated pilots of the Confederation. So good they named a flight manoeuvre after him. Only problem is he died when I was just a kid. I think my mother got his last medal when I was in nappies. No, having a hero for a father was no help to me, if anything I spent my career trying to live up to the reputation of a man I never knew. Every time I fly, I feel like I’m flying against him.
Zero: You’re probably better off. My father was alive but you never would’ve known it. He was a cultural anthropologist. Then Confed Intel got a hold of him and put him to work in the Kilrathi War. He spent years studying the Kilrathi – their history, their technology – “to get an edge”, he used to say. And then, he couldn’t even talk about it. Funny, I wanted to be just like him.
Casey: Well, maybe you are. So, what do you think we’re up against here, Zero? What about the Kn’thrak?
Zero: Well, my father was the real expert. I heard the word Kn’thrak once or twice before and it was in relation to some ancient Terran biblical text and a race called “Nephilim”. I thought it was a fairy tale really. I can remember being so scared that I had to sleep with the light on for days. Ah, what the heck. <sniff> It doesn’t matter anyway.
Casey: You know, we’re alike, you and I. We both fly to outrun our fathers’ shadows.
Drake: Very well. Let’s get started.
G’wriss 210.0:
ICIS: Although our attacks on the escort destroyers were successful, the enemy cruiser is closing on the Midway’s position at top speed. Hawk’s Charlie Wing will be deployed to act as a fighter screen for the Midway. Meanwhile, your Alpha Wing will provide an escort for Bravo Wing, under Maniac, as they attempt to destroy the approaching cruiser. Upon completion of your objective, you will fall back to assist in Midway’s defence if necessary. This force may have been responsible for the destruction of an entire Kilrathi fleet. Success in this mission is imperative.
G’wriss 211.5:
ICIS: The enemy cruiser has regrouped with its escorts and is closing on the Midway’s position at top speed. Hawk’s Charlie Wing will be deployed to act as a fighter screen for the Midway. Meanwhile, your Alpha Wing will provide an escort for Bravo Wing, under Maniac, as they attempt to destroy the approaching cruiser and its escort. Upon completion of your objective, you will fall back to assist in Midway’s defence if necessary. This force may have been responsible for the destruction of an entire Kilrathi fleet. Success in this mission is imperative.
G’wriss 211.5:
Drake: You have your mission objectives. Do your best. Dismissed.
Dallas high morale:
Anderson: [loudspeaker] Flight crew, please report to cargo bay #3.
Dallas: Looks like I’m your wingman.
Casey: One hundred and fifty per cent!
Dallas: I’m there, Frosty. Two hundred per cent! See you on deck!
Casey: Okay.
Wasp Launch
Fly G’wriss 210.0 | G’wriss 211.5
Anderson: No time to lose, Casey. You’ve got to clear out all of the fighter craft so the Shrikes in Bravo can take out that cruiser.
Nephilim: Death is awaiting you!
Anderson: We need you to get that bomber cluster before it gets within range. Air patrol will take the fighters. You handle those big guns.
Dallas: Oh man! Oh man! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! <static>
Anderson: Looks like that cruiser got off more bombers before it went down. You and the rest of Alpha had better get back before they’re within range.
Anderson: Congratulations on a job well done. For a while there, it looked like the Captain was going to pull the plug, but you saved the day.
Anderson: All ships return to base. Your mission has been scrubbed. Repeat: return to base immediately. We are evac-ing this system on the double!
Anderson: You have 60 seconds to start your landing sequence, my friend, then the Midway is jumping out of this system.
Dallas high morale:
Maestro: Casey. Dallas didn’t make it. It happens.
Stiletto: He’s right. Dallas’ number was up.
Maestro: Casey!
Stiletto: Blast!
Dallas low morale:
Maestro: Case.
Casey: Hey, guys. What’s wrong?
Maestro: You don’t know, do ya?
Stiletto: Dallas didn’t come home.
Casey: Oh, no. We’re not going to make it, are we?
Stiletto: Not if we don’t stick together. This is for real.
Maestro: C’mon, man.
Stiletto: Blast!
Escape to the H’hrass system
The TCS Midway jumps to H’hrass System (under fire).
Wilford: We are gathered here today to pay our last respects to our honoured dead, those who have fallen to protect that which we hold dear. We mourn their loss and vow that they have not died in vain. They now return to the stars from which they came. May those stars serve to remind us of their sacrifice and of our duty. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Amen.
Funeral Plaque
Casey: We lost some good pilots out there today. Good people.
Zero: Welcome to the wonderful world of armed aggression.
Maniac: So then I come up on his six, right, just like this. Boom! Splat on the windscreen. Bug spray!
Hawk: Give it a rest… Maniac!
Maniac: Well. Well, I’d like to, Hot Shot. But then, I rest too long one of you might accidentally catch up to me on the kill board. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?
Casey: How about some good old-fashioned respect for the dead, sir.
Maniac the Hot Air Balloon
Maniac: <laughs> Look who talks, it’s my little plebe friend. Hey, I sit on my butt for too long just cause some cherry can’t hack it and gets killed, my… Hey! Come on!
Maverick: Can I come in? I heard about your little struggle today. You know, I’ve known Maniac for a long time. He’s very good at hiding his emotions behind a lot of hot air but his heart’s basically in the right place. You can’t let him get to you.
Casey: Are you here to arrest me, sir?
Maverick: Me? No. <chuckles> No. I had a word with the CAG. I think she’s prepared to chalk this one up to severe stress and anxiety. I wouldn’t try it again, though. Don’t thank me all at once.
Casey: I’m sorry, sir. It’s just that I thought all this would be different.
Maverick: What?
Casey: This. Everything!
Maverick: You know, when I was on the flight line, flying with everyone else taking chances, risks, it all didn’t seem to matter that much. Then it became clear. We fly with death every day. That’s what we do. We fight. We struggle. We even lose friends. That became clear to me when I lost someone that I really cared for.
Casey: When was that?
Maverick: Oh, about 4000 years ago. What you do is important out there, Casey. It is incredibly important. It’s important to these men, to this ship, to our home. Don’t let anyone stand in the way of what you need to do.
Casey: You sound almost… envious.
Maverick: Maybe I am, Casey. Maybe I am.
All enemy capital ships destroyed: H’hrass 314.1
One or more enemy capital ships active: H’hrass 312.3

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