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Wing Commander Prophecy: G’mar System

G’mar 530.4 – Operation: Ambush

Drake: All right. The rest of you, please be seated. We have a lot of work to do. Here are your objectives.
ICIS: Long-range sensors have detected an alien comm relay station in this system which is capable of broadcasting as far as the Kilrah system. Although the Midway is temporarily scrambling alien transmissions to the comm array, this station must be rendered inoperable to protect our advances into alien-held territory. Because of the importance of the target, the aliens have established a significant defensive presence in this system. To reduce these forces, we will attempt to lure them into an ambush by feigning an attack on the relay station. Your Alpha Wing will lead an assault force of Shrike bombers to the comm station, where you will attempt to destroy its transmitter arrays. Bravo and Charlie wings will protect your flanks. When the enemies counter-attack, you will be recalled to the Midway – here at the T’lan Meth jump point. The carrier TCS Eisen has taken up a position beyond the jump point, and will send members of the Wolf Pack Squadron through the jump, closing the trap. When all enemies are destroyed, you will be cleared for landing.
Drake: Understood? Dismissed.
Shrike Launch
Fly G’mar 530.4
Anderson: Get that comm array down and bring the aliens back for the ambush.
Anderson: Enemy counter-attack is imminent. Withdraw to the jump point and await reinforcements.
Anderson: Lieutenant Casey, fall back to the ambush area now!
Anderson: The Confed assault group is coming through the jump point. Protect the Midway a little longer.
Drake: All pilots from the Wolf Pack Squadron: you are being transferred to the Midway effective immediately. Your NAV co-ordinates are being updated to reflect your new destination. Welcome aboard.
Coriolis: Hey. I took the scout data we have on the unidentified aggressors and fed it into the mission profile for the simulator. It should give you an accurate recreation of their technology and fighting tactics. I’m hoping that it’ll also give you an extra edge the next time you meet up with them.
Anderson: Glad you got that comm tower down. Come on in.
Anderson: Too bad you didn’t get that comm tower down. You’ll get one more run at it. You’re cleared.

G’mar 531.7 – Extermination

Casey: You look like you’ve seen a ghost.
Maniac: Two of ’em: Vanguard and Cantrell. Two rookies I took out today. They pulled a frontal in front of a bunch of fighter clusters. Boom! Gone.
Casey: It happens.
Maniac: It’s never happened to me. All right? I charge a hundred clusters. I– I never get a scratch.
Casey: And you can’t see why your luck didn’t cover those rookies. It’s not about luck, Major. It’s about the one thing that matters.
Maniac: And that is?
Casey: That you did the best you could to help those rookies survive. Which is all a good squadron commander can ever do.
Maniac: If that’s supposed to make me feel better… it does. Almost.
Casey: Good. Low bridge!
Anderson: [loudspeaker] All pilots to the briefing room! Again, all pilots to the briefing room!
Maniac: Casey. I, ah…
Casey: You’re welcome.
Maniac: <grins>
Drake: We have entered a crucial time in this conflict. The good news is, thanks to Lieutenant Commander Finley’s work, we are now able to jam the alien comms so they can’t call for help. However, it is imperative that all remnants of the alien attack force be eliminated. Please check your mission profiles.
G’mar 530.4 success:
ICIS: Alien contact with their primary fleet has been severed, due to our successful attack on the relay station’s main array. The Midway is currently moving into position to block the H’rissith jump point and prevent enemy forces from sending a ship to warn their fleet. To assure that no enemy forces escape with a warning, your Alpha Wing will conduct a four-point patrol along this route. Seek out and destroy all enemy craft, being careful to eliminate any forces which attempt to flee. At NAV 3, you will perform a visual recon of the destroyed comm array and eliminate any remaining defenders at the station. When your patrol is complete you will return to the Midway.
G’mar 530.4 failure:
ICIS: The aliens may still be able to establish contact with their primary fleet, due to our unsuccessful attack on the relay station’s main arrays. Although the Midway is still scrambling transmissions, our equipment is less than adequate, and the aliens could break through at any time. While continuing to block their communications, the Midway is also moving into position to block the H’rissith jump point and prevent enemy forces from sending a ship to warn their fleet. Your Alpha Wing will conduct a two-part mission. Patrol these NAV points, eliminating all alien vessels. Be certain that no ships are able to flee. At NAV 3, you will again attempt to cripple the primary communications equipment on the comm station, as well as eliminating any remaining defenders at the station. When your objectives are completed, return to the Midway.
Drake: Remember, if any alien ships are allowed to escape, they could alert their main force that Confed reinforcements have entered this system, and we may not survive that. I want them hunted down, every single one. Do you read me?!
Yes, sir!
Pilots: Yes, sir!
Drake: Very well. Dismissed.
Panther Launch
Fly G’mar 531.7
Anderson: If we fail to eliminate any enemy stragglers, our element of surprise will be lost. Don’t let a single one get away.
Anderson: Looks like they weren’t able to get word to their fleet. We’ll be in good position to take on their main force now. Good work! You’re cleared.
Anderson: If they were able to get word to their main fleet, we’re in big trouble! You can land when you’re ready, Lieutenant.
Drake: Fine work, Casey. I want you to know I’ve decided to recommend you for the Confed Flying Cross.
Casey: Thank you very much, sir.
Drake: Don’t let it go to your head, mister. Carry on.
Drake: I’m concerned.
Maniac: You’re concerned about my squadron?
Drake: Yes, I’m concerned!
Maniac: I’m concer… Listen!
Drake: Do you realise what’s happening out there?
Maniac: Did you…
Maniac reprimanded
Drake: You’re losing pilots right and left. Now listen. What is going on?

G’mar 532.9 – Ship Killer Acquisition

Drake: As you were. A live feed’s coming in from a spy eye positioned near the main alien base. You all need to see this.
Kraken in Dry Dock
Finley: Our analysis indicates this is one of two seemingly identical ships that attacked the Kilrathi fleet in the H’rekkah system. This one appears to be in dry-dock. We think the Cats damaged this alien ship before they were wiped out. This is what a concentrated plasma weapon can do to a fleet.
Kilrathi fleet destroyed
Finley: Either we stop this ship killer or Midway is next on the menu. Commander.
Drake: Pilots, please check your ICIS.
ICIS: Your Alpha Wing will escort a marine landing craft to the dry dock at NAV 1. Provide cover for the LC while the marines dock and attempt to secure the vessel. When the Ship Killer is secured, you will escort the Marine Craft back to the Midway.
Drake: Intelligence reports indicate enemy opposition will probably be heavy. Watch your backs out there, people. Dismissed.
Shrike Launch
Fly G’mar 532.9
Anderson: Take out the defences around the ship killer or the marines will be cut to ribbons before they land.
Spyder: Control, this is Delta Lead. We’ve got some sort of faint homing signal coming from nearby.
Finley: Delta Lead, go ahead and check it out, but then report back to me.
Spyder: Lieutenant Commander, it’s some kind of distress beacon. My computer says it’s from a Confed ship, but it’s certainly not a newer model. I’m bringing it home.
Maniac: Let’s see them try to stop us!
Maestro: Whoa! That thing’s bigger than I thought!
Maniac: <snore> I hear that all the time!
Maestro: Sure you do, Maniac. Then you wake up.
Maniac: Hmph. Plebe.
Maestro: Let’s wax those little turrets, Casey! (G’mar 531.7 success)
Maniac: Too bad you couldn’t take out that comm station, Case! (G’mar 531.7 failure)
Maniac: Where are those Marines?!
Marine LC: Good job on those defences, fly-boys. We’re heading in. (Turrets destroyed)
We’ve got to head in now, but it looks like their defences are still intact. Wish us luck! (Turrets active)
Dekker: This is Marine One: we’re in!
Resistance is heavy. Watch our backs.
We’re almost to the control deck!
Uh-oh! They’ve fired up the main engines!
Maniac: It’s starting to move!
Drake: The ship killer is preparing to attack! Take her out, Casey!
Direct your fire towards the vessel’s main engines. You’ve got to take them out before she powers up her plasma weapon.
Finley: Our readings indicate the ship killer’s plasma weapon is warming up. Direct your fire on their engines right now. Go! Go! Go!
Drake: Good work, Mr Casey. You can bring your people home now.
Finley: Here’s some news, Lieutenant: Delta Wing’s retrieved an outlying distress beacon. It’s Confed in origin, but not one of the newer models. Even so, it might help us find out a bit more about what we’re up against here…
Drake: …And you’re cleared to land.
Kraken ship killer destroyed: H’rissith System
Kraken ship killer active: Midway destroyed

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