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Wing Commander III: TNC News Briefs

News Brief 1

Despite recent losses in several densely populated sectors, Confederation spokesmen insist that Humanity maintains the upper hand in its galactic struggle with the Kilrathi. However, our sources document a consistent under-reporting of Kilrathi incursions, as well as civilian and industrial losses. There are even reports of Confed plans for a ‘doomsday’ evacuation of Earth, replanting the seeds of Humanity in a distant galaxy. The question is… who would go? Who would be left behind? And, most importantly, who is making these decisions?

News Brief 2

According to pilots in numerous sectors, the Kilrathi have ceased the time-honoured practice of taking ejected pilots prisoner by plucking them out of space’s vacuum and tractoring them aboard support ships. Instead, they have been firing on the defenceless fliers, murdering them in cold blood.

News Brief 3

In other news from the front, we at TNC have confirmation of a strategic withdrawal from outlying Confederation sectors. Confed sources suggest this is part of a larger operation to give up sectors of minor importance in the hope the Kilrathi will spread themselves too thinly across the galaxy. But independent sources suggest there is little strategy behind the withdrawals: only an improvised response to the advance of the enemy. This is Barbara Miles with a TNC InfoBurst.

News Brief 4

In this week’s top InfoBurst, Confed forces have liberated the enslaved populations in the Cabrea system. But the Confederation has clamped down on all vid-transmissions from the system, citing “the interests of Confed security”. Independent sources, however, report that conditions within the system are so horrific that the Confederation has concluded freedom-of-the-press must take a back seat to the psychological harm any news releases may do. TNC believes that you, the viewer, have a right-to-know at all times. Therefore, we are currently taking action to combat this clear case of prior restraints. We’ll keep you informed.

News Brief 5

Despite Confederation denials, TNC now has independent confirmation that the population of Locanda IV has been all but wiped out – victims of Kilrathi germ warfare. And unconfirmed reports suggest that this is not the first time the Kilrathi have unleashed bio-weaponry on Confederation civilians.

News Brief 6

Confed sources will neither confirm nor deny reports of new thrusts into Kilrathi territory. However, eyewitness accounts throughout the galaxy suggest that after months of waging a purely defensive campaign, the Confederation is throwing the dice and hoping to roll a seven. This is Barbara Miles for the Terran News Channel.

News Brief 7

Stock markets across the Confederation took a nose-dive with reports that an incursion deep into Kilrathi territory resulted in heavy losses, including classified offensive weaponry that had been years in development. Unconfirmed reports had suggested development of a new secret weapon that could end the war. But other sources are now extremely pessimistic about concluding this seemingly endless conflict.

News Brief 8

High-tech, the old adage goes, is never cheap or easy. Well, Confed technics have again pushed the envelope on the ‘bleeding edge’ of technology with the roll-out of the new Excalibur fighter. Its advances range from superior ground-fighting capabilities to enhanced weaponry and acceleration design. The Excalibur was designed specifically to out-fly and out-fight the Kilrathi Bloodfang.

News Brief 9

And now, this week’s killed-in-action…

News Brief 10

And here’s one for the personnel file. Admiral Geoffrey Tolwyn of Confederation High Command has taken a leave of absence for what’s reported to be “personal reasons”. Our sources speculate that the Admiral has of late been suffering undue stress and depression, due to recent downturns in the war effort. This is Barbara Miles, signing off for TNC.

News Brief 11

The war has united the far-flung outposts of our race in a common cause. Red tape has been cut: an emergency mentality dominates. But critics wonder how society will shape itself after a successful conclusion to the war: will there be a price to pay for the centralisation and militarisation of the far-flung societies that comprise the Confederation?

News Brief 12

There is panic in the streets as the Kilrathi move relentlessly towards Earth. Though Confed sources insist the war can still be won, civilian populations are storming the shuttle ports, while more hardy ‘survivalists’ are seeking footholds in the Himalayas, Antarctica, and other isolated Terran geography.

News Brief 13

Revolution in the Granita system tops our InfoBurst. Ad-hoc government officials in that system are preparing to withdraw from the Confederation and offer negotiated terms to the Kilrathi. “Co-existence, not conflict, is the new Granitan policy,” according to a spokesman. Confederation officials are now meeting with the Granitans to dissuade them of this new approach, arguing that there is no evidence the Kilrathi have ever honoured a negotiated peace.

News Brief 14

This is Barbara Miles with another TNC InfoBurst. Reports have surfaced that captured Confederation transports and freighters have been used by the enemy as decoys, luring in unsuspecting fighter pilots who are then ambushed by the enemy.

News Brief 15

And now one from our People file: Megastar Eddie Rickenharp, who single-handedly brought back mini-mono as a popular musical genre, has agreed to entertain Confederation forces amidst the ancient and exquisitely beautiful antiquities of Bistango X. This is Barbara Miles with a TNC InfoBurst…

News Brief 16

Elsewhere on the war front, a blitzkrieg Kilrathi assault has taken the lives of thousands of Confederation servicemen as they were enjoying a concert put on by the megastar Rickenharp – against the backdrop of Bistango X’s priceless, millennia-old art treasures. The surprise attack has reduced the beautiful ancient structures to rubble and Rickenharp himself is said to be in critical condition. This is Barbara Miles with another TNC InfoBurst. Thanks for watching…

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