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Operation Thor’s Hammer: Midgard System

Midgard 1

Shotglass: What’ll you have, Maverick? I’ll set you up with your regular. Scuttlebutt says that the furbags have a Terran ship with them. I know the Kilrathi never take hostages… but maybe just this time… No. Who am I kidding? They don’t take prisoners. Ever. My cousin Zach and his lady are dead as anyone on Goddard… and if the cats do have a captured Confederation ship, you can be sure it’s filled with cat food or something. Not prisoners.
Hunter: G’day, Maverick. I was telling Mariko here how you flew against the furballs.
Spirit: Hunter was indeed very complimentary of your flying skills. I hope to fly with you again someday soon.
Hunter: Speaking of flying with Maverick – Blair, if you get assigned Maniac, be bloody careful. He’s been running around the last few days with his head in the clouds. Says he’s going to take out the Kilrathi secret weapon that destroyed Goddard, all by himself. I get the idea he’s got some fantasy of going Kamikaze against the bleedin’ Sons of Kilrah. I don’t want to see you flame out because of him. Be careful, right?
Spirit: Konichi-wa, Maverick-san. I was listening to the newscast this morning. It appears that there was a Kilrathi attack on Epsilon Station. My fiancé is stationed there… he is an officer in the Medical Corps.
Hunter: I didn’t know that, Mariko.
Spirit: I rarely speak of him. It is better to concentrate on our work here. For now, we must maintain communications silence, so I cannot find out what has happened. But soon we will return to Terran space, and I will know.
Briefing Room
Mission Briefing, 06:00 hours, 2654.330: Kilrathi System Code-Named ‘Midgard’.
Halcyon: Good morning. There have been some recent crew reassignments and I’d like to welcome all pilots new to the Blue Devil Squadron. I hope you like flying the Scimitars. If you don’t, I don’t want to hear it. And we have some real trouble. The Kilrathi captured a Confederation ship at Goddard, the Falstaff, a Drayman-class courier transport, which is carrying information that is vital in our operations against the Kilrathi. Weapons design specs, troop movements, tactical maps… that data could cripple our mission. The cats are familiar with some of our security measures, such as our rigging of databank couriers to blow when tampered with. Odds are good that they’re taking it back to their command centre so that their own techs can crack it without destroying the ship. All right. Today’s mission is to destroy that transport. Now, we will be tipping our hand that we’re actively following their fleet. That’s why we’ll use a very small task force. With luck, we’ll be in and out before they realise they’ve been hit. Two wings of Blue Devils will be performing the entire mission. Here are the individual wing assignments Maverick, you and Bossman are Delta Wing. Maverick is wingleader.
The commander assigns other wings, then reads Delta’s mission.
Halcyon: Head for Nav 1, and destroy any Kilrathi patrols you encounter. Once you reach Nav 1, your primary objective is to destroy the Falstaff. Afterwards, head for Nav 2. We’ve detected a Ralari cruiser there. Eliminate it. And keep your eyes open for fighter patrols and escort ships, Maverick, because the Kilrathi will use every ship they have to keep the Falstaff. Once we start this, they’ll know we’re here. This is our one chance for surprise. Good luck, pilots. Dismissed.
Scimitar Launch
Fly Midgard 1
Mission Debriefing – 15:00 hours, 2654.330.
Halcyon: Welcome back, Major. Good flying, Bossman?
Bossman: Not bad, sir.
Halcyon: Tell me what happened.
Maverick: Yes, sir. We launched, and started towards Nav One, where we engaged the enemy, and destroyed the Drayman. And we met with the Ralari at Nav 2. It was tough, but she’s history, Colonel.
Halcyon: From the flight recorder, I see that you took out 5 Kilrathi ships, Maverick. And Bossman took down 5. Good work, Major. Your success on this mission will make a real difference in this operation. Dismissed.

Midgard 2

Shotglass: Hello, Maverick. Drinks are on the house today. I don’t really have anything much to celebrate, y’see. I was holdin’ on to this faint hope that my cousin Zach had made it, that somehow he was alive, hiding out on that Drayman. I knew it wasn’t true, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It was making me crazy, but now I know the truth. It’s all over. Zach is dead. As dead as everyone else on Goddard. So the drinks are on me… until we’re all too drunk to think.
Bossman: Good morning, Maverick. I’ve been thinking about the Gwenhyvar
Maniac: Bossman keeps tellin’ that the Phantom Exeter is real.
Bossman: There are a lot of ships who’ve flown missions and never been heard from again with no Kilrathi ships in the area, only our own. That’s why I think the Gwenhyvar is real… and she’s out there, somewhere.
Maniac: And I think you’re nuts, Boss.
Bossman: And you’re supposed to be sane, Maniac?
Maniac: Hey, Maverick. Still alive? I was certain you were going to die out there today. We’re all going to die, you know. It’s just a matter of time. But I know I’m being saved for something. Something wonderful. Everyone here teases me because I’m such a hot pilot, and I’m not afraid to say it. But they’ll see. They’ll all see… and they’ll remember me as the man who aced the Kilrathi secret weapon. Won’t that be great?
Briefing Room
Mission Briefing, 06:00 hours, 2654.331: Kilrathi System Code-Named ‘Midgard’.
The Commander checks his notes, then speaks:
Halcyon: Yesterday’s mission, though crucial, tipped off the Kilrathi to our presence. They don’t know the size of our fleet, and they can’t be sure that we’re actually following them. Let’s try to keep it that way. Lady Luck is riding with us, though. The Reavers operating in this area have captured an intact Dralthi-class fighter. They’re flying her back to the Claw for our techs and intel boys. There’s a lot of Kilrathi tactical data in that ship, pilots. That data could make the difference for us. I need someone to escort it in.
Maverick: I know I can do it, Colonel.
Halcyon: Okay. Maverick, you’re Gamma Wing. Pick your wingman.
Maverick: I’ll fly with Bossman again, sir.
Halcyon: Fine. Here’s the setup. Head to the rendezvous point via Nav 1. Nav 2 is your real destination. Make sure there’s no danger for our Dralthi fighter who will meet you there. Escort him home. One thing. Tactical recommends that Nav 1 should be avoided for the trip home. You are to return by way of Nav 3 and use the asteroids for cover. Good luck, Maverick. Squadron dismissed.
Scimitar Launch
Fly Midgard 2
Mission Debriefing – 15:00 hours, 2654.331.
Halcyon: I’m glad you both made it back.
Bossman: It was tough, sir. But Maverick is a good wingleader, much better than he used to be…
Halcyon: Let’s hear your report, Maverick.
Maverick: A Ralari was waiting at Nav 1. Scratch one destroyer, sir. And we were able to make contact with the captured Dralthi and lead him here.
Halcyon: As for your numbers, Maverick, your log shows you bagged 11. And as usual, Bossman scored. 11 Kilrathi. Major… drop by my office after you’ve taken a break. Dismissed.
Colonel Halcyon’s Office
Colonel Halcyon’s Office. 16:00 hours, 2654.331.
Halcyon: Blair. Come in. I need to speak with you.
Maverick: Yes, sir?
Halcyon: We’re having to change some pilot assignments. I need you in Star Slayer Squadron, flying a Raptor-class heavy fighter.
Maverick: I see, sir. I’ll do my best.
Halcyon: Good, pilot. I’m glad to hear it. That’s all, Major. Dismissed.
Win: Jotunheim System | Lose: Retreat

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