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Operation Thor’s Hammer: Jotunheim System

Jotunheim 1

Shotglass: Hi, Major Maverick. I’ll pour you one of your usual. Looks like you’re survivin’ this okay. I just keep thinkin’, we’re so alone out here. The Tiger’s Claw could be destroyed, and no one would ever know what really happened. Sorry, Maverick. I’m tired, haven’t been sleeping much lately. Let me get that drink for you.
Knight: Let me tell you, Maverick, I have a bad feeling about this campaign. A really bad feeling. Everyone’s getting more and more tense, the farther we go into Kilrathi space. Maniac’s not the only one who’s getting close to the edge. And I keep hearing rumours that this is a suicide mission and that we aren’t supposed to make it back. Do you think it’s true? No, it has to be nonsense. The Colonel wouldn’t do that to us… would he?
Spirit: Would you care to join me for a drink, Maverick? There is no more news of Epsilon Station, or my fiancé. But I will not think of that now. Shotglass believes we may fly in asteroid fields today. I hope he is right. There is something I wish to try. Have you ever seen Iceman in an asteroid field? No? He does some amazing things. If his front shield is gone, he will turn tail and let his enemy come up behind him. He performs evasive manoeuvres and uses his thrusters and sets course straight for a large asteroid. At the last moment possible, he rolls out. The Kilrathi does not always follow successfully. Of course, Iceman prefers to do this in Hornets or Rapiers, not Raptors.
Briefing Room
Mission Briefing, 06:00 hours, 2654.333. Kilrathi-Controlled Space, Code-Named ‘Jotunheim’.
Halcyon: To start, several of you have been reassigned to Raptors. And here’s what’s happening now. The fleet we’re following has made an abrupt course change towards an asteroid field. We’ve also received a coded communication from the last surviving Reaver ship. We’ll be bringing them home and downloading the data from their ship’s log. Your mission will be to fly to several Nav points, find the Drayman, and escort her home to the Claw. Individual wing assignments… Maverick and Spirit, you’re Beta Wing. Spirit, try to keep Maverick out of trouble, okay?
Spirit: I will do what I can, Colonel.
Halcyon: Maverick, check out the three Nav points, then return to the Claw. With the Drayman, please. There may be Kilrathi activity at any Nav point, so stay alert.
The commander explains the other wing assignments.
Halcyon: That’s it. Be careful out there, everyone. Don’t get sloppy. Dismissed.
Raptor Launch
Fly Jotunheim 1
Mission Debriefing – 15:00 hours, 2654.333.
Halcyon: Welcome back, Maverick. Let’s hear your report.
Maverick: We encountered and shot down a Fralthi at Nav 1, sir. I couldn’t leave that kind of firepower near us. And we met with the Drayman at Nav 3. They should be docking with us at any moment.
Halcyon: All right, your flight recorder says that you killed 9, Maverick. Spirit came away with 9 confirmed Kilrathi. Okay, Blair, get some rest. Dismissed.

Jotunheim 2

Shotglass: Hey, Maverick. Heard the latest? I haven’t heard anything, either. We’ve been sitting here for hours an’ hours… Just waiting. It’s starting to make me a little crazy. Some of the pilots, too. I keep tellin’ the pilots not to worry, the Colonel knows what he’s doing… but what if he doesn’t?
Angel: Hello, Maverick. I heard you saw plenty of action today. The Kilrathi are using very smart tactics against us. I’ve been recalculating our odds of surviving this mission.
Paladin: I wish you wouldn’t sound so admirin’ of ’em, lassie. Their smarts are getting us killed, one by one.
Angel: We may be their enemies, but we cannot ignore their strengths. They know this area of space. They are smart and tenacious.
Paladin: Aye, but the longer we’re here, the better we know this part of space. And we’re smart and tenacious, too. And we’re becomin’ just like them. Just like the Kilrathi…
Angel: But we will survive, Taggart, and that is what matters.
Paladin: Pull up a seat, lad. Have you heard the latest from Tactical? They’ve finished their computer analysis of the Kilrathi secret weapon. There’s nothing we can do to deflect that energy blaster once they’ve aimed it at a planet-based colony, but at least we’ll nae have to worry about them using it against our ships. Tactical says that the weapon would be useless against fighters or a starship like the Tiger’s Claw. That we’d be out-of-range before the cats finished priming it. That’s a wee bit reassuring, isn’t it? Those lads in Tactical are impressive, wi’ how they work these things out on their comp-sims. Of course, their guesses aren’t always correct… Like that time they told us the new Dralthi ships wouldn’t have enough range to attack the Epsilon Prima system. We lost five pilots because of that mistake. Tactical’s usually very accurate… but I’d nae wager your life on that, laddie.
Briefing Room
Mission Briefing, 12:00 hours, 2654.350. Kilrathi-Controlled Space, Code-Named ‘Jotunheim’.
Halcyon: Pilots, it’s cat-and-mouse time. After taking a low, slow, evasive track around the asteroid fields, our quarry has now come up to speed and taken a straight course. We can’t think of any reason for this tactic, unless they’re leading us into an ambush. And we’re going to follow them, right into their trap.
Iceman: We’re doing what, sir?
Halcyon: We’re going to take the bait, pilots, but on our own terms. We’re going to launch all fighter wings on different routes through the asteroid fields. Tactical thinks that the ambush is set up at Nav Three. The wings will travel via Nav 1 through the asteroids at Nav 2 and ambush the ambush at Nav 3. Destroy them, and return. Wing assignments. Same as last time…
The Colonel quickly lists the assignments, including Maverick’s:
Halcyon: Alpha Wing, Maverick and Spirit. Any questions? What is it, Taggart?
Paladin: Colonel, the other pilots and I think that Maniac is nae fit for duty.
Halcyon: Maniac, what do you have to say about that?
Maniac: Sir, if I can’t fly, then I’m nothing. I’d rather be dead. Please don’t ground me.
Halcyon: All right, get out there and fly. Dismissed.
Raptor Launch
Fly Jotunheim 2
Mission Debriefing – 16:00 hours, 2654.350.
Halcyon: They’re still analysing your flight recorder data, Maverick. But I’d like to hear your report right now.
Maverick: A Dorkir-class communications ship was cruising through Nav 1. It’s permanently off the airwaves, sir.
Halcyon: Excellent! That’s going to cripple their intelligence reports.
Maverick: Next, we set our sights on a Fralthi, sir, and took her down.
Halcyon: You had 7 recorded kills, Maverick. Spirit bagged 7 Kilrathi. All right. Take it easy for a while, both of you. Dismissed.

Jotunheim 3

Shotglass: Hey, Maverick! Bar’s closed, the Colonel needs every pilot in briefing, right away.
Briefing Room
Mission Briefing, 06:00 hours, 2655.030.
Halcyon: Quiet, everyone. We have an emergency situation here. We’ve received a distress call from the Johann, an Exeter-class ship that was attacked by the Kilrathi several hours ago. They’ve drifted right into Kilrathi territory. I need someone to guard them while they complete enough repairs so they can reach the Tiger’s Claw. Unfortunately, I also need most of you here to protect the Claw from another possible ambush.
Spirit: Maverick and I can take care of this situation, Colonel.
Halcyon: Good. Here’s your mission data. You’ll launch immediately and go to Nav 1. If the Johann has drifted past that point, intercept them at Nav 2. Defend them from any Kilrathi in the area while they repair their ship and then escort them back to the Tiger’s Claw.
The Colonel assigns the other wings to different patrol duties.
Halcyon: That’s all. Pilots, prepare for launch.
Raptor Launch
Fly Jotunheim 3
Mission Debriefing – 15:00 hours, 2655.030.
Halcyon: I’m very curious to hear your report, Maverick. Where is the Johann? Why didn’t you bring it back?
Maverick: It wasn’t the Johann waiting for us at Nav 2, sir. It was the Gwenhyvar.
Halcyon: The Gwenhyvar! I never thought that story was for real. What happened, Blair?
Maverick: It was real, sir, and they tried to kill us. But it’s dusted now.
Halcyon: Well, here’s your recorder information. You had 11 kills, Maverick. Spirit bagged 11 Kilrathi. Okay, take it easy for a while. Dismissed.
Hangar Deck. 18:00 hours, 2655.030.
Halcyon: For excellence in combat with the Kilrathi enemy, on or about 2655.030, the Terran Confederation is proud to present the Bronze Star to Major Blair. Your courage is an example to the Confederation’s finest defenders. Well done, Maverick. Congratulations.
Maverick: Thank you, sir.
Award Ceremony
Filled with pride, Maverick meets the applause of his fellows.
Win: Bifrost System | Lose: Retreat

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