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Vega Sector Campaign: Enyo System

Enyo 1

Shotglass: Belly on up, friend, and take a load off. You must be Maverick. I’m Shotglass. Welcome aboard the Claw. Used to be a pilot myself, till the fleabags shot me up so bad I couldn’t fly. I suppose I flew with most every pilot on the Claw. So if you want to know how one pilot or another flies, old Shotglass is the guy to ask. Stop by when you’re off duty and we’ll talk more.
Angel: Bonjour, Lieutenant. You are called Maverick, non? I am called Angel. I am just reviewing some figures on our recent encounters with the Kilrathi. You would like to know what I have learned, perhaps? The Dralthi is the Kilrathi fighter seen most in this sector. These figures show that 1.4 missiles are required to destroy the Dralthi, while over seven direct laser hits are necessary to destroy the same vessel. I hope this information is useful to you, Lieutenant.
Paladin: Och, laddie, take a seat an’ tilt a glass with ol’ Paladin. I recall once when I was just a lieutenant like yourself there. We were flyin’ patrol o’er Accord, the fourth planet in the Alliance system. These four Kilrathi Salthi came zoomin’ in with the sun at their backs…
Angel: What is the point, monsieur? There is one, oui?
Paladin: I was leadin’ up ta it, lass. That day, we learned that a Salthi will always turn ta the left. It’s got somethin’ ta do with the way ’er engines an’ ducts are arranged. So when you tail a Salthi, watch ta the left. That’s where ’e’ll go when ’e makes ’is break.
Briefing Room
Mission Briefing. Enyo System, 15:00 hours, 2654.110.
Halcyon: We’ve got a lot of work to do, people, so let’s get to it. The Tiger’s Claw dropped from jump-space seven hours ago, at 08:00. Blue Devil squadron had first patrol. You Killer Bees have the next shift. You rookies’ll be flying with experienced pilots on your first missions. I want the rookies to fly as wingleaders. You vets keep an eye on the kids out there. Here are the assignments. Maverick, you’re leading Alpha wing. Spirit will fly on your wing. She’s quiet, but she knows the ropes. You’re the wingleader, but if Spirit talks, you be sure and listen. Got it?
Maverick: Yes, sir.
Halcyon: Good. Here’s your patrol plan, then. Computer, display Alpha. You’ll check three possible jump points, at about 20000 klicks out. There are asteroids near Nav Points 2 and 3, so stay on course. Any questions?
Spirit: Yes, Commander. What are we to do if we encounter the enemy?
Halcyon: Engage, if the odds look good. Let Maverick make the call. Next is Beta wing…
Maverick’s thoughts wander as the commander makes the rest of the assignments.
Halcyon: …and back to the Tiger’s Claw. Remember, this is no trainsim. If you see the enemy, he’ll be out to kill you. Be sure you do it to him before he does it to you. Squadron dismissed.
Hornet Launch
Fly Enyo 1
Mission Debriefing. 17:00 hours, 2654.110.
Halcyon: Welcome back, Maverick. Looks like you survived your first trip out.
Spirit: He is a very able pilot, commander. It is an honour to fly on his wing.
Halcyon: That’s high praise coming from Spirit. You should be proud, Maverick. In any case, you flew well out there. Let’s go over the mission report. You got 3 of the hairballs, Maverick, and 2 Kilrathi for Spirit. That’s all, then. Dismissed.

Enyo 2

Shotglass: Hear you flew with Spirit yesterday, Maverick. She’s a quiet little thing, but she’s a heck of a flier. She’s rock-steady, follows orders, don’t fire till she’s sure of her shot. I was always glad to have Spirit on my wing when I was still flying.
Hunter: You’re Maverick, right? They call me Hunter, mate. G’day. Spirit ’ere was tellin’ me about your tumble with the hairballs. Sounds like you really mixed it up out there. ’at’s the way, isn’t it, mate? Just you and some hairball, twistin’ about, tryin’ t’get a missile lock. Formations, uniforms, medals, wingmen, that’s all sheep-dip. All a bruce can count on out there is ’imself and ’is missiles.
Spirit: Konichi-wa, Blair-san. Please take a seat. If I may say so, you are doing quite well. Colonel-sama is most pleased with your performance thus far. There was no need to praise me before him, though, honourable Lieutenant. The credit for a mission’s success is due its leader, not his assistants. I see by your expression that you do not believe me. I assure you I speak what is in my heart.
Briefing Room
Mission Briefing. Enyo System, 06:40 hours, 2654.111. Forty minutes into the briefing…
Halcyon: Epsilon Wing is Maverick and Spirit. You’ll be escorting a Drayman-class transport to its jump point. Computer, display Epsilon. Let’s take a look at your flight plan. You’ll rendezvous with the transport upon launch. Escort it to Nav Point 1, and on to Nav 2, where it will initiate jump sequence. Once it’s jumped out, you’ll return by the most direct route. Remember, your job is to make sure that transport jumps out. I don’t want you leaving her to chase down bogies. If the enemy retreats, you stay with the transport. Questions?
Spirit: Yes, sir. Why is Nav 1 so far out of the way?
Halcyon: There’s an asteroid field between the Tiger’s Claw and the jump point. A fighter might navigate it, but a Drayman ’sport would never make it through. Anything else? All right, then. Let’s get to work. Squadron dismissed.
Hornet Launch
Fly Enyo 2
Mission Debriefing. 15:00 hours, 2654.111.
Halcyon: Good job out there, Maverick. The ’sport jumped right on schedule. You covered her well.
Maverick: Thank you, sir, but Spirit deserves as much credit as I do.
Spirit: Maverick-san is too kind, sir. I only flew on his wing.
Halcyon: At any rate, that was some nice flying. Well, let’s review the mission report. Maverick, you took out 3 Kilrathi, and Spirit got 2 of them. The Drayman ’sport made its jump on schedule. And Maverick, I want to see you in my office in a couple of hours. That’s all, then. Dismissed.
Colonel Halcyon’s Office
Colonel Halcyon’s Office. 16:50 hours, 2654.111.
Halcyon: Blair. Come in. I need to speak with you.
Maverick: Yes, sir?
Halcyon: I’ve been speaking with sector command. The brass have been reviewing your record, and I have good news. The order came in this morning, I’ve been authorised to promote you. Congratulations, 1st Lieutenant Blair. Keep up the good work.
Maverick: Thank you, sir. I’ll do my best.
Halcyon: Glad to hear it. We’ll be leaving Enyo soon, and I need to make some personnel changes. Effective immediately following the jump, you’ll be reassigned. I want you in a Scimitar-class medium fighter, with Blue Devil Squadron.
Maverick: Yes, sir. You won’t be sorry.
Halcyon: Good. I’m glad to hear it. That’s all, then, Lieutenant. Dismissed.
Hangar Deck. 17:00 hours, 2654.111.
Halcyon: For meritorious conduct in confronting the Kilrathi enemy, in the Enyo system, on or about 2654.111, the Terran Confederation is proud to present the Bronze Star to 1st Lieutenant Blair. Your courage is exemplary of the Confederation’s finest defenders. Good job, Maverick. Congratulations.
Maverick: Thank you, sir.
Award Ceremony
Filled with pride, Maverick meets the applause of his fellows.
Win: McAuliffe System | Lose: Gateway System

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