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Firekkan Crusade: Corsair System – Part 2

Corsair 3

Shotglass: I just heard a bad rumour, Colonel… There may not be any reinforcements arriving here. My guess is that HQ thinks we’re over-extended, an’ doesn’t want to risk any more ships. All I know for certain is that the Austin’s pulling out. An’ I’m hopin’ we’ll follow them, as soon as the marines are off the planet. There’s a huge enemy fleet near Firekka. Sooner or later, they’ll find us hidin’ here. An’ then what? We can’t win against those odds. Well, let me get a drink for you. I keep thinkin’ about that old Chinese saying and wonderin’ if there’ll ever be an end to all of these interestin’ times.
Jazz: Well, Maestro, I suppose this is good-bye. I’m glad I had a chance to serve aboard the Tiger’s Claw. I’ve learned a lot here. And I’ve been doing a lot of thinking ’bout what I’m going to do when I’m back on the Austin. I think my experience here is going to change my entire career.
Maverick: Glad to hear it, Jazz. And I hope we’ll see each other again.
Jazz: I’d bet on it, Maverick.
Doomsday: Good day, Colonel. I don’t know if you’d heard or not, Jazz and I are going back to the Austin. It has been a pleasure to serve with you, Maverick.
Maverick: You’re a good wingman, Etienne. I hope we’ll fly together against the Kilrathi again, someday.
Doomsday: Perhaps. If the Kilrathi do not destroy us first. Or our ships do not malfunction and self-destruct. Or we aren’t assigned to desk jobs on the opposite sides of the galaxy. Or–
Briefing Room
Mission Briefing, 13:00 hours, 2655.293. Corsair System, Antares Sector.
Halcyon: Pilots, the good news: Four Marine assault shuttlecraft made a successful splash-down on Firekka. They’ve left their ships submerged, and are now planning the attack with the Firekka leaders. The bad news: we’ve detected several wings of Kilrathi fighters on a final approach to the Tiger’s Claw. An enemy patrol wing must have tracked our transports back to this system. We have to destroy them, pilots, before they can confirm our position in this system. We’re launching all wings immediately. Clear this area of any fighters, and then patrol your Nav points for any enemy capital ships.
Maverick waits as the Colonel assigns the other wings.
Halcyon: Sigma Wing will be Maverick and Hunter, with Maverick as wingleader. Get out there and stop those fighters, pilots. Dismissed.
Raptor Launch
Fly Corsair 3
Mission Debriefing – 16:00 hours, 2655.293.
Halcyon: Welcome back, Maverick. Let’s hear your report.
Maverick: We went after that strike fleet, sir. The Ralari at Nav 2 is history. The Snakeir wasn’t much trouble. It’s splashed.
Halcyon: Your kills totalled 16, Maverick. Hunter killed 7 himself. Dismissed, pilots.
Hangar Deck. 17:00 hours, 2655.271.
Halcyon: For excellence in combat with the Kilrathi enemy on or about 2655.271, the Terran Confederation presents the Gold Star to Lieutenant Colonel Blair. Your courage is an example to the Confederation’s finest defenders. Well done, Maverick. Congratulations.
Maverick: Thank you, sir.
Award Ceremony
Filled with pride, Maverick meets the applause of his fellows.

Corsair 4

Shotglass: Sorry, Colonel, can’t pour anything for you. You’re within your eight-hour limit. I have some real British tea, though, that I keep here for Colonel Roberts.
Maverick: Thanks, Sam, I’ll try some of that. Have you heard any news lately?
Shotglass: Not really. Most of the Bridge officers aren’t talkin’ much. I think everyone’s waitin’ to hear what’s happened to the marines on Firekka. We’ll find out really soon, I think.
Knight: Colonel! You look like you’re holding up well through all of this. I just keep thinking about our marines. At least we’re out here, a safe distance from all of those Kilrathi battle fleets. But those marines are right in the thick of it. And I keep thinking about that flight instructor job. It might be good, just for once, not to be right in the middle of a hot zone. But I’ve made my decision. I’m going to stay here, aboard the Tiger’s Claw.
Maverick: I think you’d be a great instructor, Joseph. But I’m glad you’re staying with us.
Knight: Thanks, Maverick.
Iceman: Maverick. I just read a report from Major Baker in the Vega sector. Apparently they captured two Human traitors on the TCS Winterrowd. Two of our own people, giving vital military information to the Kilrathi. Now they think there might be a large network of Human traitors, and they’re calling it the ‘Society of Mandarins’. I’m just glad we haven’t had any sign of traitors here on the Tiger’s Claw. Because if there were any here, I’d kill them myself.
Briefing Room
Mission Briefing, 18:00 hours, 2655.293. Corsair System, Antares Sector.
Halcyon: All right, pilots, we’re down to the wire now. Our marines are in position, and ready to launch their assault. And the Kilrathi are sending ground troops to stop them. Your assignment is to intercept and destroy those troopships. If we fail at this, pilots, and enough enemy troops land on the planet, it’s likely that none of our marines will survive. So don’t let any of the Kilrathi troopships get past you. Understood? Maverick! You’re with Hunter again, as Mu Wing. Launch and cruise to your Nav One. That’s where you’ll probably find the first enemy troopship. Whatever you do, make sure it doesn’t mini-jump. If it does, track it to the next Nav point and destroy it. Check the asteroid field at your Nav 2, then return home.
The Colonel quickly assigns the other wings.
Halcyon: All right, pilots. Prepare for immediate launch. Dismissed.
Raptor Launch
Fly Corsair 4
Debriefing – 21:00 hours, 2655.293.
Halcyon: The other wings encountered a large number of Kilrathi troopships. Some of those Dorkir-class ships got past our fighters, but not many. Let’s hear your report, Maverick.
Maverick: There were a lot of enemy ships moving through my Nav course, sir. I ran into two Dorkir troop carriers between Nav 1 and 2. They’re both iced.
Halcyon: Good work, Maverick! I’m very impressed. The recorder credits you with killing 10, Maverick. I see that Hunter took down 9. That’s all, Colonel. Get some rest before your next mission. And I’ll need to see you in my office later. Dismissed.
Colonel Halcyon’s Office
Colonel Halcyon’s Office. 22:00 hours, 2655.293.
Halcyon: Blair. Come in. I need to speak with you.
Maverick: Yes, sir?
Halcyon: We’re having to change some pilot assignments. Effective immediately, you’ll be reassigned. You’ll be flying a special ship on an undercover mission. I’m afraid I can’t say more than that right now.
Maverick: I’m curious, sir… why?
Halcyon: Each of our ships is designed for a specific kind of combat mission. That’s the main factor in assigning pilots to fighterships for different missions.
Maverick: I understand, sir. I’ll do the best I can, no matter what ship I’m assigned to.
Halcyon: I’m glad to hear it, pilot. That’s all, Colonel. Dismissed.
Sivar-Eshrad Ceremony
Sharrhi Settlement, Southern Hemisphere, Firekka.
The Human and Firekkan soldiers launch their assault upon the warrior-priestesses of the Kilrathi religious ceremony. The assault team accomplishes their mission… but only at a terrible cost.
Win: Corsair System (Part 3)
The Human and Firekkan soldiers launch their assault upon the Kilrathi religious ceremony – even though they know they are hopelessly outnumbered. Their desperate attempt ends in failure… and their deaths.
Lose: Charon System

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