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Operation Thor’s Hammer: Bifrost System

Bifrost 1

Shotglass: Major! Good to see you. I heard about the Gwenhyvar. I never believed that old story, either. Anyhow, you heard the latest news? Grapevine says we lost sight of the enemy ships. They’re out there somewhere, and we can’t find them. We fly all this way into Kilrathi space, and lose so many people… and for what? There’s no way we can afford to turn back now. We’d better find those cats, kill them and get out of here fast… or we’ll be as dead as my cousin, and the rest of the colonists on Goddard.
Hunter: ’ello, mate. Seen enough action yet? I was telling the Old Man here that Zeta Wing lost a couple pilots today. One of them just went bonkers, flew right at a Fralthi… and went up in an explosion that didn’t even dent the side of that catbox lorry. If we keep losing pilots, there won’t be enough of us to fly, and then it’ll be over.
Paladin: And I was just tellin’ this haggis-brained lad that there are a few pilots in our own squadron that need new pilots’ suits. Good white ones, with extra-long sleeves.
Paladin: Good to see ye again, lad. Listen, do us all a favour, would ye? A lot of the pilots have been hearin’ that we lost the Kilrathi fleet. They’re expectin’ us to turn tail and run back for Terran space. Some of ’em are tickled pink about it. Some of ’em are thinking about proppin’ a gun ’gainst their chin an’ pulling the trigger. You tell ’em it’s all foolishness. Colonel Halcyon is a very canny man, the best in the space navy. If anyone can find the Kilrathi, he can. So if anyone asks you, this is what you should tell them: This operation isn’t over, and we haven’t lost it yet.
Briefing Room
Mission Briefing, 06:00 hours, 2655.031, somewhere in Kilrathi open space.
Halcyon: Pilots, we have trailed our target to this system. We’re not sure of the location of the Kilrathi fleet with the secret weapon, but we know they’re in the area. The fleet is probably going to call for reinforcements. Probably Fralthi, with destroyer escorts. Two Fralthi with additional heavy ships, if they know where to catch us… will reduce Tiger’s Claw to molten slag. Personally, I’d prefer not to command a slagged ship. So we will have to launch an attack on them very, very soon. We don’t know exactly where they are. But we do have some good data. The ships in this strike fleet were designed to be fast and manoeuvrable. Which means they aren’t carrying much fuel. This means that they’re probably headed towards… any guesses, pilots?
Maverick: A supply depot, sir?
Halcyon: Tactical agrees with you on that guess, Maverick. That’s where we think their fleet is headed. We’re going to get to the supply depot first and take it out. You’re going to fly scouting missions. With the information you’ll bring back, we should be able to locate the supply depot. Here’s the setup. Make sure you scout each of these Nav points. Just follow your mission flight plans – engage the enemy if you find him. But back down from overwhelming opposition. We need the information more than we need a few dead heroes. We also have unconfirmed reports of a large ship of an unknown Kilrathi design type. This ship will register as a blue target, until we can update your targeting computers. But it’s definitely one of theirs. Get camera information on it, if you can. You listen as the commander explains mission assignments. Psi Wing will be Maverick and Paladin, with Maverick as wingleader. Dismissed.
Raptor Launch
Fly Bifrost 1
Mission Debriefing – 15:00 hours, 2655.031.
Halcyon: All right, Maverick. Your report, please.
Maverick: We had a rough fight at Nav 2, sir, but we took out a Ralari. At Nav 3, we found another Kilrathi capital ship! She’s huge, sir, bristling with weaponry. We tried to destroy her, but were forced to break off and return.
Halcyon: Not bad, Major. This should help us track down that supply depot. Good work. And your numbers show that you bagged 7. Good shooting, son. And Paladin bagged 7. Good work. Now we’ll get the information from your cameras, and see what we can learn from that. Dismissed.

Bifrost 2

Shotglass: Hey, Maverick. Here’s your usual. I heard everyone had a rough patrol. But the grapevine says that all that Kilrathi activity has to mean there’s an installation nearby. If it’s not the station we’re looking for, it’ll be something else that we can grind into the dust. I want you to nail some of those furballs for me today, Maverick. For me, and Zach.
Angel: Hello, Maverick. Care to sit down? I was just reviewing tactics for attacking capital ships. Ralari, Fralthi, or starbases, it’s all the same. If there are defenders, take them out first. If possible, use only your guns on the defenders. Save your missiles for the primary target. You will need them, non? Try it the other way around, and the defenders will eat you alive.
Spirit: Good day, Major Blair. Have you come here to cheer me up? The Colonel thinks that I am depressed. It is not so. We live in uncertain times. And I have always known that Death walks beside each of us. But if we destroy the Kilrathi fleet and their secret weapon, I will celebrate. I will get very drunk, and swear quite loudly, and act much like Maniac or Hunter. At least for an hour or two. Or maybe not. What if my fiancé was to learn of such behaviour?
Briefing Room
Mission Briefing, 06:00 hours, 2655.070.
Halcyon: We’ve got a lot to do and only a little time, so I’ll keep this brief. First, you’ll be flying Scimitars, the techs are repairing the other ships. And we’ve pinpointed the quadrant of the Kilrathi supply depot. Your mission is simple and strategic. Go to Nav 1 and Nav 2. Eliminate any inbound Kilrathi warships, then head for the depot at Nav 3. Destroy it, and return to Tiger’s Claw. But be careful. You can bet your lives that the depot will be guarded. Wing assignments:
The Commander lists the other wing teams, then addresses Maverick:
Halcyon: Maverick, you and Paladin are Theta Wing again. Get ready for immediate launch. Dismissed.
Scimitar Launch
Fly Bifrost 2
Mission Debriefing – 15:00 hours, 2655.070.
Halcyon: Report, Theta Wing.
Maverick: Ran into a Lumbari at Nav 2. That tanker is dusted, sir. And then I headed for that supply depot. It was tough, sir. One of the toughest missions I’ve ever flown.
Halcyon: Enough theatrics, Maverick, what happened?
Maverick: It’s history, sir.
Halcyon: Excellent, Major! I knew you wouldn’t let us down. And you nailed 9 of those cats. Paladin took down 9 Kilrathi. Maverick, I need to see you in my office later. Dismissed.
Colonel Halcyon’s Office
Colonel Halcyon’s Office. 17:00 hours, 2655.070.
Halcyon: Blair. Come in, I need to speak with you.
Maverick: Yes, sir?
Halcyon: I’ve been looking over the performance reviews. I’ve been reviewing your record, and I have good news. I’ve decided to promote you, effective immediately. Congratulations, Lieutenant Colonel Blair. Keep up the good work.
Maverick: Thank you, sir. I’ll do my best.
Halcyon: We’re having to change some pilot assignments. Effective immediately, you’ll be reassigned. I want you in one of the new Rapier-class mediums, in Black Lion Squadron.
Maverick: I see, sir. I’ll do my best.
Halcyon: Good, pilot. I’m glad to hear it. That’s all, Colonel. Dismissed.
Win: Valgard System | Lose: Retreat

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