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Many of these are relics from the original website and were recorded long ago on analogue equipment with only monaural reception. “The Adventures of Tintin”, “Beast Wars”, and “Beast Machines” were extracted from their respective DVD releases while “The World Without Logos” was edited from the “Hellsing Raid” soundtrack.

Beast Wars Men In Black: The Series Beast Machines Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles Action Man Roswell Conspiracies Hellsing
Composer Title Year Length (min) Bit-Rate (VBR) Size
Ray Parker
Tom Szczesniak
The Adventures of Tintin” (Credits) 1991
99 kbps
731 KiB
Robert Buckley Beast Wars” (Season 3 Credits) 1996
151 kbps
1.09 MiB
Jim Latham Men in Black: The Series” (Theme) 1997
79 kbps
634 KiB
Michel Dax Diabolik” (Credits) 1997
75 kbps
526 KiB
Leftfield Phat Planet” (Beast Machines Edit) 1999
142 kpbs
498 KiB
Jim Latham Roughnecks Starship Troopers Chronicles” (Introduction) 1999
81 kbps
689 KiB
Jim Latham Roughnecks Starship Troopers Chronicles” (Credits) 1999
81 kbps
300 KiB
Allen Bohbot Roswell Conspiracies” (Theme) 1999
84 kbps
434 KiB
Michael Whittaker Action Man” (Credits) 2000
81 kbps
288 KiB
Yasushii Ishii The World Without Logos” (Introduction) 2001
137 kbps
1.20 MiB


An Australian production set primarily in the San Francisco workshop of M5 Industries, MythBusters is a wild mix of science and entertainment hosted by a team of likeable presenters with an eclectic range of skills and personalities. A few of the more amusing moments are presented here for a bit of fun.

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