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Christ died once, for all people, for all time.

Wedge is first and foremost a follower of Jesus Christ, unashamed to call him both his Saviour and risen Lord. Wedge firmly believes in God’s saving grace: that Jesus came to Earth both fully man and fully God, died to fulfil God’s love and justice in punishing and forgiving the sins of humanity, and was physically raised to life as proof of his divinity and authority as Judge over mankind. He also believes that there is ample evidence supporting this belief within the Bible, historical documents and the living Christian community, and actively serves in the parish of Norwest Anglican in north-west Sydney.

Chinese Flag (1930s) Mauritian Flag Union Flag Australian Flag

Wedge was born in the early 1980s to Chinese parents of Mauritian heritage in the Borough of Croydon, London, England. He moved to the Hills District of Sydney, Australia, with his family on 2nd August 1990, and despite his multi-lingual background, he remains fluent only in English, despite continual attempts to learn the primary language of his extended family. Nevertheless, Wedge is utterly disgusted with the lack of understanding and adherence to correct English spelling and grammar in ‘professionally’ written publications both on paper and on the Internet (so feel free to point out any such errors in this web-site to the contact e-mail listed below!).

Macquarie University

A former student of Macquarie University, Wedge studied towards a double Bachelor of Commerce and Science degree majoring in actuarial science and computing for three years, before dropping the actuarial degree and graduating in mid-2004. Between 2004 and 2010, he worked for a specialist machine-vision company, primarily (although not exclusively) as a software developer, as well as some part-time web development work. Currently, he is part of the Business Technology department at Suncorp in Sydney.

Rogue Squadron

Lacking any creativity whatsoever, Wedge took his on-line handle from the Star Wars character Wedge Antilles around 2000 and the name has stayed with him since joining the on-line Wing Commander community. Wedge enjoys (among other things) playing tennis, going cycling, swimming, ten-pin bowling, roller and ice skating, indoor rock-climbing, and even spelunking (on occasions), although participation in these activities has diminished over the working years.

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